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dan 'boonie' thomas
I love my girlfriend loads!
The result of my fart in bed. @kellldianex
Cwtchy night, house to ourselves for the week:) ❤️
Perfect day- lots of cwtches, films and munchies with the perfect boyfriend! @B00NIEx
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If your girl is not your priority, you're doing it wrong
My girlfriend is beaaaaaautiful. ❤️
El Classico is gonna be awesome this season..
How many fucks do I give? A) 0 B) A C) B
R.I.P🙏 Eric Garner ..... Choked to death by NYPD on July 17, 2014#Retweett ✊�
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My tweet wasn't about you, but if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and wear it!
Wiley called me on the iPad
After getting up at 3;45am for work today safe to say I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow!!
Anybody want a shoutout?
Drugs are for mugs!
If I have to chase and fight for your attention, eventually I won't want it anymore.
What's up with these boys with their folded bandana around their forehead damn nature you scary
Two and half hours left..... Count down is on #getkelseyhome
I rather cuddle and watch a movie with you, instead of going out to a party.
You stop making bing bong every bing bong 2 cent #familyguy #mrwashywashy
Im watching csi and this guy just checked a pulse from a body who had a bullet hole in the middle of his forehead what the fuck?
I'd love to be a radio DJ!
Can't wait till my girlfriend comes home to bed! Roll on 2:30am!
I love my girlfriend:) <3
So, I asked my girlfriend for phone sex, bitch replies with ' I can't, I'm on virgin mobile'
Theres a "lie" in believe.Theres a "over" in lover.There's a "end" in friend.There's a "us" in trust.Theres a "ex" in next.And "if" in life.
If there's a nice guy inside, I guess I've never met him.
What do you take me for? I gave you everything, yet your still looking at me like I could of give you more #progreen
Don't let last relationships ruin future prospects. Scars remind of us where we have been, not where we are going.
You'd be surprised what I see. I might not mention that I've seen it, but I don't miss anything. I see it all.
I always find things out. I might not speak on it but trust me, I know.
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In work at 5 am getting home at 5pm... Show me my bed 😴
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Can't wait to just get home. Food, bed with my girl and watch a film and settle down for the night.
90% of my time is usually me either being sleepy, hungry, or both.
Always been a fan of a girl in boxers 👌
Mistakes are always forgivable if one has the courage to admit them - Bruce lee
"I'm not the best, but I believe I can do things people think are impossible" -Anderson silva.
I hate the people of neath.