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Dan Harmon
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Time to crawl in bed with my betrothed and find a sweet top down turn based dungeon crawler RPG on steam. #fridaynight #perfectlife
First season 2 Rick and Morty episode written! Yay!
CC @RedHourBen @RobSchrab MT @waxpancake: scene in Limitless where Cooper takes smart pill reminds me of something…
Hey, remember the murderous @bakkedahl from the AC repair school in Community? His show Legit is on FXX tonight at 10pm.
I just accidentally saw inside the little nooks on my second generation ear buds. Jobs' Apple didn't shame the unbathed on this level.
For Harmontown reference: @thesixler's Coyote Killer™ Spin Kick
Insomniblogapaloozafest - I can’t sleep, can you? Insomnia isn’t as fun as they make it sound in movies,...
I mean, I'm 41, I'm not going to suddenly take up piano. I bought a ten thousand dollar haunting potentiator.
It's important to own a piano so that when you can't sleep, you can imagine how scared shitless you'd be if you heard it start playing.
I like the way COMMUNITY's @danharmon has carefully cultivated a persona that can slip seamlessly between TV producer and homeless guy.
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Multiple aneurysm survivor & artist @ExplodingBullet is risking his life for his art! Help make it a reality here:…
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HARMONTOWN is taking a month off, but not without this BIG FAT NEW EPISODE!!!! @danharmon @JeffBryanDavis @kumailn
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Swelling hotly beneath the silence: the knowledge that this can't last. I will one day renew my license or go broke. #WutheringUbers
"Morning, Mister Dan." "Morning. Burbank today." "All right." Then silence. Silence filled with safe driving and mutual respect.
My favorite Uber driver lives a few doors down. He waits outside for me every morning. We never talk. We love each other. #WutheringUbers
"What then, grandpa?" "Then we tweeted about TV being racist." "Did that melt the ice caps?" "No, just something to do while we waited."
Less tweet, more draw RT @RobSchrab: Still hopelessly working on #gijeff episode of #nbccommunity. It airs Thursday.
Good! Let's get a protocol in place. “@DustinMartian: my plan is coming str8 to your house where the vodka at “@duncantrussell: mine too!”
Harmontown is tomorrow. There are no Harmontowns in April. SO COME TOMORROW!
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What if, on his/her death bed, the founder of the internet whispered “It really is just a series of tubes”
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