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Danny Sullivan
Do the new iPhone screen sizes affect CTR? Should marketers be concerned? h/t @ChitikaInsights
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Apple says you're not the product. Not directly, OK. But Apple earns plenty from deal sending you to Google in Safari…
Bing's locked down Scotland prediction to No. But was before @andy_murray declared for Yes, I think. We'll see soon
The whole predictive type thing in iOS is prettying sweet as I get used to it.
@dannysullivan Agreed! @myrollgallery brings back the camera roll Happy to talk more about it via DM.
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Maybe CameraRollGate will be the iPhone 6's Mapgate or AntennaGate. Maybe no one will care. Maybe I'm just unreasonable. Nah. Well maybe.
Someone please do article on The Great Camera Roll Loss of iOS 8. Not being able to see just the pictures your actual device took is awful.
The UK flag is going to look totally weird if they drop the Scottish part. Maybe they can just keep using it regardless.
Huge day for Scotland today! no campaign negativity last few days totally swayed my view on it. excited to see the outcome. lets do this!
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If you do want device-specific pics in iOS 8, you can still pull them via a freaking cable like I describe here…
Well at least it was only $0.99 to buy @Swype. It's on sale… so get going!
Oops I thought iOS 8 meant iOS would finally natively support swipe typing like Android has for years. Nope gotta buy…
Interesting Bing is included in Spotlight Search but doesn't appear to be toggled on, by default.
Do not like how in iOS 8, there's no Camera Roll to show just what pictures are on a particular device. Do not like at all.
Cool addition to Twitter Analytics: you can now see how many followers you gained from a tweet. #TwitterforNews
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New In iOS 8: Sharing Is Much Easier To Pinterest, HootSuite & Other Apps by @MartinBeck
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OK doing iOS 8 on the iPad Mini. I mean, c'mon, what could go wrong?
Some other phone photo backup solutions I wrote about recently are here, too… don't forget Microsoft OneDrive
iPhone people losing your photos? Google+. I know, I know. But use G+ Auto Backup & iCloud. Double backup. It works…
If feel like there's got to be a better way to know which way Scotland will go other than all these close polls. Maybe if they had a vote...
Best Cities For Millennials. Finally someone's made this needed list… via @rubinafillion
Facebook To Users: iOS 8 Update Hasn’t Changed How We Use Your Location Data…
So, the 8GB iPhone 5C ships with 4.9GB free brand new. iOS 8 update is asking for 4.7GB of that to be free. that's untenable.
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Silly fools having trouble with the iOS 8 upgrade. Don't you know Apple makes the upgrade easy in one simple step?... 1) Buy A New iPhone
Dentsu Aegis Network To Acquire Covario’s Content Marketing & Search Agency by @amygesenhues
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In two days we'll have Google+ on the iPhone 6 Plus. Weird world of tech.
Covario To Be Acquired By Dentsu Aegis Network, Rio SEO To Remain Independent by @rustybrick
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Downtown LA in the heat, from my plane coming into LAX #MyDayInLA
Flying over what I believe is called the iCanyon Plus.
"What Would Happen if you Flipped the Scotland #indyref Question?":
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Love to see @jimmykimmel or someone take an iPad Mini out, tell people it's the iPhone 6 Plus & see if they think it's too big
According to Peter Thiel, it's "probably" more 420 than 140 at Twitter. One of the dumbest things I've heard recently…
My post today - Ways to Proactively Welcome Women Into Online Marketing
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New Twitter Audience Manager Tool Enables Targeting By Mobile Number & App ID by @MartinBeck
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"Apple's cure for Android envy." Android envy might seem laughable to some few years ago. It's sure come a long way…
California here we come — 360i Los Angeles Opens for Business:…
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"I'm going to Disneyland!" — The iPhone 6. And iPhone 6 Plus. @panzer real-world test at the Happiest Place On Earth…
Look @Gogo I can deal with the poor wifi right now but if I can't buy @Angels post-season tickets at 10am PT from 30,000ft, hell to pay :)
Found the perfect live flight tracking tool that uses Google Maps: @planefinder
TV Rank: Google Gets Patent On Using What You’re Watching To Influence Search Results…
Think we're all good now. Hipster hat back on his head. I take that as a solid sign of health. Meanwhile, literally a line of Drs attending
Guy in seat in front of me on this flight just passed out. Came to fortunately, doctor & nurse now attending. Hope he's OK.