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Daniel Gordon
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America is a Giant that is getting old boasting about the glory days, it needs a face lift and needs a few upgrades.
The worst place to hear a snapshot is in the guys bathroom in the stall lol.
Some men my age run from their responsibility as fathers. I embrace mine. Just sucks that some females use children as meal tickets.
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The dream is free but the Hustle is sold separately.
#Startup A miniature noose was left on my desk by the CEO after our meeting of him saying Somebody has to be accountable & face the flames.
#Startup Atmosphere is so volatile, talking outside of work to a co-worker about how much bullshit goes on they start saying keep it down.
#Startup When they wait until the LAST possible day to pay you, just to piss you off, knowing money isn't the problem.
#startup who remembers the days when talent didn't get fired over bullshit but rather got axed because they weren't doing their job.
The lives we live as programmers, designers, are a bit hectic, unpredictable, and down right crazy sometimes but we run the digital world.
#startuplife talk about trimming the fat and all of a sudden it becomes an ass kissing contest, a throw you under the bus contest.
#startup when they set the meetings but are always 10 min late bitching about what other people aren't doing.
#startup you start asking when will you be getting payed after the 3rd week and all of a sudden your making the work environment hostile lol
#startup One more lol You see a job posting that reads Senior Visual Designer needed Must know Mandarin, Chinese, Arabic, French lol.
Its been real twitter i have a Scrum meeting tomorrow & train traffic to beat, phone in one hand, coffee in the other. NYC everybody is late
#startup Get what you put into it as talent. Sike you can put in 50 hours a week only to be axed by next week & spoon fed a bullshit excuse
#startup Don't be afraid as talent to hold your own balls in your hand, some of these CEOs & directors can get out of line, keepem in check
#startup Meeting with the CEO, The Director of Design, you start yawning, its 8am & the CEOs mad & says am i boring you? You say no its 8am
#startup They can just fire you, but they won't do that to make them selves look good so what do they do? They give you a fake "warning"
#startup They start asking you questions that are not relevant to anything work related and you say none of your business. Now your enemy 1
#startup So you meet the CEO, everybody in the office is trying to stay a float because of the "Explosive" Personality of the head dog. smh
#startup As long as the person who is hiring you is biased small or great you don't stand a chance so what you qualify they don't like you.
#startup Worse companies seen ADP Innovation labs, Amazon Audible,, and Salido great company, horrible people
#startuplife Rule #1 Never tell other employees how much you get paid as far as you are concerned your only getting 1 point & low ball it
#startup That one guy comes into the office dressed in a tanktop and flipflops while the programmer comes in with a dresshirt and tie lol
#startup Director decides to disappear & everything is left on you & you are expected to pick up their slack because "We all wear many hats"

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