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Kids starving in Africa and this bitch wanna be childish and waste all the fucking Doritos 😂😂😂😂�
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Ewwwww..with her pussy juice all over"@Caro_DLAG: @ABoysThoughts Her & whoever took the pic probably ate em all lmao wierd ass fetish"
Beatmaker calling... Where are all the rappers up on here?? Who needs dope beats??
I have a condition that prevents me from dieting. It's called being freaking hungry.
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Na ur daughter dem go rape first "@BossRicky01: @danielbellgam you are a kid, just pray no one rapes any of your female relative"
This makes me so sad---> ):"@TRUETALKIE: I can tell you're a hoe, so call me HOTEL..."
That's why I said U lack basic sense of humour...I was having a laugh.. U reacted like a dick "@BossRicky01: Sir u don't joke with rape..
Se dis ode... Dem rape U? mumu U no fit smile for ur life.. See as U ugly finish @BossRicky01
Like a real nigga!! "@TCastolo: K @iamLuckiz: When i discover i'm wrong during an argument.. I just continue arguing."
Bit harsh.. :D"@mejoke17: Some guys should be sold on OLX sorry to say_i keeping pondering how some girls cope"
True. > "@Monazeni: The uncanny thing is this bomb blasts happen in Borno everyday while people elsewhere discuss football."
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Some people just lack basic sense of humour ------>@BossRicky01
Taa!! what did I do? O_O"@dzeremy: Tell 'em "@Leemartbabe: Stop pointing fingers, check urself well, we all have roles to play!"
Ehe na.... Wen U spend heaven and earth nd d girl no gree open.."@BossRicky01: Why will u say anything justifies rape? Smh"
Now close ur eyes.......what if..........liverpool don't win the #Epl. O.O
What the fuck U sayin??"@gdonbaba: @Bhadoosky stop the issue of getting facts right, you're the one that needs to get the facts right"
I'm sick of people saying act of terrorism in Nigeria is targeted at one religion. Get your facts right #AbujaBombBlast
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Hypocrites everywhere. Same way pple aren't concerned about drones killing in the Mid-East but will start ranting when it happens in the US
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What if i put it to you that you are drunk? #BarryRoux "@pilotsblogbook: @onefinestay looks like Barry Roux today"
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Almost every week it happens ..wats special here"@BrooklynQueen91: Ikr “@foreverlanre: It happened in borno...o one said anything like this"