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Dan Benjamin
@danbenjamin @haddiebird Working a podcast app that to slow down The Frequency so when I finish listening to one episode, the next comes out
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Start your Labor Day Weekend with The Frequency, recording live now.
Oh look, an Apple invitation for Sept. 9. I'll be there, despite my wedding being the same week!
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If you’re an indy musician of any kind and wouldn’t mind having your music played on one of our shows, message me with URLs.
We're not a bank, Jerry.
How is hyperlapse any different from listening to podcasts at 1.5x and 2x? You still absorb the same data. #HyperlapseForever
I tend to skip all of the ads on my podcasts except for the ones done by @danbenjamin or @hotdogsladies. Best ad reads I’ve heard.
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A drive with @5by5 to lunch at @mightyfinetx. (Before you ask, @haddiebird filmed while I drove)
Man, @jdalrymple and @ShawnKing are killing it on Amplified right now.
I love everything about twitter except the official app and the website
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We’re hiring a Technical Director and Video Producer at @5by5 in Austin. Email jobs at 5by5 dot tv with your resume/examples.
We currently have the 35/5 on cable, I’m considering a switch to 10/10 fiber.
Which do you like better, cable at 35/5, or fiber at 10/10?
“No one reads my emails. No one listens to me. I’m going to kill everyone.” —@haddiebird
Call me old fashioned, but when I win am Emmy, I’m wearing shoes.
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Call me old fashioned, but when I win am Emmy, I’m puttin’ on socks.
We’re hiring another producer/technical director here in Austin for @5by5. You interested?
Spaceteam is fun, thanks for the recommendations.…
Anybody in #portland know where we could record a few times during #XOXO?
The summer’s over and we’re losing our amazing intern @mirandaaedson. If you’re in #Austin and want to work @5by5 email jobs at 5by5 dot tv
What’s your favorite multiplayer iPad game? (Ideally the kind where each player has their own iPad)
@danbenjamin This is incredible. Cash interviews as well as or better than most tech analysts I've heard.
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In case you missed it, I interviewed my 6 yr old son about iPhone 6 antennas, deadly amoebas, comics, and more.
My friend @Ihnatko is doing a video show, and he hates doing video shows. It’s awesome.…
I just bought a $6 bag of silica gel from a local hobby shop and sealed it in a ziplock. Saved us from buying a new (off contract) iPhone.
I wanted to add #DoesThatLookCleanToYou to that last tweet but I was out of characters.
After 2 days in silica gel, the iPhone 5s my daughter threw in the toilet is working great. Thanks to everybody who suggested trying that.
I'm surprised each time I remember that comic book artists aren't extremely wealthy. They deserve to be on account of the joy they deliver.
@danbenjamin I finally tried the bacon method. Genius.
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Wherein @SirPatStew wordlessly yet perfectly shows what's “wrong” with the ALS Ice Bucket challenge:
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Unintended side effect of @tattly - I’m planning for a real tattoo now. I wanted a @chloeyingst design but she’s too busy. Any suggestions?
@danbenjamin so excited for cash's show- glad to have some mature tech analysis on 5by5 - 'the worst!'
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Photos of my PRS Custom 24 that’s for sale.
@danbenjamin This is literally the best interview on the internet right now.
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My son Cash and I discuss the antenna breaks in the iPhone 6, the iPad, Magneto, Adventure Time, amoebas, and more.
We want to get to know you better. It’s a lot to ask, but would you mind filling out our 2014 Listener Survey?…
SS Itari is mixed up and blind.