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Danielle LaPorte
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Got Qs about Desire Map Licensing? Get 'em answered at our live Twitter chat tomorrow. Follow: #DesireMap
We've got a kit pulled together for media and #DesireMap inquiries. And seeing all of this in one place gets me every time. It has nothing to do with great graphic design. But everything to do with the journey, the women, the daring, the late nights, the revelations and right about now ... The letti
Soul all over everywhere. @hozier made some sacred rock n' roll happen tonight in Vancouver. Do whatever you can to see him on this tour. Because next time around, this dude (I think he's the next Van Morrison) might be playing stadiums. It was a short show -- sweet thing only has about ten songs on
James Bay, opening for @hozier. This kid is so strong and beautiful. "I'm craving a feeling..."
Hozier. Vancouver. Tonight. Sold out. I'm there with @annikamartins (because we vowed to never miss a great concert again) and @steph_corker. Take me to church, baby.
I can really only work with people who think I'm fucking HILARIOUS. Otherwise, you know, it's just not that funny. @linda_sivertsen thinks I'm funny (not peculiar funny.) Thursday, November 6. Los Angeles. The OPEN BOOKS EVENT. @linda_sivertsen @justinemusk and yours truly be throwing down on good j
Licensing the Desire Map is my biggest move yet. Holy BIG. The Inner Circle group got access to the Pre-Sale event last week -- some Licensees got signups within hours of purchasing their License! And on Wednesday (just 2 days from now) The Desire Map Licensing Pre-Sale Event will open up even wider
I so look like a Gulliver's Travels creature in this. But this is how Team D virtual meets roll when 9 incredible women work from all corners. Lot of Cali and Vancouver representing these days. Cohesive. Devoted. Meaningful work in the world. And a lot of inappropriate behaviour.
How a poem comes together. Sometimes, like a stream. Sometimes, like a puzzle.
Dude drove up in this delivery truck. Meep meep.
Snap! Crackle! Pop! The pre-sale event for#DesireMap Licensing is like our own fireworks show of self help love and entrepreneurship. Go to the link in my profile to join the Inner Circle email list now and you'll be able to see the details of our mega-amazing bonus basket.
Baby prayer flags for every size of prayer.
Cheering you on @thedetoxitarian ! It's a big day for a lot of women - stepping up to be #DesireMap Workshop Licensees. (Pre-sales opened this morning to help get everyone ready for the official global launch on January 7.) yep. A very big day.
About once a year @marieforleo & @crazysexykris and I hole up for two days to throw down on life love creativity careers. We eat up every minute of being heard seen smacked down'd supported encouraged and held to the fire. Find your tribe. Love them hard. Run to them and do most of what they tell yo
I don't usually remember much of what I say on stage. But I guess I said this today. Thanks to whomever made this graphic. xo
Yep. You are worthy of your desires. Deep delight to do #ewlive today. To women for women because of women all for women yes women.
. @gabbybernstein brings out the koala in me. She doesn't know her own strength. #ewlive
RG @gabbybernstein: With my divine sisters @agentofchangeny @rachgoldstein3 @crazysexykris @daniellelaporte @drlesliecarr Claire Zamit #regramapp