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Dan Benjamin
Man, @danbenjamin is on fire in the last 5 minutes of @gritshow. This is great advice, thanks!…
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I love Portland almost as much as Austin, but it's weird here without @duncan lurking around with a telephoto lens.
For people asking, delivery date is the 19th. AT&T, Silver, 64GB, 6 (not 6 Plus, ever).
No stress, no refreshing, easiest and most relaxing online checkout on ever. #wayofthefuture
Woke up, had coffee, leisurely pre-orderd a Silver iPhone 6 64GB for my wife to replace the 5s my perfect angelic 3YO threw in the toilet.
Travel tip: use gaffer tape to cover the annoying tiny lights in your room. Wrap some on an old Blockbuster card.
So Portland, you call this a heat wave? I call this Fall.
Wonder what the watch industry thinks of the #AppleWatch? Find out what key players in watchmaking think:…
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Thank you, thank you everybody supporting us on patreon to help us build our video studio and reduce ads. #jackals
En route to #xoxo with @joelbush and @haddiebird @ Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
@danbenjamin Another fun hour with @ShawnKing on Amplified today. Good energy, and interesting to hear him do a different kind of podcast.
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Excited about the new Highrise leadership, concerned by the poorly written announcement email.
Love this. “@waxpancake: I’m so glad @CDMoyer made this @xoxo 2014 friend finder so I didn’t have to.
Watching Falling Down in preparation for this week's @gritshow. It's on HBOgo.
You know when you see a woman in really small shorts with a back-pocket iPhone that hangs halfway out? That'll be everyone with a 6 plus
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Let's talk about Apple's wrinkled shirt issue. Those guys need to tuck it in!
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My 6YO has determined that the Imperial Probe Droid in Empire is saying “end of the sentence.” What do you think?…
The only compelling reason I’d have for upgrading from my 5s to an iPhone 6 is Pay, but that’s not reason enough right now. Maybe 6s?
I love the random still Google Hangouts pulled for today’s video show.…
I’ve updated with our Patreon (also has memberfun & paypal). Thanks to everybody who’s donated so far today!!!
Thanks everybody for the suggestion. We now have a patreon. Please help us build our new set.
Apple Pay is game changing in my opinion, but that doesn’t require the Watch.
People said Apple wouldn’t get into wearables unless their offering would be game changing. The Watch is nice, but is it game changing?
I couldn’t be less interested in screen resolutions. I just want better battery life and antennas that work consistently.
I think I was just force touched. #NotComplaining
I think the Apple Watch is fashionable in the status sense more than for it’s design. Discuss.
One thing we learned is that we need a Mac Pro to do this right. Would you rather us do Patreon, Kickstarter, or what?
@danbenjamin I gave up on the stream and just listened to you, nice work!!!
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One goal for 2015 is to transition to a more balanced listener-support/sponsor model. You can help -
Thanks to everybody who tuned in to listen and watch us today. We learned a lot about our new video studio because of your help!
Here’s another video stream, let me know how this one looks:…
OK, should be working now. Sorry about that. I blame Google. Audio - or Video -…
OK, we’re having some fun here. Audio: Hangout:…
The more Siri can do, the less we’ll need to type and the less important it will be to be able to work comfortably with two hands.
It’s definitely not a Nashville party.
Time to make the donuts.
Let’s have a @5by5 drink up at #xoxofest. Will you go?
An Apple keynote and XOXO in the same week. September isn’t so bad after all.
We will have a google hangout too, details tomorrow morning
Come watch the Apple event with us tomorrow. We’ll be starting a bit beforehand, 12:30pm ET at
Leaving out milk and cookies for Tim Cook
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The more I read this excellent post, the more insight I get from it.…
@danbenjamin So you refuse to read British sources? That’s sad. What are you, some sort of Scottish nationalist? :)
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Just like polka music (Weird Al excepted), if somebody writes “Apple are” or “Apple have” I close it down. #USEnglishMajor
Yellow Clearance Black Box Blues.