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Daniel Pink
Great: @DwightGarner's essay on football writing. Greater: 1st hardcover he bought w/ his own $ was by Rocky Bleier.…
The Incredible Book That Educates And Provides Safe Drinking Water . . .
Stanford Professors Want To Teach You How To Scale Your Business Without Screwing It Up… via @TechCrunch
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Legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki will receive an honorary Oscar in November.
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RT @micnews: The city of Toronto launches hilarious ads to shame litterbugs (via @JStanghini)
6 Rules That Should Be Guiding Your Career via @TIME
This chef became a superstar guided by a simple philosophy: "I don’t know s---.” (via @washingtonpost)
The Power of the Odd Price Ending in Assuaging Buyers’ Guilt ...…
Awesome Drive Workshop & Train the Trainer: Sept. 23-24, 2014 in Washington DC. Go to www. for details.
Yep, @fmanjoo captures why the Fav is so brilliant and why we should mourn its evolution.…
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Even science says you should always write your thank-you notes:
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RT @sotak: In Czech Republic, this is how you treat people, so they don't do bad things... (via @gutek )
10% of the earth's population are active users of WhatsApp.
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Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent, Not Less via @thescienceofus
6 Things The Most Organized People Do Every Day. Great piece from @bakadesuyo:…
Math class needs a makeover: Great TED Talk from Dan Meyer on creating patient problem-solvers.…
When America's school year begins this autumn, most children in public schools will, for the first time, be non-white
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As late as 1992, written word was said to be dying. Internet resurrected essays (blogs), aphorisms (tweets), and letters (email). So far!
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Fareed Zakaria Appears to Have Plagiarized Entire Paragraphs in One of His Books… via @Slate
Would you get cosmetic surgery so you could look “right” in a competitive industry? Julie Chen did:…
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Great NYTBR review of @joshuawolfshenk's new book on creative pairs:
All the way from DC for our first BlueJays game! Go Nationals! (Oh yeah, go Jays, too!) #sharebluejays
Congratulations HARLINGEN, TX! Winner of our Riverhead Books Little Free Library Sweepstakes!
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From the Pink Files: 9 short videos about persuasion and motivation for entrepreneurs . . . (via @KauffmanFDN)
From the Pink Files: Our 90-second video shows that if you want to persuade others, it's time to rhyme.
From the Pink Files: How to craft an effective email subject line . . .
From the Pink Files: My 5 favorite TED Talks on work . . .
From the Pink Files: Should you use questions more often when you try to persuade others?
Better hygiene through humiliation: A device that reminds doctors and nurses to wash hands
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Evidence from baseball that "status loss" is especially hard on stars -- may create a downward spiral…
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Mamie Peanut Johnson: "I never, ever thought I would witness this." A beautiful story by Wayne Coffey.
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10 things teachers wish parents knew ...… (via @TODAY_Parents)
Broccoli Eaters Get More Out of Life ....… (via @PacificStand)
The Difference Between How Men and Women Run Marathons Is a Metaphor for Life by @thetomzone via @micnews
It's the Final Four! Vote for the most iconic thing at the Smithsonian in the #SIShowdown.
My favorite story in today's paper: A Fan Visits From Afar, and the Royals Come Alive
Kale. Quinoa. How quickly do food trends spread? The Fried Calamari Index has answers.
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The latest @idonethis newsletter just landed in my inbox. If you're not subscribing, you're missing out.
The Founder Of LinkedIn Is Giving Away Some Of His Management Advice For Free — Here's How To Get It… via @SAI
Some thoughts on how to survive rejection . . .… (via @KauffmanFDN)
Interesting education startup: Teeays. On demand TA’s for MOOCs:
Why You Shouldn’t Try to Win Over a Candidate During the Job Interview ...…
Stop looking for money, status, and 'soulmate' jobs: Find fulfilling work the scientific way:
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.@mims just changed my mind about Yo:
Louis CK Reveals an Important Lesson about Getting Things Done in the Office. (cc @Brainology)…
Retweeted by Daniel Pink You’re More Likely to Pursue Your Goals After a Birthday or the First of the Month
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Study: Celebrity promotion of charities is great for celebrities, but does very little for the charities:
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Round Two! Vote for the most iconic thing at the Smithsonian in the #SIShowdown.