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Dan Rosato
No excuses for Wenger now. Needs to go out and get a top striker. And we're not title contenders, that's obvious lol! Next we have City...
... We are not in the position to give him time.
Podolski ON > Sanogo OFF. Don't care about "oh give him a chance"
Need to take Koscielny off. Clearly scared to get his head on another ball.
GGGGOOOOOLLLLLLL GERVINHO!!!!!!! Roma-Fiorentina 2-0 (28' Nainggolan, 93' Gervinho) #RomaFiorentina
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28': GOOOOOOOOL! NAINGGOLAN! Roma-Fiorentina 1-0 (28' Nainggolan) #RomaFiorentina @OfficialRadja
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Heard Holebas (Greek Leftback) is on his way to Roma. Be happy with that signing if it happens.
Can't see past Chelsea this season. Only worry for them is that they did keep conceding straight after scoring, but who cares lol
“@8Fact_Footballl: Arsenal have won two trophies since Manchester United last won a competitive match!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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These holidays are going way too fast
Galatasaray is a really tough one. Dortmund YET AGAIN. Anderlecht is ok I suppose.
Really don't know what to say. Literally seen it all in Football now.
The draw for the Champions League group stages is tomorrow at 4:45pm BST.
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Great win. Our 10 men vs their 12. Now hopefully we'll get a nice Group when the draw is done tomorrow.
Much much better play from Wilshere today. Needs to play like this consistently.
GOAL! Alexis! Still, if we concede a goal we're out. Need another!
Such a dodgy game. We CAN'T concede an away goal. Even if we go one ahead, we're still one goal away from elimination. Need to defend well.
This Zigic to Arsenal rumour is actually making me feel sick. 95% sure it's rubbish but if it happens I think I'll cry.
Shambolic. Sir Alex got out at the right time, that's all I'm saying.
Do we get the actual Certificates for our A Level results or what?
Konstantinos Manolas is now a Roma player: here he is, signing his contract! #HungryForGlory
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So Mehdi the Mercenary is off to Bayern Munich. Amazing defender. The money made will have to be spent well. #ASRoma #Benatia
Arsenal fans like to abuse Giroud but his injury has left us in desperate need to buy a striker. Wenger's hand is finally being forced.
I do this sometimes when I'm driving:
going to reading festival has never ever been appealing to me. probably the only 18-20year old who doesn't like it haha
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Also, on the performances from last year, Ozil's stock has dropped considerably. Needs to up his game, along with Wilshere.
So clumsy from Rosberg. That 'friendship' is well and truly over.
I suppose a point will do. If it weren't for that offside goal, we'd be 2-1 up now but It will do.
BounceFM in GTA:San Andreas was just the best!
Truest words ever spoken, and they were said in a film. #RockyBalboa
Some current one club players. Dying breed. Players are money grabbing/glory hunting b*stards these days. #Legends
Balotelli at Liverpool? That's a strange one it really is.
I suppose 0:0 will have to do. Özil will have to take Ramsey's place for the second leg.
Either .@MedhiBenatia's flight to Manchester has taken a wrong turn, or it was never on. ;)
'White Dee' is the icing on the cake haha!
Deary me. Some of the 'celebs' I've heard have gone into Big Brother.. 'Audley Harrison'? Guy is a joke of a Boxer.
Need to go and stock up on stuff for Uni soon. I'll end up breaking/losing it all within one week at Uni anyway I'm guessing.
Brandao headbutts Thiago Motta and runs away like the coward he is:…
Benatia to United just doesn't make sense to me. AS Roma = Title challengers, Champions League. United = Top 4 challengers, No Europe.
Next up, some massive games at Besiktas, and then Everton. Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski still to come as well. #COYG #AFC
In other news, some Bastia player just nutted PSG's Thiago Motta in the tunnel.
Need to be quicker. Too slow. Time to bring on the guy who scored a brace v Palace last season - .@Alex_OxChambo.
Great to see so many Brits in the team. Few years ago, it would be a France XI. Hopefully get off to a great start! #COYG
Couldn't be more happy Tony Poolis is no longer in a Premier League job. Football says "Thank You".
Good start of the season, great team effort! Come on Swans ! @SwansOfficial
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