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Daniel Gordon
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A blind man once told a woman she was the most beautiful woman he has ever met, to her that was the greatest compliment she ever received.
Sometimes all the money,the flashy life style can blind a person, the lucky ones get a second chance, the unfortunate see a steady decline.
50 cent files for bankruptcy?!! Crazy just because you have money don't mean your smart enough to keep it.
Its important to be self aware. Being genuine may not be enough anymore. People see you for what you've done and not the present you.
Life isn't complicated at all people complicate things.
Why do companies wait until the last minute to pay invoices to contractors. Thats not professional.
1 president sets changes only for the next to undue them which sets America back to stage zero. Thats why we haven't seen a lot of progress
Presidency is like a relay race you can't win if the previous person is going against the entire team in this case America.
If a president truly has an interest in changing America for the better he or she should also think about the next person in office.
Chris browns words Move to the back, move to the back lol
Tell me who is the real sucker the guy smarter than the CEO or the CEO who doesn't have a clue? I'll wait lol.
Nothing more crazier than a company bleeding money and then blaming it on the wrong people.
Whats worse than a client who is on a budget? A client who tries to book your design expertise for free.
The most annoying used phrase in the design world from people who don't know a thing about design? Your the designer thats why i hired you.
So whats more important than money? Opportunity cost.
The calm before the storm..
Good morning another day. Lets make it productive.
We know better but sometimes, we set up the walls that keep us from succeeding. The key is to break those bad habits.
Ok justin bieber lol ahahah why is he there though.
Is that jimmy lmao ahahah
Jammie mothafuckin foxx lol
Do you see this GAME? What 109 - 109
Tonight history will be made?
They love black culture if only they felt the same about black people.
Social Media platforms forget that UX is just as important than UI. A users experience will always remain a variable on social media.
I remember when Twitter use to be useful now its full of noise. Its ridiculous. Its like a damn circus.
You don't get to be the man at the top without having enemies looking to tear you down to the bottom. #foodforthought 😌
Lmao Tidal just told Pandora and Spotify to kiss its ass lol.
When your trying to figure out what happened and you realize nobody speaks English 😂
Great moments in history don't have to be televised. Selma was one of those moments.
Chick said i wanna man like Mr grey i told her yeah you go on ahead. You fucked up in the head lol.
We live in a world where a chick can be one pluck away from butchering her self, and having the love of her life over look her.
Ladies stop posting pictures talking about no filter but you have makeup on in the picture or in vice versa, you didn't wake up like.
If she tells you looks aren't everything and shes taller than you, you automatically are put in the friend zone, she won't admit it directly
People talking about i ain't got nothing to talk about shit there are a bunch of questions you need to ask.
Are you trying to marry me because you tryna hide something, these questions i need to know lol. ahahah
Chicks be like i love him im ready to marry him, i be like you don't even know him. Ask him questions like are you attracted to men or women
Chick smells good today, but what about tomorrow. these things a guy needs to know day 1.
why tf people still getting catfished tho ? 😞
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Do you believe in taking three days off and then taking a shower, how is your relationship with soap and water? I need to know these things.
Be like don't put no make up on tomorrow i need to see you without makeup before i make a commitment lol. Are those your eye lashes?
Do you have kids, do you have insurance, can you pay for your funeral if you were to die today? How you look without your makeup?
Ask these chicks do you have a job, how much money do you have, how is your credit, do you pay for your gas or your car.
Now a days i gotta ask these women a bunch of questions like "How do you act when get mad, do you throw stuff, do you beat up on people" lol

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