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Daniel Gordon
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Its like this they say flights as low as 69 dollars but where you wanna go its never that price lol.
When she changes the date to going out its because her other option had a more exciting idea then yours.
I want a PB&J sandwich. Sometimes i just want something simple. I'll take 2 please lol.
Life is what you make it no matter how hard the choices.
The police seem to be an out of control mob.
I tell you the combination of people in power, putting personal opinions above the facts will always come down to more wasted money & time
Most members of congress are well in their 60s still thinking its 1990 and the same BS they've been pulling will continue to fly.
And now a days being politically correct is the safest way to covering your ass in the corporate world.
And those are the FACTS
I didn't vote for Obama because he was black. I wanted change. Republicans forget that shit was fucked up long before he came into office.
We as America have three levels of government and yet there seems to be gaping holes in the system so many they get bigger every year
Food be looking so good on Tumblr. 😩😋
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How yall women be like I don't chase them but be like his pride will cause him to lose her. How does that sound who really has the pride.
Broke niggas talking cause its free wifi.
Many will try, most will fail its what makes succeeding in life whatever it maybe worth all the risks.
A king has his time in the sun, but all things must come to an end.
Its like aliens descending on the entire world and trying to convert us to their cause and beliefs. How do you think that would go.
1000+ years of tradition vs a democratic system pushed on nations that really don't know the meaning of it. What do you expect to happen.
America doesnt own the entire world why should we push democracy on others if they dont want it. We interfere to much with foreign affairs
What i am saying is Democracy works in America, it may not work in other parts of the world and the fact that we push that on is a problem