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Can finally say goodnight. My bed feels great.
Nicki Minaj sounds like a damn robot 😂
I need more days added to my weekends..
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Tryna figure out if I should go to this Riverside thing...
"Fe Wanna Mâché" is stuck in my head!
no shade but there's a few ppl i'm GLAD i'm not close to anymore foh
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Do what you can do and whoever isn't pleased with your best will just have to find another way to be happy.
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How many days it been since Meek tweeted, 6?
Hate when my cellar network starts acting up and have to connect to wifi.
Some people truly live their lives based on FB & IG likes.
Watched 2 episodes of Tyga's show. It's iight. I'm def not watching the whole season, tho.
Every time I see somebody say "unbothered" I think of how bothered they must be.
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It's only overthinking to someone who isn't thinking as much.
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My response to people I don't feel like texting -> "Hi, how may I help you?"
When she texts me "Hi Husband" 😂😂😂😴😴😴
Mmmmmm lip-biting good! ✊🏾👌@sevynvyn
Some people ain't never worth it. 😴
No way a wedgie going down in 2015 without somebody yelling Pause and or Rape.
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Waiting on someone ^YOU CARE to text back.…
Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don't care.
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Yo, they never gonna let my guy @MeekMill live... Smh
Drake ain't petty. Meek dished it, so he should be able to take it. Still a fan of both, tho. ✊🏾👌🏽💯
Mistresses start'n to get dirty!
Love how real @MsJoseline is. She's always ready to war, lol. #LHHATL
Don't get sidetracked by people who aren't on track themselves #CarryOn
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Blessed to see another day.
Soooo tired! 😴😴😴😴😴
The way I'm about to sleep tonight, tho! *Puts phone on Do Not Disturb*
Finally home, man!! Long ass drive! But this was a fun weekend indeed!!
Fun ass weekend!!! ✊🏾👌🏾🔥💥👌🏽💯🙏🏾
Trying out this greyscale feature. Not so bad 👌🏾
Tried watching a show on my iPad I get a "we recognize you are not in the US therefore we can't permit you to watch" message 😴😴�#bye#bye
Every city on your tour is your favorite place! 😴😂�…2Kc
Currently not in the states. Non-iPhoners, reach me through what's app. Everyone else; iMessage me. ✊🏾🔥💥😁😉👌🏽
The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand .. we listen to reply
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If I love you, you are family.
If I love you, I'll make time for you.
If I love you, I'll be honest with you.
I feel if you're great, just be great & be humble, no need for all the cockiness & competition. But I guess things ain't bout how I feel.

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