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Danielle LaPorte
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Foodies bug me, so I like to counter all the perfect food shots with my own culinary art: left over sushi that got smooshed in the car, Mandarin oranges (only had one left so had to split it) cold edamame, and almond milk hot cocoa (note the custom made @jamesvictore mug that I adore) composed with
This is how I feel about wrapping the last film shoot of the year (I'm doing CBS News in a few weeks, but that's an interview, way different kind of fun work.) A lot of riffing, a lot of scraps, a lot of excellent direction from @annikamartins and @angiewheeler and a lot of sushi. That's a wrap, 201
Now THIS is multi-tasking. Humping the space heater (cuz the studio is set on "tundra" today, emailing #TeamDanielle about various things, and getting ready for someone to say, Ready!
"Give me a place to stand and I will move the world." - Archimedes, mathematician and inventor of the lever. Now you know.
Every day I'm hustlin', hustlin'.
The Kid & My Ma in assembly mode. I captured this right before the whole gingerbread house collapsed and grandma let out a few choice expletives. Homies keepin' the season real.
If you’re around on Dec. 2nd…call us, darling. Because the power of women friends makes EVERYTHING better.
Inspiration statements on the daily in the new & improved 2015 #DesireMap Day Planner
Destroy before you create. So scary. Sooo effective. Read more at
Altar, dismantled. Space, cleared. Surface, wide open now. I've decided that rather placing things on my altar that represent wishes and requests, this month I'll leave it ... open. Open for what shows up, open to hold gratitude for what's already here, open.
Privacy is a liberty. Edward Snowden, thank you.
New poem from me. roses absolutely everywhere. Read it at
One of the digital cards from @pemachodron's When Things Fall Apart app. She is such an incredible blend of pragmatic and luminous.
Interlude with a lunch bowl on a rainy day.
Christopher Starbeam. The Mother beloved. Maha citrine. Rose oil burning. So much to love so much.
For a writer/maker this is kinda like your name in lights. Not really. But just kinda.
I needed to work some shit out this morning. Old residue that was cramping what I know to be true -- truth is pure, truth is birth right, truth is luminous, truth is fulfillment -- right now AND more on the way. Took the residue to the mat and as usual, Christopher Starbeam showed up to remind me th
Very sweet. Colour explosion. Love rewards the brave, I say.