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Having Pho finally lol #pho
Yewwwww 💯😂😎 out here in McAllen, met up with the squad now and off to the mall... But I'm not shopping in a suit haha
Sooooo FIFA .... Lol is it really a shock or surprise ? I'm still playing FIFA 15 on my phone and even THAT feels rigged and corrupt lol
Had fun sesh at harlingen skatepark was cool to chill w/ my boy ajgallegos10
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Throw back to graduation... The best friend @tekboi his guy and my mom :p been a hell of a few days trying to get my stuff organized by Saturday...looking for another job too :p
Photo I shot lol featuring pro Wade mike_d_46n2_'s photo
I liked a @YouTube video Virtual Loop [Project Documentation]
Inside a Bonkers Plan to Build a 5-Story Skatepark…
Inside a Bonkers Plan to Build a 5-Story Skatepark… via @WIRED
People rowin boats down the streets in Houston *jokes*, but next week theyll be like fish out of water wishin it would rain again lol #texas
Don't miss out !!! Come compete or just come chill with us! For skaters wishing to compete I suggest being there a little early, there might be a limit to the amount of skaters per division, so get enough time to sign up. #skateboarding #skating #skater #texas #contest #sk8 #sk8er #sk8ing #sk8ordie
Ya boy :p Second flyer going up in a bit... event is going to be awesome
I want to be the link between great individuals I need to improve much more at what I love
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“Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because the regret is stronger than gratitude.”
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BBQ Memorial Day get together with my friends... Music, good ol BBQ with some authentic Filipino pancit, nothing but fun and love... Good vibes to yall... Hope you having a good weekend skating, chillin with close friends, and smiling... 💯🙌🏼🙏🏼😎😍 #skateboarding #skating #skater #TagsForLikes.c
Loved her dress...I had to deal with mid afternoon harsh light but I managed :) hope they love them as much as I do. - Quintanilla Wedding - Brownsville, Texas
Wish there was some1 like him in our cities via @nprnews: Take It Outside: Teaching Sex Ed On The Streets Of New York
Wow talk about groundbreaking via @nprnews: Ireland Votes Overwhelmingly To Approve Same-Sex Marriage
An Irish couple's video on the country's same-sex marriage referendum goes viral
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BBC News - Ireland awaits same-sex marriage referendum result…
When you just mad at everything lol .... #problem lol
I hate when people say that... "Omg I'm dead"... We all wish you were trust me :3
Since hurricane season is going to start soon I thought I'd upload an oldie I shot of @youareaduck #skateboarding #danielvphotography #skater #texas #instaskater #sk8 #sk8er #sk8ing #sk8ordie #photooftheday #board #longboard #longboarding #riding #kickflip #ollie #instagood #wheels #skatephotoaday
Can't party chat or invite to game on #XboxOne didnt they have a big update ? So much for fixing the worst part of @Xbox one. Give me credit
Still no resolution lol @Xbox @XboxSupport .. I'm beginning to think selling my old Xbox for this junk Xbox one was the worst decision ever
#friends and #food Two things that are by you daily if God wills it... Or you can be having the worst and it's your "friends" that chew you up and spit you out when you lose your flavor lol In any case, smile :p have a good night and enjoy what you got.
Brothers been all over Western Europe these past few weeks... Miss him already lol .. But he takes the time to send me photos of art in museums and art in the streets 😍💯🔥 yassss! I pick him up at the airport tomorrow night. 458 Italia ? Looks like it, I think the license plate hints to it too lo
Super Sunday Funday... Jk I made that up but here's an old favorite of @jpgarciask8er I shot a long time ago.. Hoping to get another sequence sometime soon :) from then to now JP hasn't taken steps he's taken leaps. #skateboarding #skating #skater #instaskater #sk8 #sk8er #sk8ing #sk8ordie #photoo
New Trick 3.0 lol the fart though .. Haha that's my boy JP
Xbox 1 less than a month and cant stop gettin connection and login issues >_< example in the pic @Xbox @XboxSupport
Wedding photos tonight :) so far so good... Color theme is blue !! My favorite color FYI :p hope everyone having a good one.
I have been on Twitter for 4 years and 7 months (since 16 Sep 2010). And you?
One day AI will look at us like we look at fossils
so confused if i have to pay to actually participate in rewards. cant seem to figure out how to punch in or get rewarded @XboxLiveRewards
My Gamerscore makes me a Champion! What are YOU? Take your bragging rights to new heights…
Got all A's and one B arghhh in math! Got couple weeks bring that B on progress report up to an A ✨✨ #School
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Ready for the next skate event ? Here's some info for yall to come out and make it a big event...prizes, big product tosses, music, family and friends. #skateboarding #skating #skater #instaskater #sk8 #sk8er #sk8ing #sk8ordie #photooftheday #board #longboard #longboarding #riding
A medieval mass grave, discovered under a Paris supermarket, sheds light on the city's past
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#thedpghouse waiter Ale is super awesome and gets freedom to pick the crafts I'm drinking... She knows what's up
I just earned the 'Playing the Field' badge on @untappd!
To my mom and all the mothers who have sacrificed, gone above and beyond, and done everything for the sake of their kids above their own desires even through suffering.... My utmost respect and appreciation. Today I hugged and kissed my mother and apologized for having ever made her cry or hurt, and
Today I apologize to my mom for the many times I've made her sad, and thank her for everything she's sacrificed for me. I love you mom!

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