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Danny Sullivan
Most popular apps in US? Facebook rules, along with more social media ones…
Walmart’s New Savings Catcher: The Killer App… via @Marketingland
Why Atlantic Media is funding a social platform called This that only allows users to share links once a day
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The real Turing Test winner: Lenny. Telemarketer talked to this automated agent for 18 mins trying to "win" account…
If Google's new search ad format was meant to increase clicks by making them seem native, effect may not have lasted…
Drought in Western US is so bad that the lack of groundwater has let the Sierra Nevada mountains rise nearly an inch…
The Google Shopping Campaigns Countdown Is On: Transition Surprises And Tips From The Experts by @GinnyMarvin
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Two guys in white just turned up across the way. Then one lit up. OMG maybe the GR from @TheLeftoversHBO are real.
Don't get what programmatic ads are all about? READ: Get With The Programmatic - A Primer On Programmatic Advertising…
Content Marketing: What Separates Success From Failure? [@randfish Interview]… via @Marketingland
Welp, The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Officially Over Thanks To Patrick Stewart… via @LoganRhoades @BuzzFeed
New Google Ad Format Only Changed User Behavior For 3 Months by @mckennagene
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Meet BotMaker, Twitter's Spam Fighting Tool That Eradicated 40% More Spam by @gregfinn
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Seriously missing Madison #MDLLA
As @fromedome notes it is unlikely a fav with low engagement should get turned into retweet…
Imagine when some company favoriting customer service complaints for follow-up discovers some instead get turned into retweets….
We have a winner, someone who does not follow me but saw my tweet simply because someone he does follow favorited it…
Maybe I'll try the experiment again tomorrow with clearer instructions. It all makes my head hurt. But impressed no one retweeted! Wow.
Important to my previous tweet… If you follow me, you'll of course see it. But if you see it & DON'T follow me, reply
TEST of Twitter turning favs into retweets. If you follow me, please fav this. DON'T retweet. If you see it in your timeline, please reply.
How the USS Constitution, Old Ironsides, got her nickname. Narrated awesomely by @pptsapper… via @maxjrosenthal
Facebook Rolls Out Analytics For App Links, Says 3 Billion URLs Have Been Enabled by @MartinBeck
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Can a Facebook Like be owned? According to a new lawsuit... no.
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Landing at LAX. Downtown. Hollywood sign? Too smoggy. @theforum, The 405, LAX tower & restaurant #MyDayInLA