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Great story on Jack Handey in today's NYT Mag. Deep Thoughts originated the Twitter joke before Twitter.
Superman was responsible for more death in 5 minutes than Batman was in 3 movies. It's time for a reckonin'. #GoBatman
Is there a Divergent faction for the lactose intolerant? #TheFlatulent #PanderingToTheYoungsters
That woman who blabbed JK Rowling's pseudonym is gonna get sooooo wand-zapped. ASSANGEO!!! (that's an anti-leaking curse)
Does this mean we have to retitle our movie "AllYouNeedIsKillLand?" #DammitTomCruise
The brilliant Tatiana Maslany was snubbed AND NOW I HAVE TO TWEET THIS SEVEN TIMES BECAUSE CLONES!!!!
I should have gone to bed early tonight but instead I watched Giant Robots pound Giant Monsters and man, am I glad I did.
If the royal baby sees its shadow, six more months til another new season of DOWNTON ABBEY.
Every time I "bcc" an email, I feel dirty. #ComeAndGetMeSnowden
That said, if say, a meteor containing a couple thousand frozen prehistoric sharks was hurtling towards Manhattan? I would buy it.
I feel the premise of another Sharknado forming is ridiculous.
Genius. RT @Paulallenk: @DamonLindelof If you pretended to be Asian and worked at a massage parlor I would still complain about the ending.
If I promise to write a British mystery novel under a pseudonym, do y'all promise to hate the ending?
I will be on a plane and will miss THE NEWSROOM premiere. Regardless, I can assure you: A. I will love it. B. It will drive me batshit.
Too. Much. AWESOME. RT @indy4242: You're welcome.
I know it's only been 12 hours, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to talk about anything non-Sharknado-related again.
Do you not watch THE NEWS?!?! RT @evilcheltdevil: Excuse me for being ignorant here....but what/who exactly IS 'Sharknado'?
The best thing about Sharknado's huge pop culture impact is that Tara Reid gets to look like a fucking genius for doing it.
Touché. RT @ThunderLevin: @DamonLindelof Damon, I think it should be a prequel. But not quite.
For those of you already maligning my ending for SHARKNADO 2, you should know 3 things: Henry Winkler. Leather jacket. Water skiis.
Which one of you nerds is writing the story about how PACIFIC RIM's Thursday numbers were dampened by SHARKNADO? #PunIntended
@DamonLindelof We'll pay you handsomely for that Damon. And by handsomely I mean shockingly little...
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I am going to write the Sharknado sequel and I am going to do it before Shaknado is over.