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Throwback to a few days ago hehe photo I got of a streamlined manny by @jpgarciask8er ... Thanks to @jacobfilms for helping me with the lighting when I needed some tweaking.
The ones that say "I hate drama" always turn out to be the ones that absolutely love drama and will do whatever they can to create it. #life
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I feel particularly hurt today for some reason....
The lil broski is funny...I don't know how we manage to do "serious" work when it's so fun to do what we enjoy... We can't even keep a straight face lol
#dreaming #someday #angels Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens 2751B002 via @BHPhotoVideo
Our B&H Holiday Gifts and Deals page is LIVE! What's on your #BHWishlist?
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Any companies out there wanna flow me, please consider lol ... Electronics, photography gear.. Etc...., Busting out the change... Hard times call for desperate measures. The next few weeks (except thanksgiving week + my birthday) are hell week for me... Haha hope everyone having a blessed week :)
Have you seen @sway yet? Join me on the #SwayPreview waitlist and reimagine how your ideas come to life |
Some more clips of JP .. Sponsored (now 9yo) skater out of South #Texas #skateboarding #skatelife #boy #ska...
Getting photos of @jpgarciask8er earlier putting in work... As you can see ... He can't stay serious when taking a "normal" photo lol had a blast tonight with the boys
Going to film a short commercial with JP today
Early morning... Fog is cray... Have a blessed day. Wait... Did that just rhyme... Oh snap it's gonna be a good one if I'm rhyming without knowing lol
I have been on Twitter for 4 years and 1 month (since 16 Sep 2010). And you?
Mom and I having our lunch....Time to relax has been non existent this week... I need to finish more stuff :(
Minion Skateboarding - JP Garcia
Work day tonight.... Been having a rough semester... I might not graduate this semester but that's how life goes ... You win some you lose some... It's just been an emotional roller coaster these past couple months and I've actually cheated myself.... Hope everyone having a blessed day
My professor makes it seem like I'm getting a PHD .... Dayum 16 pages in and financial reports getting started. It's just a BBA
I swear I have sleep issues
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Check it! Bros have this major giveaway before the thanksgiving holidays.. Got this going down for yall !!! Get it! Repost tag #jujubearings (follow @jpgarciask8er & @jujubearings)
Shout out to rickknudsen for winning the lottery and giving back. GO CHECK IT OUT AND FOLLOW HIM!
What Happens When a Photographer Joins the Circus… via @Slate
Stay safe and warm. I like the warm weather better. I wonder if everyone is getting things together for the...
Eggs in a basket (sourdough bread) with hash brown casserole and some coffee .. this weather got me feeling it .
It's one of those nights...advanced warfare and some trash talking
Big Hero movie to de-stress.. Finished a paper need to do financial report on it by Friday... 12 pages not bad lol
I liked a @YouTube video from @molt_CoC Clash of Clans | Top Mid Level Strategies | Try these at Home!
Photograph I took for a quinceañera as work for hire. Photo rights owned by: Fernie Villanueva.
Yesterday while I was on an assignment... I looked and didn't touch lol I'm proud .. That looks too good to pass up doesn't it lol hope everyone been having a good weekend... I've been super busy with school work and trying to get some things in order ... Bleh Im going to get some good sleep tonight
Photo of me by the legendary @donifernandez :3 thanks man! Today is a busy day for me.. Met with prospective clients, and I have an event to shoot at in a bit till midnight. Let's make it a fun day :)
On assignment in San Benito the rest of the day. If you need to reach me please message me and I will get back to you ASAP.
Flashback to this epic curry soup my bro whipped up ... I want some more. Someone get me some sushi or something ha.. Weather has been bad so haven't snapped any photos. Hope everyone been good. For the skaters that follow me, hope there's been some dry spots you've been able to hit up.
I believe Guy Bailey is a spy sent here to turn our school into a racist joke and walk away. #UTRGV Vaqueros ARE YOU KIDDING? #KeepBucky
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So this Guy Bailey guy comes here and wants to classify everyone as "Vaqueros"..What does that say about him?
I can see the signs at games now. "Los Taqueros from #UTRGV" with photos of MY pride and culture being slandered and laughed at..FU Bailey
Guy Bailey seems to know what's best for me or other he from the #RGV? Biggest BS move EVER. #UTRGV #UTRGVVaqueros <--dumb
Will have an offer posted Monday with only 10 spots available to participate. It involves a discounted photo...
That restroom selfie though.... Lol wearing the dope af belt from @replacethelace go check their stuff out ... They're super comfortable! Made for yall skaters and I'm still enjoying them daily. Their website is (not com)
Big big thank you and shout out to the bros at @companybrand for hooking it up! The gear is so dope! Hung out with @jpgarciask8er @jorgeisaac79 and @jacobfilms today...JP killing it. Can't wait to get back to work as soon as my school work is finished. 🙏🙌👊
Never really got to say thanks to my sister so THANKS! She's the one who's been helping me through a lot these past few years and I am truly blessed. This is the used car I got with her help and a couple hundred im saving up from assignments to get the title tax and transfer done. Now I can drive fu
I liked a @YouTube video from @DanielsDisaster Minion Skateboarding - JP Garcia
Either ima regret spending $60 or ima feel ok after a month of financial recuperation lol
Saw this beauty yesterday. BelAir
#kickcancersbutt ! Honored to have taken her photo including her family and extended family. I'll be fixing these...
Happy to announce I'll be donating my services for this, thanks to Southedge Magazine as well.... Go support.