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These Jordans are dope as hell. Def finna get 'em, ASAP!
Can't front. I'm glad 106 & Park is finally ending.
This Madison chick and her high-pitched voice is definitely going to be annoying this season. #RealWorldSkeletons
Good is amazing!
Finally watching #LHHNY. Maybe it's bc Atlanta blew their last season out the park, I don't really care for NY anymore. Fast fwd to Atlanta!
I'ma take my chances and download this messenger app again. These people better not be watching me and snapping pics, like they say for real
Damn... @IAMTARAWALLACE got me in that scene where she yells at Peter Gunz... Can't wait to see that scene. #LHHNY
Yo, when Yandy cries she looks mad scary. She already got big eyes, so they turn red, then she got eye make up on, which makes it worse!
If you decline my affections don’t expect them to still be there when you’re ready.
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There's a Difference between friends and associates ....
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If you stop you'll never break through or succeed
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Nobody cares about her bodies, lol.
I hate Nicki Minaj's new song with Drake, Brown, and Wayne.
I gotta study! 😡
Everyone said it was great. Me, I differ, man. But maybe I'm too technical.
So we just ministered @VaShawnMitchell's 'Pslam 150' for the first time, and I'm glad he wasn't here to hear it! πŸ˜³πŸ™‰πŸ˜¨
That food hit the spot. Thank you, Lord. I'm knocking out real nice tonight.
I'm so close to walking out of the Top Five movie. πŸ˜’
Be comfortable in your own skin!
Wanna go see that #TopFiveMovie tonight!
Good morning! It's a beautiful day! God is amazing! We alive yet another day!
Don't let anyone have a say when it comes to your dreams.
If @BillCosby really 'raped' these women, why anyone from 'the Cosby show' cast ain't say nothin? Wouldn't they be part of it, too?
'Let there be peace on earth.'
It's always important to have ppl around you who believe in you and your potential, support you, fight for you, love on you.
Why 'Vlad TV' never show his face, tho? lol
It is when we're silent that our enemies reveal themselves clearly and without interruption.
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I keep telling people to stop leaving me voicemails and they don't listen, smdh.
Nothing worse than someone who complains all the time yet has no solutions.
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Why must you yawn without covering your mouth? πŸ˜’
Self confidence is one of the most important things in life.
Living the bible is more important than just reading the bible.
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My job telling me how much they appreciate me is refreshing. #Grateful
.@Usher's 'I Don't Mind' >
'Top 5' looks like it's gonna be really funny. Not even because they promoting it that way... Def. going to see it!
YES, @MissNikkiiBaby that was the truth!!! If y'all ain't friends, don't film together like y'all are!
I can't stand the way they cut up the reunion. I can't hear anything!
"I get lost in ya love... I get wrapped in the words you say..."
Ain't a fan of this word 'Fleek'. The way ppl (mostly females) say it, I feel some type of way saying it as a guy.
Let's make @kmichelle go platinum! Pre-order now, order it trmw, too! She is DOPE! #AWBAH
"i don't care how my image may look to the public because I'm still gonna be the best at what i do" @chrisbrown
I'd love to work with @NeYoCompound one day.
I don't associate with people that blame the world for their problems... We are our own problem
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Wah happened ?? #replytweet "@karrueche: Niggas be in they feelings when you break up with them lol"
Soooo... Wah happened? Why @karrueche dump my guy @chrisbrown ??
At work til 5. Working on Sundays, but I love getting this money!!