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Dalai Lama
Live Webcasts: HHDL convenes "A Meeting of Diverse Spiritual Traditions in India" Sept 20-21 from New Delhi, India.
In order to derive the maximum benefit the wise thing is take care of others.
Developing an attitude more concerned with others reduces fear and fosters friendship.
When we have an altruistic motivation, all our actions become constructive.
We need cooperation based on trust and self-confidence to create an open, compassionate, harmonious society.
There needs to be a systematic approach to introducing inner values, a warm-hearted concern for all human beings, into education.
Compassion is a source of happiness, while self-centerdness can lead ultimately to violence.
HHDL thanking the crowd at celebrations honoring his 79th birthday at the 33rd Kalachakra in Ladakh, India on July 6
Live Webcasts: HHDL's Kalachakra teachings from Ladakh, J&K, India on July 3-13.
Warm-heartedness and concern for others’ well-being are a condition for happiness, whether you are religious or not.
Non-violence is when one has the chance to harm another but resists from doing so, this is genuine non-violence.
The quality of our actions, whether they are positive or negative, depends on our motivation. This is why we have to transform our minds.
We need to consider how our actions affect wildlife and the environment, and how they are likely to affect others.
Live Webcasts: HHDL's teachings from Tibetan Childrens' Village School (TCV) in Dharamsala, India on June 4-6.
Warm-heartedness and compassion are the keys to being happy human beings living in happy families and communities
Live Webcasts: HHDL's Introductory Teaching on Buddhism from Mumbai, India on May 30th - June 2nd.
I often tease young people about their concern for how they look; more important is inner beauty - compassion, affection and respect.
Wherever I go I try to hold discussions with members of other religious traditions, because it is important to get to know about them.
The more we are concerned for the well-being of others, the closer we will feel to each other.
Live Webcasts: HHDL's public talk, interactive session with students & discussion from Frankfurt, Germany May 14-15.
Live webcasts of HHDL's teaching and public talk from Oslo, Norway on May 8-9, 2014.
If we cherish non-violence and concern for others’ well-being it is possible to make this a more peaceful century.
Live Webcasts: HHDL's teachings on the "Heart Sutra" & "37 Practices of Bodhisattvas" from Riga, Latvia on May 5-6
Archbishop Desmond Tutu challenges the world to forgive. Join the #ForgivenessChallenge.
A meaningful life isn't about acquiring money and other facilities; it’s about dedicating your life to helping others as much as you can.
As a human being, I believe each one of us should have some concern for others and for the planet.
It is always helpful to remain honest and truthful in the face of difficulty.
In addition to modern education, there is a need to learn how to achieve inner peace.
Pay more attention to compassion and you’ll find you’re happier. It’s that practical and simple.
We need to see that anger is never any use in solving problems, but that patience and compassion are helpful.
If tragedy strikes, don’t lose hope. Transform it into an opportunity to make things better.
HHDL speaks about genuine friendship in this short video clip from his meeting with students in New Delhi on March 22
When you are concerned for the welfare of others, bullying and exploitation cease.
Live Webcast: HHDL will bestow the Medicine Buddha Empowerment from Dharamsala, India on March 31st.
We have to try to solve local problems keeping global interests in mind.
We can teach people how to be happy on the basis of secular ethics, that a compassionate mind is useful, beneficial and secular in nature.
The power of truth never declines. Force and violence may be effective in the short term, but in the long run it’s truth that prevails.
Concern for others is not just a matter of religious practice; it’s a practical step towards creating a happy society.
Live Webcast: HHDL’s teaching on the “Life Stories of the Buddha (Jataka Tales)” from Dharamsala, India on March 16.
Even people opposed to religion need calm minds and compassion to make their work more effective.
Watch: HHDL delivers the Opening Prayer at the US Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on March 6th.
We all need basic human values rooted in trust and affection.
Live Webcasts: HHDL's talks and Tibetan New Year's celebrations from Minneapolis and Washington DC on March 1-7.
Warm-heartedness gives rise to the self-confidence and inner strength that supports a calm mind.
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Watch Live: HHDL joins HuffPost Live from Los Angeles on February 26th starting at 8:45am PST.
Just as we teach about physical hygiene in the interest of good health, we now need to teach about mental or emotional hygiene too.
His Holiness the Dalai Lama with President Barack Obama in the Map Room of the White House on February 21, 2014.
It is important to appreciate the contribution compassion and warm-heartedness make to happiness.
HHDL will talk on "Non-Violence and the Effects of Compassion in the 21st Century" at the Forum in Los Angeles Feb 25