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Should be back this weekend. Waiting impatiently... 😩😩😩
I don't need NOBODY around me that I have to explain the Importance of LOYALTY & HONESTY to
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This chick Beyonce is so damn beautiful and tempting! 😩😩😩
Don't have no sympathy for me .. RESPECT ME
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Can't wait to see my boo graduate tmrw!
Phone log is full of Myr...I love this girl.
Definitely coming back to iPhone. Anyone selling one?
If your feet & nails are done I love you...
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"I dig into myself and I see hurt, I dig a little deeper and I see pain."
Nah its true...erry "pretty" girl think erry guy tryna holla at em...The most arrogant & immature mindset ever & not even close 2 bein true!
Before you can effectively create change in your life, you must believe you are worthy to have a better experience.
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Could go for some drinks after work.
Getting ready for some judge judy.
Clearly this is evidence that my priorities should be in the right place right now.
I'm not here to fill your void.
Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there. I love y'all. Quick shout out to 2 of my fave famous mothers- @TherealTaraji @kmichelle @JLo
When she falls asleep on you <<<
I just wanna marry @TherealTaraji already. The clock ticking for the both of us.
Wanna go to the studio and record....
Sheesh... had to share! Her little share of remorse also got me, smfh! Some people are just heartless.
She needs a whooping man.
My ego would be so crushed as a man...
Yo!! This some next. Hooking up w my bro,4 years down the drain, not being what I thought it was, & you're telling me this on the radio?
She says “I know, I’m sorry, I think I met you to be with your brother.”
He goes “We’ve been together for 4 years, what you mean, how could you do this?”
She says, “There’s nothing you can do, I’m in love with your brother.”
Pissed off, after breaking the news, the boyfriend asks, “What can I do to fix this?”
And that she feels her boyfriend’s brother is a better fit, after they secretly kissed behind his back at their New Year's family party.
Apparently, she wants to admit that she’s in love with her boyfriend’s brother.
This girl calls The Breakfast Club (old, but first time hearing it) b/c she has a secret to tell her boyfriend of 4 years.
Preparing for the 'Good morning' text ....
She's on the dome ......
Late night early morning thoughts...
I rather people hate me for who I am then to love me for who I'm not.
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What's coming is better than what is gone.
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Don't bring your personal feelings & business to @JudgeJudy's courtroom - she does not care!! #iloveityo
I'd be yelling at you like crazy... This ain't no time to hug and say it's OK.
Every time I watch Family Feud with my mom I get angry. The families be so fake. If I was a few points away from 20,000 and we lost cuz you,
Did y'all see Shaq fall tho?? 😂

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