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My cardio is surprisingly good keeping in mind I smoke 😂
How can one ticket machine be working for the whole station... 😤
Why have i started staying up so late...
Anderlech are pissed 😂😂
I've actually spent the last 4 years of my life constantly writing essays... This is getting boring now 😴
This kid that came on for Chelsea is younger than me 😂
I actually can't function without having a nap after school
Cba to go out and buy food but so hungry 😫😫
My hair is so fucked up bcs of this wind
Bit of wind and the trains are fucked up wow
Champions league tonight though 😌
Getting up today was a mission 😫
Pisses me of when I have to wake my dad up for his night shift because he refuses to move and I can't go sleep bcs of that 😤😤
I've learnt to enjoy my own company a lot more
Haven't listened to drums In so long and now I just wanna go rave 😢😂
Are the dry herb vape pens worth it?
Twitter rappers linking us they music video lighting up a blunt in the beginning saying "u kno who it is" nigga no I dont u sent me the link
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I don't think ethics tomorrow morning is happening for me 💭💭