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Dan Rosato
BounceFM in GTA:San Andreas was just the best!
Truest words ever spoken, and they were said in a film. #RockyBalboa
Some current one club players. Dying breed. Players are money grabbing/glory hunting b*stards these days. #Legends
Balotelli at Liverpool? That's a strange one it really is.
I suppose 0:0 will have to do. Özil will have to take Ramsey's place for the second leg.
Either .@MedhiBenatia's flight to Manchester has taken a wrong turn, or it was never on. ;)
'White Dee' is the icing on the cake haha!
Deary me. Some of the 'celebs' I've heard have gone into Big Brother.. 'Audley Harrison'? Guy is a joke of a Boxer.
Need to go and stock up on stuff for Uni soon. I'll end up breaking/losing it all within one week at Uni anyway I'm guessing.
Brandao headbutts Thiago Motta and runs away like the coward he is:…
Benatia to United just doesn't make sense to me. AS Roma = Title challengers, Champions League. United = Top 4 challengers, No Europe.
Next up, some massive games at Besiktas, and then Everton. Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski still to come as well. #COYG #AFC
In other news, some Bastia player just nutted PSG's Thiago Motta in the tunnel.
Need to be quicker. Too slow. Time to bring on the guy who scored a brace v Palace last season - .@Alex_OxChambo.
Great to see so many Brits in the team. Few years ago, it would be a France XI. Hopefully get off to a great start! #COYG
Couldn't be more happy Tony Poolis is no longer in a Premier League job. Football says "Thank You".
Good start of the season, great team effort! Come on Swans ! @SwansOfficial
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David Moyes beat Swansea 4-1 away on the opening day last season, RvG just lost 2-1 to Swansea at home. Early days though, be patient MUFC.
I see these Arsenal youngsters going on to have great careers in Football: Bellerin, Crowley, Chambers, Akpom. #AFC #COYG #YoungGuns
So nice to wake up knowing Results Day has passed and it's time to move on in life.
.@KieranGibbs was definitely one of our most improved players last season (behind Rambo obvs). If he was a RB he would play for England.