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Dan Benjamin
The Frequency is live now. Join me and @haddiebird at
The cool EC4 conference is happening Oct 2-3 in SF. Use the code 5BY5 for 50% off (This is *not* a sponsored post, just something I like)
Had to find an email from someone whose first name is “Benjamin”, so I typed @danbenjamin in Spotlight. I may need to lie down.
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The hard work, from the user standpoint, already happened when we went from 6 (comfy, familiar, dated) to 7 (austere, new, untapped).
The big changes are beneath the surface, and as users we just get the great benefits. Example: extensions (new keyboards, 1password).
The transition from iOS 7 to 8 feels more like a point release than a major iOS jump. This is meant as a compliment to Apple.
I use Image Capture to download (and then delete) photos & movies to a Mac from the iPhone. The Mac is backed up to multiple places.
Finally backed-up/archived and deleted all the photos on my iPhone going back to February 2012. I now have 34GB free. #wayofthefuture
So far, QuickType is the only thing that’s “bad” about iOS 8. But it’s early still.
“I like how just banging the mouse reconnects it.” — @haddiebird
It’s not fair to make the dog homeless just because you’re homeless.
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. @secondfret Thabks but we aren't looking for advice, need somebody with a circular saw and 2x4's.
Anybody in #austin good at building a basic studio set/backdrop, message me.
Guys, real talk here. Please please do at least one full iTunes backup before upgrading to iOS 8. It's REALLY worth the time and effort.
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Our local auto insurance agency was sold recently. Here's how the email from the new owner begins: "Dear [first name],"
Finally put my money where my mouth is and became a patreon supporter of @danbenjamin and @5by5
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Yosemite is a flat circle.
I’d like Yosemite better if I could browse the web with it.
Yes, this @McConaughey #Lincoln commercial was filmed here in Austin. Too cool.…
In 2010, I had an amazing interview with @notch. I’ve asked him to be a guest on @gritshow. Cross your fingers.
What are you listening to right now?
I love coming home to #Austin. Thanks to everybody at #xoxofest for such a great time.
"TGI Friday's has a gluten free menu. The world is changing." -- @haddiebird
All of us have failed and will fail again. Maybe we're failing right now. Don't be so scared about it. Pick it back up or somebody else will
Following people credited in latest blog - Copying is Wrong, Don’t Do It - @danbenjamin @inkedmn @mikevardy please RT
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I think of daily shows as things you listen to live and weekly shows as something you time shift.
I'm in a car heading to PDX after another great #xoxofest. Thanks @waxpancake and @andymcmillan.
Are daily shows a) an awesome thing you enjoy and rely on or b) too much
Good morning. What are you doing right now?
We made a @5by5 group on Facebook, which is a website on the Internet.
Just used the @BaconMethod for this mornings breakfast. Thank you so very much @danbenjamin
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Vocab Tip: There's a big difference between "having a BBQ" and "grilling". Just visit Texas if you don't believe me.'s "sending email" sound is so dramatic. Makes me laugh every time.
Apple Watch sizes in real life. Rendered/printed by @gak_pdx. Wrist/hand by @haddiebird.
I’m taking a mic with me to #XOXO today. Who should I find & what should I ask? (No joke responses please, jackals)
I’m bringing a mic with me to #XOXO tomorrow. Who should I talk to and what should I ask them? Attendees here:
No, Twitter, I don't know Lebron James.
Look! Dan (taking the photo), Benjamin, @danbenjamin, and @haddiebird rockin’ #xoxofest in a real-life, actual photo!
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Hey listen if you follow me and @danbenjamin you have to choose only one of us sorry Dan and I are in a fight
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Man, @danbenjamin is on fire in the last 5 minutes of @gritshow. This is great advice, thanks!…
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