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Pretty Boy Floyd
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Y'all would have made a good couple #askcatfish
The Face You Make When Your Crush Say You Cute in a TBH.
Boy them Pacers Refs. Know how to cheat...SMDH
Stop looking at me ! Damn !
She ain't that bad once you get to meet her
While you over there wit the Dumbass Cool Kids I'm getting my Stuff together getting my education. 😏😎👌
Cute Thick Girl Who Play Flag Football 👍
I did the Red Nose wit a Girl... and my mom saw me ! 😈😎👊
Are you really bout yo money? Or Nah?
april fools prank: replace all the sugar in your house with cocaine
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My brother jumped off a swing and fell on his face #winded
when your friend almost slips up and tells some shit nobody supposed to know
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Gotta make sure I have on my bball shoes for 2moro..!
Why are we Crack Babies?, Because we were Born in the 80's, the A.D.H.D Crazy...!
Yeaa Im Single... I plan on staying that way for a little while. 😇😏😎
If a murder had yo sibling and yo mom hostage wit a Gun to there head would you suck his junk ?!? #RETWEEET #Comment
When I thought everything was good... 😡🔫
That moment when you realize ya phone is not in your pocket
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