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Dan Harmon
Annie & Britta in a bit of trouble. From the Kickpuncher comic book, Season 1 dvd set of @danharmon's 'Community'.
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How is it a guy that gives indiscriminate 5 stars to ubers that stop on the freeway has a 4.7 passenger rating. Am I "too available?"
.@danharmon's HARMONTOWN EP. 112 "Popeye Is Our Lord And Savior" feat. @JeffBryanDavis @kumailn & @Thesixler. Now at!
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Massive resource for those interested. RT @Poynter: Our Twitter list of 119 journalists covering #Ferguson:…
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An unintentional cease fire has been declared between Israel and Palestine. They're both just reading tweets about Ferguson right now.
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Whenever I'm having a crisis, I step back and ask, "what's happening, right now, according to Jim?"
Uber driver Sergei's rockin' the Doobies on one of his many devices
Today @Scott_Ian met @danharmon at @StarburnsInd! Left field guest? We can hardly wait to reveal why Scott was there.
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I got: Wait, did you even read my screenplay? - What Did You Think Of My Screenplay?…
This guy's the worst.He won't stop pitching business ideas or arguing that Cameron is a ghost in FerrisBuellersDayOff
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Cruising back to work from couples therapy, blasting my reading of Legends of Drizzt on @Thesixler's jam box #ThugLife
Copy written by the friend of your Dad's that hangs out too long in your doorway.
The Touch ID icon is Steve Jobs' fingerprint, you can use it to deactivate the turrets protecting an Apple excavated Eden #RumorBooter
Technically illegal but highly effective against giant scorpions. #DamnationAlley
I certainly hope he was other places, too.
Whoops. Erin is now calling me an old man.
Got em! Thanks! I'll credit you if I use them!
This is utter madness. Police in #Ferguson are firing into residential streets at unarmed citizens. Livestream:…
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Want to protest peacefully in #Ferguson but intimidated/stopped by police? Contact @aclu_mo at 314.652.3111 or visit
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Next Tuesday at 8 on Drunk History, @ErinMcGathy and Winona Ryder become the team they were born to be:…
Free D&D audiobook featuring the voices of Ice-T and @danharmon . You're welcome!…
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I was caught off guard by the gravitas that @danharmon lent to his portrayal of Drizzt in new collected tales audiobook. Great work Dan.
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NO ONE CAN LEAVE. #Ferguson is blocked, trapped. 2 nights in a row. Media has been told to leave or they'll be arrested... #STL
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#UberDriverTips There is no amount of passenger dissatisfaction that can't be washed away by a tiny bottle of hot water from your trunk.
#UberDriverTips: The first two times a passenger asks for air, fiddle with some knobs but don't turn it on. Two thirds of them are bluffing.
Media giants Harmon and Herzog at Harmon's Starburns Industries recording Rick and Morty. Ryan Ridley, who suggested the photo, was cropped out.
Tough day at work? Let @aishatyler and the boys make it better with a #WhoseLine Mini:
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I took my second Lyft last night, and at the end of it, I learned I could tip, which tells me I didn't tip my first Lyft driver. Sorry, Ben.
.@ryanridley's face when his sarcastically offered #rickandmorty pitch is @justinroiland's favorite and goes into the episode.
The working title for today is Hangover Part 2. WHO RECORDS A COMEDY ALBUM ON A TUESDAY NIGHT @DustinMartian I feel like a bag of balls.
@danharmon B.J. Blazkowicz isn't related to Duke Nukem. He's the grandfather of Commander Keen.#UselessVideoGameKTrivia #WhyDoIRemeberThis
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Tomorrow in LA!! We are taping a comedy album! Hosted by @danharmon & @ErinMcGathy, feat @duncantrussell and MORE:
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I am using Lyft for the first time in my life to get to Harmontown.
Don't forget to come to Harmontown tonight. Guaranteed drizzles of delight with an 80% chance of celebrity.
Saturday at McHarmon's pet salon. Post haircut bath
Want to be in the audience for Robert Smigel's new Triumph TV show?
Gazorpazorpfield cakes by @erinmcgathy
Me and Roiland in San Diego. Costume by @erinmcgathy!
@JustinRoiland @danharmon Got home and my girlfriend surprised me with this! Still riding that #SDCC high. #lookatme!
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