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Dale A Thomson
hiphopmusic 433,448 followers
Knackered, going to head to bed. Catch you all soon.
Wasn't expecting that twist at the end of The Walking Dead, can't wait to see what happens next week.
Time to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead.
Halloween costume and make up purchased, let's hope it all fits and looks good when it's all cobbled together.
Half my Halloween costume ordered now on to the last half.
Tonight I need to sort out and order my Halloween costume and get in contact with people for my birthday night out.
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Guess it's time for bed, hopefully this headache will eventually be gone by tomorrow.
BEWARE: Full Steam Ahead on this sexy #contemporary #romance release! #amreading #kindle ALWAYS by Miranda P. Charles
Was loving the DJ in Cab Vol last night blasting a mix of Hip Hop & Soul, it took me back especially with the Dizzee Rascal classics.
My heads been pounding all day but I've had to sit in front of the Laptop to finish of a project that I am working on.
Normally today I would have a traditional Sunday dinner, however I just need the greasiest meal ever to see me through the rest of the day.
I bought some shoes of a drug dealer yesterday and I don't know what he laced them with but I've been tripping all day.
Went out last night saying I'll be back home about 9pm, strolled in at 4.30am.
Feeling very tender today.
5 minutes on public transport is making me regret my decision.
I was contemplating driving into town, leaving my car, collecting it tomorrow but thought it be too much effort and I'd be too hangover.
Plan of action - Have some food then get ready to head out for a 'few' drinks.
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Please do me a big favour and support this Thunderclap Project -… It's a great platform to help with your projects.
That was a great game of Football.
ZURICH INDUSTRIES is a martial arts and body building inspired clothing brand based in Zurich… Please support this.
Hitting the town tonight, it's been a while since I've done that.
My email account is saying 1 unread email however I don't have any unread emails.
The Man City V Tottenham game has been great so far, end to end football.
Latest YouGov Scotland poll for the general election next year: SNP 41% Conservatives 20% Labour 19% LibDem 9% UKIP 6% Green 5%
Thank God it's Friday.
Few things I need to take care off before I can finally head home.
Zombie convict or zombie chef?
Looking for ideas for something scary for me to dress up as for Halloween this year.
It's my favourite day of the week.
Going to watch episode 1 of this new zombie show Z Nation.
Think my KRK speakers are on their last legs, getting some funky noises from them at the minute.
Time to make some noise.
Just heard a preview of one of my beats that's getting used on the new @WerdSOS project. Sounding heavy.
Going to make some music tonight, it feels like it's been forever since I made any.
Help Us Make a Steampunk / Space Epic Animated Film Short!
Can't wait to get home.
What one person finds beautiful another person finds it ugly.
If anyone has DM'd me recently and have not had a reply from me please resend your message. I accidently cleared all my messages.
Still can't get over how good this new @Wretch32 song is 6 words -… Been blasting it all morning.
Be glad when this day is done.