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vegan lesbian 52 followers
mm i moved accounts follow @kissinglilies if you want i guess
seven minutes to get out of bed and here i am on twitter...
Negative me is going bye-bye! Only positivity from here on out 🌻
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My twitter feed is a mix of "peace be.." "down w the gov!!" and scatterings of random french and english
Tired of being constrained by cultural norms? Broaden your horizons by trying a new strain of kale or having a threesome with your neighbors
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i don’t understand the thought process straight guys have of “oh you like cute things? you’re gay”. girls are cute. whose gay now
you are all a bunch of meme loving fucks
The US education system is failing our children more with each passing year, while our prisons & sports arenas are doing wonderfully.
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Palestinians have been the victims of genocide as defined by the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.
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my bangs are too long they look soooo bad 😩
If you know your friends are hurting get them help before it's too late
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There are so many people in my life that are toxic as fuck
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His appendage is the dumbest shit
i sent the bathtub, in fact.
@nypost You should check out @brandontjackson's twitter. An @USAirways attendant called him a racist name and he was kicked off the plane
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"egg white solids" sounds questionable and gross
i think kids born in 1996 are the worst of the 90s kids. They're so determined to prove they're a 90s kid. Unfortunately, nobody cares.
you do realize that #tamagotchi didn't stop production in the 90s, right? and that people can play with things made in the 90s? #smh #90sKid