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@dakar_1239: I'm really in a situationship😓” bruhhhh!!
Retweeted by ♠️Dakar♠️
I'm really in a situationship😓
When you're being nothing but faithful & you feel like they're not 😔💔
Retweeted by ♠️Dakar♠️
Giving head while getting head😏that's a head on collision💦💦💦💦💦💦💦👅
When u feel somebody staring at U 👀
Bitches b acting like it's harder for them to get replace 😳
If mfs "want you" they gon do what they gotta do to have u 💯
I see everything coming😎 I just let shit play out💯🎮
U can't never catch me lacking fuck boi ‼️
Don't stop retweeting "Heard my baby say i want my mama" after he shot him #kaldrickdonald
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Niggas favorite emoji 👉💯💯👈
Mind your business... you'll prolly live longer🙇🚶💯
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twitter jail is pointless, they need IG jail for the hoes doing S/O all fucking day 😤
R.I.P Sharese @reeseysays_ I didn't forget about U 😞 I wish you was still here shit don't feel the same without u👼🙏
Live my life like a real nigga cause tomorrow not promise 💯
I hate little ass girls😫😫😫
I am the hustle I am the struggle I use to save pennies man I got my shit the harder way ‼️
Nigga u running around wit these hoes u ain't even sticking to the code