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Danny Sullivan
Google Glass stolen at Tazer-point in Venice, LA:…
These people were shocked at what World's Toughest Job demands. Shocked more when realized who already does this work…
Report: Facebook Is Giving News Publishers Free Mobile Ads by @MartinBeck
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Google Tells Users It Scans Their Email As Microsoft Puts “Scroogled” To Bed by @gsterling
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Google Analytics Rolls Out Beta Diagnostics For Limited Number Of Users by @amygesenhues
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Google Teases April 22 AdWords News, More Than 10 Announcements Coming by @GinnyMarvin
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Long great look at SF's housing crisis by @kimmaicutler no easy answers though tech moving out of Bay Area might help
Hit the ground running with expert-led sessions on search, social, local, & more @smx Advanced:
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Remember, never look at a lunar eclipse without those special eye shades, or you'll go blind! Sure makes it hard to see anything though...
The lunar eclipse looks pretty cool from SoCal. I'd post a picture but my camera phone ain't going to do it justice.
Great, now the Moon is all fail whale....
'World's Toughest Job' Applicants Pranked With Heartfelt Reveal by @stevehall
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On behalf of #OC I apologize for #RHOC
How To Lie With Data Visualization… then buy what's on my bookshelf How To Lie With Statistics…
This cartoon from @tomfishburne is perfect illustration of correlation not implying causation…
Harrison Ford, on @reddit yesterday, was asked if Han Solo shot at Greedo first. Ford's reply was very Solo-esque:
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BREAKING: Plane involved in @USAirways tweet tells me it had no idea private picture would be made public
The YouTube ad pitching stars there during Mad Men last night surprised me but makes sense. @learmonth has more…
Report: Priceline CEO Says Twitter And Facebook Ads Don’t Drive Results by @MartinBeck
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Basically Vox has 18 pages called "Everything you need to know about patents" which might be super SEO smart or duplicate content woes
FYI the @vox infocards are cute & Google indexes each as its own page…… not sure SEO impact
I feel like Vox is like the love-child of HuffPo/NYT/BuzzFeed/eHow/Wikipedia. Perhaps this is the future of all digital journalism.
I guess when I heard Vox was going to help me understand the news, "Tonight's Blood Moon Explained" wasn't what I was expecting….