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Wait, Constantine is a tv show soon?
I blame @danbenjamin and marathoning @gritshow for the frustration that is me attempting to learn #Ruby
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@danbenjamin Childhood photo wearing hat with grampa = cute. Hat closet photo = problem. 😜
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I even have a hat closet. And maybe a problem.
I don't get the hatred for hats. I've loved and worn them all my life. Here's me and my grandad when I was a kid.
I use Omni on my Mac and will try that next.
The home screen on my glorious iPhone 5s.
What's your favorite todo app with sync for iOS and why?
All of this that you see before you is all your father's.
@danbenjamin But… But… But these ones… I wanted to see these ones every day.
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Aphids are just awful little creatures.
"No one should draw spider-man except Ramos, I'm sorry." -- @haddiebird #WhyIHiredHer
I made a phone call from my Mac! It was awesome, except for how it made my iPhone reboot over and over until I ended the call.
Hey, who cut off the top of my Safari window?
Next week I’m getting fitted for a pair of @ultimateears at an audiologist. Thinking about documenting the molding process on video.
This is our new @5by5 video intro animation … but it needs a sound effect. Anybody good at that kind of thing?…
In case you missed it, we posted our first video with the new setup, from yesterday’s 5by5 Special.…
@danbenjamin I ended up installing the stable build from here to make things right again.…
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I guess auto-update was on my Apple TV was enabled … now it looks like iOS too.
One of these things is not like the other.
I'm supporting @danbenjamin on @Patreon because 5by5 was my introduction to high quality podcasts. Go Dan!…
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Installing Yosemite on my iMac at work over the VPN.
The video for today’s special is up. Please let me know what you think! And thanks to YOU for making it possible.
Here’s today’s Apple Event special with @superpixels and @maccast!
I was astounded by the quality of the stream and the end result on YouTube today. Better than anything else that I've used in the past.
We streamed to YouTube and it went well, great quality, but I miss the convenience of What’s a good replacement?
Uploading the video from today’s Special now. Will post the URL when it’s live.
"You see the thing is, almost nothing I do is on purpose." - @danbenjamin
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@danbenjamin and crew have invited me to hang out on the @5by5 live stream they are doing later. Stay tuned here:
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Maybe we’ll even take calls. Would you want to call in?
A huge thanks to everybody who is supporting @5by5! We wouldn’t be able to do today’s video without it.
We’ll be doing a live stream at 12:45pm ET for today’s Apple event. Audio for everybody, video for patrons.
Patrons! Here’s the info for today’s special video stream.…
Really love Scratch. My main notes app now. Way to go @garrettmurray!
I think "Reptile Heat Lamp" will be the name of my new band. @hotdogsladies
Like I said here this morning, we need decisions not "data studies".…