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Daniel Gordon
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Its 17 degrees in NYC right now. Yes I went from wearing shorts and no shirt to a hoodie and double socks lol.
But on some real you wanna know what is going threw a nigga head when she text? I want you but you be on that bullshit.
For some guys a woman looking good wins the war for other guys it just wins the battle.
Here is breaking down a mans ideal woman. If she looks good and is smart and can cook then shes an every mans type of woman.
Here's breaking down a womans mind to an ideal man. If he looks good with a great personality stable he's every womans type.
Her motto though rivaled drakes it went she had a job and so should you. Lol
Its crazy when its a womans Birthday shes is depressed shes like her clock is ticking but for a guy he goes out and gets drunk or something.
leaving the hood for some never was about living in a hood place it was about the mentality it gave you and the actions associated with it.
And if you cant look back a couple of years and see you've grown to an extent then something needs to change.
I remember once upon a time I roamed the streets in the hood thinking I was the shit. If I could go back and talk some sense into that boy.
Now when I hear a sob story I just ignore it. I've heard it all and there are to many people out here that will try take you for a sucker.
She said if I cant have you no one can. Can you say CRAZY!!
People from Florida talk about how NY cant drive. Me *wait hold up now you wanna explain the sideways parking or the stop on green thinking.
First it was angry birds then candy crush now that floppy bird lol
When you get pulled over for speeding and he/she ask you if you saw the sign and you say yes I just didn't see you lol.
Imagine living in Module homes, where your living room becomes your bed room.
SLEEPBOX allows use of un-refurbished spaces. Hotel can be opened in factory or warehouse
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They tell you not to open the box what they do they open the box.
No person should force them selves to date anyone. If you have to look at them side ways. You aren't attracted to them.
When you know they lying and be like why yiu lying I just saw you. They look at you like you have four heads in silence.
Look at it this way if your not doing what you want in life just know someone else hired you for whatever reason to accomplish theirs.
Hating people never get anywhere.
Bought a Michel Kores suit dude like oh here we go it dont fit you. How much you pay for that, looks at the price tag, he goes this guy.
My klout score is pretty high and I dont know why.