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some people seem to forget what you've done for them in the past.
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I've never met you, but I know you're out there.
When your body is toxic for what ever reason it affects your mind your heart and your spirit. #FixMyLife
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My girlfriend is not allowed to go to the dentist, another man isn't about to make my girl open her mouth and say ahhhh for him.
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Don't drunk text me unless you wanna come over, or you're gonna confess your love to me.
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It's been a minute since my weekend hasn't been booked. What am I doing tonight? 👀
My fall back game strong as hell, if you make me feel like I'm troubling you, I promise I'll leave you alone with NO hesitation. #RealTalk
Yo I'm literally sooooo over people 😒😒😒
I think I'm changing my number soon. Random numbers from states I don't even live in stay calling my phone man, smh!
Good morning! Watching some Ratchet TV before I heard to work. #Maury
My stomach seriously needs to stop growling this loud... Wth yo!
"Bom sou 2 bo" is giving me serious life right now!
A bit glad the wknd almost here... def lookin forward to an eventful wknd, consisting of the things I love to do most. Plus Columbus day Mon
My biggest pet peeve is when someone hasnt texted you back, but they send you a snapchat. Just know I hate you.
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Just checked out Charlemagne show for the first time & tried my best to keep it on but I kept yawning... 😵#NotEverythingIsForYouu
"You made a way, when our backs were against the wall & it looked as if it was over. & we're standing here only because you made a way." 🙏🏾
Yo, @JoeBudden don't let these women corner you, yo... #CouplesTherapy
Cookie, stop talking to The Help... #Cookie&Anita #Empire
I need more from you, #Empire. Starting to yawn, man... 😵
Honestly, what is that smell????
Morning texts to her always start my mornings on the right track.
Thought I was comin to my bed ready to knock out heavily...but im wide awake...
Once you have true feelings for someone, it will always be there. You may not like them anymore, but you still care.
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sometimes the little things in life dont seem big until you're grown
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I'm ballin', I'm ballin', Iverson on you!
have you ever craved someone? not in a sexual way, but you just wanted to hear the sound of their voice or feel the warmth of their body
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Happy birthday fam! Hope you have a blast... we gon' turn up! @JsoClutch24
Stop drowning for people who keep throwing you in the water.
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Good morning! It's Monday. But I ain't complaining.
This is why I love music. You can be one artist one year and the next discover some crazy light inside yourself and shine it everywhere.
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This Pineapple Express = A1 🍹🍻🍺
I hate when ppl hit my phone and ask me to go hang with The Help. I get so offended, like, yo, do you have any respect for me at all?!
I'm built to do nothing more than to be a better me.
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Who i'ma Netflix & chill w/ tonight?? Nah, I'm serious. I'm really trying to watch @netflix. 👀

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