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Dan Rosato
University done for 2014. Can now relax and enjoy Christmas!!! 🎄🎅🎄🎅
Pretty much my feelings towards people who are sarcastic in 99% of what they say.
You meet some right characters on the Tube. My favourite is the festive drunkard, dancing and singing on the other platform at St. Pancras.
Henry really should've become assistant manager alongside Wenger - learn from Wenger, and when Wenger goes, Henry could take over.
Manuel Neuer is the best goalkeeper n the world. End of story.
Arsenal v AS Monaco! Yesssssssssss
After seeing Markovic's 'foul' vs Basel, & Alex Bruce's 'foul' vs Chelsea, I've concluded Football is no longer a man's game. #noncontact
Liverpool next - Would love to avenge that 5-1 from last season... #AFC
Very very impressed by Bellerin.
Great header. Shame he looks like a right mug
Can't stand the asslicking sky sports reporters when they interview managers. Their questions do not enlighten us whatsoever.
"To park the bus, you have to be a good driver" - José Mourinho, 2014
Russell Brand and Nigel Farage as genuine figures in Politics at this moment in time. Bloody hell.
@DanieleDeRosato all day long! I'd pay 30 mill straight away he looks stunning
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I'd take Nainggolan at Arsenal anyday; NOT injury prone, doesn't stop running, great passer, brilliant tackler... Just what we need imo.
No shame in a team who came 2nd in a dead league pushing the champions of the best league (with oil money) close ;) #HungryForGlory
Geez. Watching the Dortmund game, Anderlecht should have been out of sight!
Easiest team we could end up with is Monaco. Shows how poor that group was that THEY topped it lol!
Um, yes. I think the old Ramsey is back.
Why are we showing more fight and hunger in a game that pretty much means nothing, than when we played Stoke? Baffles me lol!
Is the Ramsey of last season back?
Oh dear. The old Utd are back. Playing terrible and still winning. We're doomed lol
Chewbacca fighting Nazis on a squirrel in the mountains
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The video of some idiot fans being nasty to Wenger has really upset and angered me. Completely disrespectful and unnecessary.
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Blimey. More breaks than Abou Diaby. #imaceleb
I've really had enough of Arsene, as a lot of people have, but this is just disgraceful. Cringe worthy in fact =(
Mourinho is great at shouldering all of the blame for games his team doesn't win. Takes heaps of pressure of the players. Why they love him.
Stoke well deserved, we were shocking. We're going to win the league in the next two years, apparently.
Anthony Taylor has somehow managed to put in a worse performance than the entire Arsenal team.
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Amazing. Take Koscielny out of our defence and we turn to shite.
Booing a player for having his leg snapped. Stay classy Stoke fans.
Never thought Chelsea would go unbeaten, but didn't see it ending at Newcastle of all places.
.@McLarenF1's rep is going down the pan every day they don't announce their driver line up. How a team like that can be so unprofessional.
Papering over the cracks comes to mind, and with Stoke at the weekend, I'm still not feeling great about how we're playing. But hey, 3pts.
Martinez > Szczęsny.
Need to get a Christmas Jumper me thinks !
Stopped watching #imaceleb a few days ago, now I've heard that Jimmy went I'm DEFINITELY not watching it anymore. The rest of them are duds.
I think we've all opened Christmas presents with this reaction:
Black Friday was a real eye-opener. Images of people scrapping over a widescreen TV at reduced prize just highlights how selfish people are.