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Danny Sullivan
Holding the iPhone 6 is like holding a stick of butter. It's damn slippery!
Wow the new Twitter profiles in iOS 8 are nice!
If the iPhone 6 Plus means one less person tries to use their iPad as a camera, it will have all been worth it
I keep reloading @speckproducts iPhone 6 page hoping wallet case I want magically appears in stock. Doing same with @OtterBox. It's a race!
Why is Twitter like the last app to update on my iPhone 6 migration. A conspiracy? :)
I can't get over the fact that the iPhone 6 from T-Mobile also works with AT&T & Verizon SIMs. It's like a use-any-carrier dream come true.
Nope. Gmail on the iPhone 6 Plus doesn't do a preview panel in landscape mode. I'm sure that will change soon.
Google+ Is No Longer A Requirement For Creating A Google Account by @MartinBeck
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OMG Twitter if I rotate a picture using your own rotate tool then freaking keep it rotated the right way.
By request for @erickschonfeld iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus & iPad Mini
What amazes me is the Galaxy Note didn't tip people in US into phablets. But the iPhone 6 Plus, I think, will do so. Big is the new small.
Phone restored. Apple lied — it took like 15 minutes. Honestly, the iPhone 6 is plenty big. But I feel like I'm going to be in the minority.
8 hours to restore from iCloud? Maybe I should have removed some of my photos or something. Ugh.
This not having a case freaks me out. I don't like going commando with my phones.
iPhone size growth over time: 3G, 4, 5, 6 & 6 Plus
Smartphone size growth: an evolution
I love our UPS guy. Love him even more today :)
As always, the roar of the UPS truck sends me running to the window like a cat hearing a can being opened…
EMarketer Report: Facebook Gets More Than Its Share Of Digital Ad Revenue by @MartinBeck
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OC woman nearly hit with metal that fell from sky; debris possibly from JetBlue flight that made emergency landing
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Not sure what's worse. The work I can't get done anxiously waiting for the iPhone to arrive or the work I won't get done after it arrives.
Another Scheduled Social Post Goes Awry, Joan Rivers Endorses iPhone 6 by @MartinBeck
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Since we're doing takedowns of NY Times' awful Shonda Rhimes story, just read @margeincharge because it's the best.…
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What Do NFC And The New iPhone 6 Mean For Marketers? by @AaronStrout
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Verizon SIM in T-Mobile iPhone 6 let me make calls & data via LTE. With LTE off (3G), could make calls but no data.
Wow. Slotted my Verizon SIM into the T-Mobile iPhone 6. Accepted, lit up with LTE service right now.
The lack of the exact case I want for my iPhone 6 right now is unacceptable. I demand better spies working on behalf of the case makers.
I can confirm a T-Mobile iPhone 6 is perfectly happy to accept an AT&T SIM. Unlocked, as I expected and was told by Apple.
Also, everyone gets the day off on new iPhone day, right? Because everyone sure seems to be gone….
Apple/UPS are odd. One of two iPhones I ordered together arrived this morning. Other still coming. Separate shipments, I guess.
And Now This: A Response To John Oliver’s Views On Real-Time Marketing by @chriskerns
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Colbert had iPhone 6 last night. Joan Rivers was to have one… Apple doing more celebrity placement than before?
Be Careful Of Switching To HTTPS To Improve Google Rankings: The Buffer Story [UPDATE]…
YouTube's New Real-Time Analytics Offers Minute-By-Minute Video View Count by @MartinBeck
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Next up for non-Brits to hear debated in British politics. The West Lothian Question.…
Bing correctly predicted No to win Scotland #indyref vote, off slightly on margin. Search now shows final & predicted
One victory of #indyref Scotland vote? So many non-Brits finally learn that England isn't the same as the United Kingdom
Nice @StephenAtHome making sweet on-screen love to his Phone 6 Plus. "You are perfect, and I will love you forever."
Heh, #indyref got a mention in the @YTWFX finale tonight!
May have been peaceful vote but anything but peaceful on Twitter with some of the abuse being tossed @andy_murray's way right now #indyref
#indyref Been up all night watching Scotland make history. A huge turnout, a peaceful democratic process: we should be proud.
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Feel sorry for Wales. If Scotland had gone, they'd have had a shot at being included in new UK flag. Now, they remain left out.
Scotland "No" vote seems likely to change United Kingdom of GB & NI more into the United States of GB & NB with even more power going local
First person to buy an iPhone 6 in Perth immediately dropped it during an interview. #9News
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