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Dan Harmon
Ours is a love that almost transcends my dog's laziness
@danharmon Easy, Flash. Harvard try outs ain't till spring.
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Ebola Article Comment Sections are the Verdun of World War Stupid
Before leaving our home for my #DanchelorParty, @ErinMcGathy stocked and hangover-proofed it with supplies. Whereas I proposed to her in mud
Approved RT @Christobah IT Crowd remakes have all these connections to Community. How about a UK remake of Community written by @Glinner ?
Guterman buys socks at a bar. #GuteRecognizeGute
#DanchelorParty weekend starts with my dramatic transformation into a slightly less hairy fat man
Harmontown movie at Downtown Independent Theatre in LA:…
My bachelor weekend starts tonight. First thing's first, figure out hashtag #Hashtagelor
.@ErinMcGathy now clarifies she "accidentally" created bitcoin while "trying to use HTML on her MySpace page."
.@ErinMcGathy just told me that she created bitcoin
Mr. Miyagi fought for the U.S. while his wife died giving birth in an internment camp. This movie crane kicks your gut in every other scene.
"Ah, Danielsan. You much humor." - Mr. Miyagi's response to Danny Laruso doing a "Hare Krishna" bit with his sanders.
This isn't a comp entry, thought you'd like the Mr Meeseeks I made in Maya! @JustinRoiland @danharmon @RickandMorty
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That said, we also ate boogers on my playground. And thought hot lava was a bigger threat than pollution. So I age and I learn. Peace oot.
I don't say this to excuse, but to connect: on MY playground, it was the BULLIES that began exchanges by seeking clarity on your gender...
To clarify: Bob bothers to ask "what do you identify as" AFTER all my mis-pronouns, my lesson is: ask that question at the top of exchanges.
Harmontown IS a safe place for you to be who you are. Safety from my social clumsiness is NOT offered, let alone guaranteed. But I learn.
Listening to Toronto Harmontown and have counted several "misgenderings" of Janne (whom I met as Glenn), for which I am now certainly sorry.
"Get off my case." - Danny Laruso's way of saying "your ex boyfriend is 30 and terrifies me" to a pretty girl in relentless pursuit of him.
"Crane-shot and you see them...young dogs, most of them dead" -@danharmon writing a movie in his sleep
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"Tony, don't forget to tell Uncle Louie that I left the red wine and the Parmesan in the refrigerator." First line of Karate Kid
"These are unarmed scenarios, if I had even a backpack, my tactics would differ greatly." - @Thesixler on his Toronto Coyote Kicks
.@ryanridley clogged the toilet again
.@danharmon's HARMONTOWN with comptroller @RealGilbert Gottfriend LIVE from New York! Don't miss this epic episode!…
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@danharmon The mascot for Communicon should be a Communicorn.
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I don't know if we can answer all of these but I do love this video “@Gistobe: Community Unanswered Questions
Communicon's a comin', all aboard. The train. For Communicon, which is comin'. Don't collide with it!…
And this is a guy that didn't have a camera. #NYCC
Adorable Rick and Morty couple #NYCC
"Can I draw a little naked boy on this? I need to get it out of my system." - @justinroiland to Khaleesi Everdeen
A Triumph cigar on a Meeseeks box. #NYCC
@TheHumanLee: Any direct quotes from Andrew Dice TSA?" Yes: "Birkenstocks coming through. Comfort before fashion I guess."
A TSA guy was "working the crowd" at the checkpoint, making fun of their shoes, jackets and belts. As if THAT was the missing ingredient.
Hotels have been at this "do not disturb" puzzle for decades and nothing works and I propose we simply give the maids thermographic goggles.
Here's something: when I get restaurant food that I immediately hate, I force myself to eat half of it so I don't "hurt their feelings." ???
I am the one man in New York that can be given an hour for dinner and end up eating something shitty.
See you on the other side! “@steven_ungaro: Getting married today in my autographed Chucks! Thank you Harmontown!
All right, New York, show me what you - hey, it's just a bunch of big buildings.