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Daniel Pink
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What Kids Around the World Eat for Breakfast (HT: @nextdraft)
! MT @edXOnline: Google put a Street View camera on a camel to map the Liwa Desert -
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Enough of your clickbait headlines! RT @econjared: No, Ed Kleinbard does not want a less progressive #tax system:
Focus is saying "no" to "a phenomenal wake up thinking about" -Jony Ive on learning from Steve Jobs:
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E.B. White: "Hang on to your hat. Hang on to your hope. And wind the clock, for tomorrow is another day."…
Philippine airline creates sidewalk ads that appear only when it rains . . . (via @springwise)
Amazon plans to open its first physical store in New York, according to reports
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Newest book has a 5.5 million first printing. Wow. RT @PublishersWkly: Wimpy Kid Series to Hit 150M in Print
The Freelance Economy Still Runs on Word of Mouth ...… (via @foxjust)
Why That Guy Keeps Reminding You He Went to an Ivy League ...… (via @PacificStand)
Analysis Shows Better Corporate Behavior Is a Leading Indicator of Stock Market Outperformance. . .
Plants may make employees happier and more productive, UK study says . . via @Reuters
Going to the gym during work increases job satisfaction and performance . . .… (via @HarvardBiz)
! Comedy club charges customers per laugh . . .… (via @springwise)
Do younger managers usher in more #innovation at companies and countries?… My #NPR story, ICYMI
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What if the US were composed of 2, 3, 5, 13, or 50 states of equal population? @Slate has the maps:…
Study: What are the main reasons why people stay at work? Money isn't up there; enjoyment and meaningfulness are:
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This elementary school has bikes instead of desks--and its reading scores are rising . . .…
Excellent interview with @tom_peters on leading the 21st-century organization in the new @McKQuarterly
Interesting + gutsy MT @ianbremmer: McDonalds offers free meals to pro-democracy protesters in HK Courageous move, Beijing will remember.
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Fascinating @AdamMGrant piece on replacing the college application process with assessment centers. . . .
Hanlon's Razor: ""Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity." via @WSJ
Best sign so far tonight at Nationals Park: "Hunter Pence loves taxation and hates representation."
Emory research: The more a couple spends on wedding and engagement ring, the less likely the marriage is to last.
A fascinating window on our desires. Google autocomplete says we now want… Drones! cc: @chr1sa
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"Self-promoters greatly overestimate the positive effect their bragging has on how people evaluate them." via @BV
How @ideo Chicago designed a kitchen-leftovers spycam: #ideolabs
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Can you go 24 hours without reading? Interesting PSA from Room to Read . . .… (via @YouTube)
Being Bilingual Makes You Better at Non-Linguistic Tasks ...… (via @TheDailyStat)
Route 66 Adds Singing Road as Speeding Deterrent… ... via @ABC
The folks at @idonethis have another great — and free! — ebook:
10 startups where everyone wants to work via @jenamcgregor
Today's project. Look 4 it on NatGeoTV later this fall. New Mexico hopes 'singing road' curbs speeding… via @YahooNews
A great cartoon for stats and research methods classes from @xkcd:
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Audio of Charlie Slowes calling the last out of Jordan Zimmermann's no-hitter…
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The Science Behind Why Jeff Bezos' 2-Pizza Rule Works ...… via @BI_contributors
23 Charts That Show Why This Is The Best Moment In History To Be Born… via @BI_Science
Think you drink a lot? This chart will tell you. .... via @washingtonpost
"SquareTrade also asked Sarram to do 10 squats with the phone in his pocket."
Goo sculpture shows how happy or sad Oslo's internet users are via @verge
The rise of @Qualtrics has been pretty incredible. A smart, creative, well-run company . . via @Forbes
Good Michael Lewis column about Wall Street, character, & empty ambition . . . via @BV
How a Second Language Trains Your Brain for Math ....
Is there an upside to our dark side? @toddkashdan thinks so . . .
Record Share of Americans Have Never Married ... (via @pewresearch)
This is the most remarkable chart that I've seen in some time. An extraordinarily important trend: via @ryanlcooper
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Disappearing office aims to increase work life balance . . . @hollidaykatie)