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Dan Harmon
In the middle of a drunken fight, Baby Riley gives the paparazzi a stink face
Bon Voyage, Daniella! Smash that Dañata! #hyperlapse
Not everything improves #hyperlapse
Celebrating new non-timer light in @StarburnsInd's bathroom. Then a coworker hit the switch as they left #PoopingInTheDark #OHenryEdition
When is this thing that I'm doing at @cinefamily with @danharmon on labor day happening?
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.@AbedG's Fozzy Bear laugh sounds like an animal caught in an inhumane trap
I'd say we created a monster but he CREATED HIMSELF #SCHRABGATE2014
The comedy team of Roller and Guterman #hyperlapse #rickandmortyseason2 #nights
Dinner time at the Rick and Morty office #hyperlapse
We welcome The Real @AbedG & @leitepreto back to @danharmon's HARMONTOWN! Ep. 113 "FlagCop"
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Classic example of where politeness/coolness gets you. I was mortified when Abed called out to him, but now I'm up a Tarantino handshake.
.@AbedG and I just walked past Tarantino on the sidewalk. Abed CALLED HIM BACK to us. He came back and shook our hands. Pretty exhilarating.
Move over, Dreamworks! “@StarburnsInd: Well done! @waldronbutts Fixed it
I'm no efficiency consultant, but it seems like this building would need less signs if it removed a few badges and doors.
Outrageous. I thought we did away with this in the sixties.
Don't forget to get caught up on your various Nathan For Yous and Drunk Histories. My betrothed @ErinMcGathy is in the Philadelphia episode.
Annie & Britta in a bit of trouble. From the Kickpuncher comic book, Season 1 dvd set of @danharmon's 'Community'.
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How is it a guy that gives indiscriminate 5 stars to ubers that stop on the freeway has a 4.7 passenger rating. Am I "too available?"
.@danharmon's HARMONTOWN EP. 112 "Popeye Is Our Lord And Savior" feat. @JeffBryanDavis @kumailn & @Thesixler. Now at!
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Massive resource for those interested. RT @Poynter: Our Twitter list of 119 journalists covering #Ferguson:…
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An unintentional cease fire has been declared between Israel and Palestine. They're both just reading tweets about Ferguson right now.
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Whenever I'm having a crisis, I step back and ask, "what's happening, right now, according to Jim?"
Uber driver Sergei's rockin' the Doobies on one of his many devices
Today @Scott_Ian met @danharmon at @StarburnsInd! Left field guest? We can hardly wait to reveal why Scott was there.
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I got: Wait, did you even read my screenplay? - What Did You Think Of My Screenplay?…
This guy's the worst.He won't stop pitching business ideas or arguing that Cameron is a ghost in FerrisBuellersDayOff
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Cruising back to work from couples therapy, blasting my reading of Legends of Drizzt on @Thesixler's jam box #ThugLife
Copy written by the friend of your Dad's that hangs out too long in your doorway.
The Touch ID icon is Steve Jobs' fingerprint, you can use it to deactivate the turrets protecting an Apple excavated Eden #RumorBooter
Technically illegal but highly effective against giant scorpions. #DamnationAlley
I certainly hope he was other places, too.
Whoops. Erin is now calling me an old man.
Got em! Thanks! I'll credit you if I use them!
This is utter madness. Police in #Ferguson are firing into residential streets at unarmed citizens. Livestream:…
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