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Count Mervyn Graham
@Daminous_Purity Visit The #1 Site For Celebrity Parties All Star Weekend 2015 In NYC & SignUp For Our VIP Guestlist
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Is Dust #immortal then? I ask'd, so that we may see it blowing through the Centuries and can #answer the #question of your past. #life
I liked a @YouTube video Spider-Man GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Event Highlights
I liked a @YouTube video Destination Star Trek 3 - music video
Correction: EU says 1 of 3 banks reported is being fined in Libor case, others fined in separate case - @ReutersBiz
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Adiós a los Kojak, los Fresquitos, las piruletas de corazón... Golosinas Fiesta, nuestra infancia...
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#ndtv B-Town Wishes Happy Dhanteras: Bollywood celebrities get into the festive mood and wish all on the occas...
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There are plenty of nudes of me online, various over the years and they can be seen on various sites for spe …
#XMenDigitalHD What a #fantastic night we all have just had. A great ride filled with twists and turns and so many #emotions flowing
#XMenDigitalHD I'd like to say a big #thanks on behalf of us fans, followers here and everyone around the #world joining us for this tonight
#XMenDigitalHD I'm gagging now. Can't wait till #Apocalypse in XMen 3
#XMenDigitalHD So thats how the great Pyramid was formed and he had the horsemen back then as well. Nice twist again
#XMenDigitalHD #fantastic end score and the whole way through. Enjoying the #creditscore can't wait to see what's coming
Anyone else need to lay down for a little while now? #XMenDigitalHD
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#XMenDigitalHD So everyone is saved, but has Wolverine got his claws back because he's looking more BUFF at the end
#XMenDigitalHD Beast never got out of those oldies fashion jackets
#XMenDigitalHD Nice twist with Mystique and the plastic gun
#XMenDigitalHD So true. Humanity is afraid of the future
#XMenDigitalHD Magneto does his best Iron Man 3 impression, so #cool
#XMenDigitalHD I know you didn't like the team, but really taking it now to make sure everyone gets to the stadium on time.
#XMenDigitalHD Magneto and his stress balls as weapons, good use other than stress
#XMenDigitalHD Would so #love to do a conversation with my past self
#XMenDigitalHD The first mind meld wasn't Spock after all
#XMenDigitalHD Gotta love the Cerebro effects, I think maybe it not a fuse or the generator. Professor X's power comes from the heart
#XMenDigitalHD Somebody gave you really bad acid - what a line to give on memory loss
#XMenDigitalHD Wolverines slipping under the stress
#XMenDigitalHD So that's how the first baby monitor was designed for
#XMenDigitalHD johnnie Walker, never heard of that one. SHOW ME MORE BABY - CLOTHES OFF - #awesome
#XMenDigitalHD I don't know Karate, but I know crazy. I didn't know Magneto had met me in the past :)
#XMenDigitalHD Always remember the tape, you never know when you'll need it
#XMenDigitalHD Prison break in the 70's only illegal if you get caught
#XMenDigitalHD Ahh #JFK has now been solved it was Eric all the time
#XMenDigitalHD That's So Raven :) Ahh .... not for your future shite LOL
#XMenDigitalHD Good to know Beast was house trained " Get off the bloody chandelier"
#XMenDigitalHD You and I are gonna be good friends that why fighting lol.
#XMenDigitalHD Beast before puberty, Come on beasty, late bloomer
#XMenDigitalHD Dad had a car like that back then :)
#XMenDigitalHD The question is who are you, but I'm Mystic and I'm here to see that tongue action :)