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Danny… Check out Jp's latest promotional ft. Yours truly on the track! Special thanks to @DanielsDisaster
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Had fun skate sesh w/ my boys @DanielsDisaster @Sk8erJP and my pops jorgeisaac79 stay tuned for promo…
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@simplistic212 promo video check it out peeps! Filmed by @VXJacob & @DanielsDisaster thanks always!!! Sub YouTube
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Video commercial I just finished editing for one of my flow sponsors Simplistic. JP Garcia on the team with his...
JP Garcia Keeping It SIMPLISTIC: via @YouTube
JP Garcia Keeping It SIMPLISTIC: via @YouTube
Been out here working with @jpgarciask8er @jacobfilms and @jorgeisaac79 got something coming up
Evening out... Sorry didn't post today... Been busy planning school and trying to catch up with some photo sets.
Photo I snapped of @jpgarciask8er warming up at the park before we got the last clips we shared. #danielvphotography #jpgarcia #DVJMmedia
My iPhone front camera can't capture the goodness...I need a go pro with Bluetooth lol just chillin out here boss status for a bit.. Hopefully meet @wendyymartinez out here before heading home.. Got to wake up at 5am take the bro and mum to the airport for their trip to Dallas. Life is good all the
Action tonight at Brownsville skatepark from my boy @DanielsDisaster perspective!!! Was fun sesh…
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Clips I got today of @jpgarciask8er while filming with @jacobfilms and @jorgeisaac79 had fun. The video for Tork coming good lol.
Had fun sesh at Brownsville skatepark w/ my boys @DanielsDisaster & @Sk8erJP behind the lens!!! Where…
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Casual cruise to the Redbox to rent Titanfall needed to step away from my laptop.. Can only keep attention editing on the monitor for a few hours before starting to make silly mistakes on touch ups.
Thanks to David and Claudia for having me as their photographer on their special day. Congrats!
Been working 💵 shot the band Sidewinder a couple nights ago. Super sick rock band.
Always have fun photographing the fellas from Sidewinder. Always appreciative when they call me up to set these...
Finished a photo set and while exporting I'm taking the time to start adding color corrections and effects to @jpgarciask8er 's @torktrucks video coming very very soon! My only relaxation today came after getting a haircut, clean shaven, and coffee :) work work work. Finally will get my hands on JPs
Yesterday was a busy day...Shot at an outdoor wedding in Edinburg and then came back in time to work for...
Mango tasting out in the middle of some nursery with bro and mom lol got a wedding to shoot this afternoon though..
@yzzzzo going harder than your parents when you were conceived
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Out doing what we do!!! Stacking them clips for my @torktrux vid with the crew
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Big thanks to @REPLACETHELACE for hooking it up with this package and allowing me to rep their gear. They have some amazing gear! Wore the rasta belt (NO BUCKLE!) and it was super comfortable all day while workin filmin with @jpgarciask8er and @jacobfilms Everyone go check out @REPLACETHELACE for l
Working out here with @jpgarciask8er @jacobfilms @javisk8er and @jorgeisaac79 my boys working hard in 100*F weather. . . . . BIG SHOUT OUT TO @REPLACETHELACE For hooking me up phat with the belts and shirts!!! SUPER STOKED to rep y'all. These belts are on fire!!! No buckle 😁✊ genius.
My crush for a long time @mrodofficial for 6 major reasons: 1) she's from Texas yo! 2) she's struggled as a child in school but has turned out amazing 3) she's freaking beautiful 4) she's outdoorsy and loves the adrenaline in the veins feeling it seems 5) she has a large family like I do with al