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Danielle LaPorte
Gratitude today for the Big Dipper; impromptu desert with friends; being very aware of what’s changed.
I'll be there, baby. @PaoloNutini in LA Sept 27. Caustic Love.
For all you keeners & Virgos, pre-order date for the 2015 #DesireMap Day Planner: August 19!
A story about rediscovering the desire to feel pretty & beautiful, by Caroline White. You go, sister.
Living in truth takes a whole lotta love and a good bitta the grind.
Almost monthly goddess night. 7 years. Same 5 chicks.
I'm thinking more people should forgo the term "pimp" in their marketing stuff. Pimp your this, your that... um...I'mma pass on the pimp.
New from me. Comfort zones, truth telling — and by the way, I'm no guru. Get it at
New from me. Comfort zones, truth telling — and by the way, I'm no guru
Darkness always finds the light. #truthbomb
Came home from Maine to a bursting garden, writing deadlines and vewy vewy happy puppy. Heart full of all kinds of summer love.
My new friend. Ametrine (amethyst & citrine). She is a wise one.
Dear Future, I see you.
Get more at
Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?
May you seek to know the vastness of your light. #truthbomb
Love lockdown in Portland Maine.
Deep deeply honoured to give the dinner blessing last night at #katemikewedding ... For the caravan of Hungry Seekers, Soul Farmers, Lovers of Love... we feast!
The morning after. Lozza stories @nishamoodley @lizdialto @jessicaortner & Victor #katemikewedding
Priestess sandwich with @drdebkern and @megganwatterson . We gave the #katemikewedding marriage certificate a power boost at brunch. Like we do.
Dance for peace, yo. @gabbybernstein
Good to have the band back together #katemikewedding
So happy together. @terricole @cheladavison #katemikewedding
I love these sexpots. @megganwatterson @cheladavison #katemikewedding
#katemikewedding Says it all
RG @daniellevieth: Serious salon business happening to prep for #katemikewedding w/ @daniellelaporte. #doubledanielle #regramapp
#katemikewedding prep. Go big or go home.
When @crazysexykris isn't with the posse, the posse still prays @wholefoods. @mamagena @daniellevieth @gabbybernstein @kcbaker
Flights delayed 8 times, but n’r mind, made it for dinner and surrounded by so many people SO happy to be together. Life. Life is Love.
Night before #katemikewedding with the BRIDE @katenorthrup and @daniellevieth . Giggles tears blessings rain strawberries family slide show more tears more giggles all blessings. Shower the people you love with love.
Love that Melissa McCarthy made the cover of RS. Also in this issue, a good piece on Freddie Mercury.
Live bagpipes at JFK with canned Justin Timberlake in background. Kinda strangely cool, actually.
It's not about how we seek spiritual growth - it's why we seek it. #truthbomb
Pit stop and now ready ready Ready to get to Maine for friends, dancing, happy tears, and more of all the above. #katemikewedding
stranded in NYC en route to Maine so booked into one of my faves. TriBeCa Grand has both champagne & green juice. Don’t send rescue party.
Always be listening. Love, Christopher Starbeam
A righteous conclusion about easing up on righteousness… Tune in at
The Core Desired Feelings Library. Feel, see, create: #desiremap
#tbt nope, that's not me with Mia Farrow. That my mom's college graduation. She's about 24 and I'm about 6. Yep. She took me to school with her while she was getting her BA. I was potty trained in the college ladies room. I like to think that I got my psych degree by osmosis, since I never went to c
LISTEN: A righteous conclusion about easing up on righteousness…
Your fulfillment stems from your motives. #truthbomb
Flights, juggled. Storms, averted. Heels, packed. Lobster, on ice. Love, ABOUNDING. #kateandmikewedding let's do this!