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High School Problems
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Cell phone GPS tracking isn't illegal. In fact, you can see where everyone is just by knowing their number here:πŸ˜›οΏ½
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when i see a couple and i know one of them isn't loyal
A baby’s laughter is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear. Unless it’s 3am. And you’re home alone. And you don’t have a baby
mom: how's ur love life going? me: i still love pizza
Fuck people who lock their Wi-Fi.
me 3 years ago: an ugly awkward person me now: an ugly awkward person with a twitter account
when your friends are nice to someone you hate
10 kind of freaky things you can do with Coca-Cola. πŸ˜†οΏ½
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one of the funniest parts in 22 jump streetπŸ˜‚οΏ½
When your teacher asks you to stop laughing but you can't
I wanna go on this so badly 😍�
Bae = Bacon And Eggs
the things i would do for a text like this...