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I dont think I've ever got ready so quick in my life
Going to miss my auntie and uncle:-(
Fuck me its so cold
Feel so rough today
All barcelona did was dive, makes my blood boil hahaha
If it wasnt for a terrible ref and no diving that would of been 4-2 to @realmadrid
Neymar you diving piece of shit
Di Maria is on fucking fire!
Whys every school other than mine have mufti day today?/:)
So sunny but so fucking cold urghh
RT if you think @50cent can make a comeback and favorite if you think he can’t.
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Attention seakers make my blood boil
Hopefully Brendan Rodgers doesnt go to Barcelona in the summer
becoming obsessed with tv series really isn't a good time, right before my exams
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Pikey girl and boy on the bus trying to rap to shitty music, shut the fuck up you're embarrassing yourself
It does not feel this early, its so sunny!
This episode of The Walking Dead reminds me so much of Of Mice And Men
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Well today went surprisingly quick!
Finally getting my room decorated this weekend
All I want to do is stay in bed all day and just sleep
Today can fuck off already
yesterday in London was such a good day!
So fricking cold
The bus is late as fucking usual!
So glad it's Friday! Been looking forward to this weekend so much
Its so foggy everywhere
Can't wait to go to London with the best mate and the girlfriend:-D
It definitely feels like it should be Friday today
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Krept and konan and DJ fresh are supporting tinie on the #DemonstrationTour Going to be fucking crazy!!!! #Demonstration
So looking forward to the weekend
Fabianksi has played much better than neuer this game
I should really start revising for my gcses
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Robben is a diving prick
That insta-reoly by podolski!
I hate kids that think they're untouchable and are loud mouth twats
schools are more concerned about exam results than student's mental health
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Really not used to waking up that early
Best rapper to ever live? R.I.P Biggie Smalls 17 years today
old music is the best though🙌
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The bus driver just stopped and ran to the toilet, dont shit yourself!
I've never known exactly how my mum died, just don't want to upset someone by asking
If you ever feel ignored just remember will smith has a 21 year old son named trey smith
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