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Dan Rubin
Lovely, #VSCOcam-edited photo of the magazine by our friend and photo contributor @danrubin!
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We're down to the last few copies of the London guidebook. Order a copy here:
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Stressing out because of all the people I'm trying to please at once. The downside to saying 'yes' all the time...
Honoured to have been part of the journey for Issue 1 of @readlagom — here's to many more :) #VSCOGrid
How many years will it take for me to go from no motorcycle license to being able to ride a #scramblerducati?
Sunday morning viewing: Edge of Tomorrow (this was definitely under-sold — a darkly humorous film).
Nearly booked a flight on miles yesterday, even though it wouldn’t give me the dates I wanted. Today, the dates are available. WTAF.
"I don’t like being on a schedule. I don’t think things should be created on a clock." - @danrubin @greatdiscontent
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Newport Sour @henryburgers in Leigh-on-Sea = Heaven in a glass.
Why is @VirginAtlantic still serving the old site for bookings? Sometimes I get the new site — update the entire thing already.
Managed to shoot *exactly* the same number of frames at each Italian factory on Monday, in about the same actual amount of time. #consistent
Anyone else seeing this? @finnbeales: "Troubled by the pics from my #iphone6. Smudged... excessive noise reduction?
Checking out the latest projects people have added to my @skillshare course — love seeing how they each experiment :)
Paying respects this afternoon and evening (with most of Leigh-on-Sea) to an amazing lady — Elaine, you are missed.
MindNode 3.5 for iOS is now available on the @AppStore. Adds iPhone 6 / iOS 8 support, a new inspector and much more…
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Our latest 'No Shield' version of Gen 2.0 B&W 600 Beta is now available to everyone!
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Have you checked out my @skillshare course on Mobile Post-Production? Also, one week left to enter the contest: :)
My inability to reply to emails is not going to be fixed with a new interface to the same social communication problem.
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Excited to see @finnbeales' amazing photos from our f/8 Iceland Expedition featured in the @MailOnline / @travelmail:…
How much time do you think an average person spends/wastes telling others about their day? I reckon far too much.
Before CGI there was this and it's mind blowingly good. #starwars
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#ThatSongWhen a friend introduced me to Massive Attack for the first time and changed my musical tastes forever.
Almost every photographer I come across lately is using @Squarespace for their site.
If your business is looking to leverage its story in order to be more visible in 2015, I'm taking on new clients:
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I haven't properly looked at email in 3 weeks aside from current projects — more like 6 months for other stuff. There's far too much of it.
Finally on a train home; haven't been there since Friday morning. Now to lock myself away for two days+ of editing.
★ “Come to ‘CSS3 for Responsive Web Design’ workshop at @thewebis_and get a free Hardboiled Web Design paperback”…
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If you were to print off all the pictures posted to @instagram in a year, how high would they stack?…
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Standard post-trip recovery day: slept late (after waking briefly for an early call), haven't eaten, presenting at Apple tonight.
A friend is trying to pay a parking ticket from this morning online. The site doesn’t recognise the PCN number and reg number. Dicks.
I’m running an AMA on Skillshare *right now*! I’m be taking your questions for another 30 minutes — Join in!
Photographer @danrubin is hosting an AMA at 1pm EST today. Ask him anything! Photo by Dan
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Shooting at two factories today in Italy for @Everlane: 5 hours of driving, 3-4 hours of shooting, then flying back to London tonight.
"Keep shooting—the continuity will tell a story beyond what any single image could tell."
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I loved exploring the Met years ago with @msh — apparently I was the first non-employee to do an #emptymet post :)
Nice to see galleries and museums in the UK following the lead of those in the US and opening up while empty:…
The announcement playing on the Jubilee Line sounds like it was recorded in the 1960s. I like it.
Pondering the overwhelming nature of all things.
Am I the only one who associates the word 'TechCrunch' with noticing there's something unsavoury on your shoe?
Do any of you know someone at YouTube? Years after my original account was deleted due to miscommunication, I still can’t reclaim it.