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justin bieber swag 1,024 followers
don't u hate when this happens
Hannah Montana got me feeling some way right now. #soft #ithink
Remember in elementary school when teachers said we would have to write in cursive once we hit high school? Still waiting. #maybesenioryear
Did you know you're an angel, who forgot how to flyyyyyyyyy?
Don't you hate when people come to school late with donuts and then they don't give you one
The first 5 days after the weekend are always the hardest.
I only have one cardigan. And I wear it every Monday. #cardiganmonday
360 reverse layup by my man SWAGGGGGGYYYYYY P!!!!! #lakeshow @NickSwagyPYoung
I'm about to grub, but first lemme take a selfie
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Choir got my knees all screwed up. #thanks
The choir kids are a breed of their own
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Haha my b coach, I thought you said shoot. #teamclutch #killa #kid #kaptain
Look back and see who's still there for you.
Swaaagggggggggg. #onyou
I like it when you smile, but I love it when I'm the reason. #tomorrow
Dressing up all fancy and then wearing tennis shoes is like asking a prostitute for a hug... You just don't.
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Are you ever just like,"I should really be doing this ess...ayyyyyyye the games on." #ishouldreallystart
But it's also the sexiest shhhh
@KotaCasey I had to follow you because I felt honored that you only follow 20 people😍😍😂
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@KotaCasey likes girls • • • • • • • • APRIL FOOLS
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