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Really hope there isn't a tornado. #nervous
I'm always out of state when it rains >:(
I will marry the next blue eyed indian girl I meet. They are gorgeous. 😍
Just found a penny gum ball machine. Life is made.
Wish my twitter handle could be @dakotavillanueva
Too hot under sheets, too cold without sheets. Kms.
Just spread my grandpas ashes. Next thing you know there's a rainbow. Heaven's real. #rip
Twitter is dead tonight
Does anyone have notifications on for me?
I should really do something different with my hair!
So much anxiety 😂 why.
Hate when my phone stays at 1% for 30 minutes.
How can I poop knowing someone could open the door any second? Talk about anxiety. 😳
Really hate bathrooms without locks.
What's there to do in Oklahoma at 9:00pm on Sunday? Answer: Nothing
Use to love Oklahoma but the people are really dragging it down now...
Nala is pug goals😍
The hardest part about having a rolling backpack is dodging all the panties that are thrown at me in my way to class.
Gonna buy a @MeninistTweet shirt once they hit 1 million. #soon
If I end up missing, it's because I'm swimming by myself in the middle of nowhere at night!
Why do I even go thrift shopping with my mom? We only hit up like 2 stores cause she takes 5 hours in each one. 😠
Thought I got deleted on instagram.😂
Trying to sleep with earbuds and music cause I keep hearing really weird noises and I'm freaked out. BUT I CANT SLEEP
Phones the only source of light in my room and flys keep attacking me. This is why I don't like bugs. 😳
I feel really bad when I tell someone I'm going to sleep then proceed to tweet. 😂
Anyone awake? 😋
Justin Bieber's new pictures make my self esteem vanish.
Shoutout to the roads of Texas for being as smooth as me. #truth
Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut.
Albuquerque is soooo underrated. This place is beautiful.
Zayn Malik is my spirt animal.
@NaughtyBoyMusic you fat joke stop pretending we're friends no one knows you .
Retweeted by ㅤ
Just want to hop on a plane and travel around the world. 🌍
thanks to @Joe_Sugg for screwing up my sleep schedule. Really need to stop watching his vids👀
Does anyone else count the hours of sleep they are going to get before bed?
Does anybody know where I could get some sushi at 10 at night? 👀
I wanna make enough money to not think twice about getting guacamole at chipotle.
Accidentally keep connecting my Instagram to facebook. Now everyone probably thinks I'm weird. :/
I feel like at this point, if your sleeping schedule IS NOT screwed up, you aren't normal.
If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life, what would it be?
After much research, consideration, and experimentation, I have decided that adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.
Swear this guy @Zachariasizatti just killed his girlfriend on instagram 😳A
11 at night? Better have 4 pops with caffeine in them. 👀#yikess
Also looking for something cool to buy on #amazon any suggestions?
Need someone to do the pepper roulette challenge with. �#youtubee
Either my account just got deleted or I'm tripping 😂

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