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Dahlia Poland
Thanks baby, God Bless UsπŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’™ R@fandychristianian: Amin!! God Bless YouπŸ™οΏ½@dahliapolandpoland: Perlu doa, bukan perlu diliput.”
cuma 1 Jason Poland RT β€œ@megapertiwi25: Ka @dahliapoland emang alam poland bukan adiknya trus adik kaka namanya siapa aja ?”
Yuk ngevote.Khusus Telkomsel,Axis-XL ketik: SA 2 DAHLIA POLAND ..Dan khusus Indosat ketik: SA1 DAHLIA POLAND Kirim ke 7288 cc: @dahliapoland
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Perlu doa, bukan perlu diliput.
Met some incredible kids here in Hong Kong helping out with the Chicken Soup charity. Truly inspiring x
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Bosen sama converse yang warnanya itu-itu aja?coba nih order converse pastel di @felistashop liat tuh avatar instagramnya, menggoda bgt gak tuh? liat deh foto ini, daripada nungguin planet sport ngadain buy 1 get 1 lagi mending order aja di @felistashop gapake nunggu, gamesti ngantri, gamesti emosi,
EntahlahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #chipmunkface #crazyday
WDYT if my face look like this? LOLπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #chipmunkface #latepost #crazyday
Hahaha chipmunk face!! #latepost #crazyday @fandych !!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜
Lol!! RT β€œ@ThatBucketList: me the entire month of October”
When talking to a #Pisces, they have more respect for a person that gets right to the point- no nonsense.
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β€œ@nyezKidiw: Dahlialic skrg pake No.kategori ya.. untuk vote @dahliapoland nominasi di #SCTVAwards2014,,yang banyak”
Lucky me!!! Thx god for your gift! I LOVE YOU SUPER @fandychristian !!!πŸ˜˜πŸ’™
Buat Dahlialic voting Nominator #SCTVAwards2014 yuk. Ketik SA [spasi] DAHLIA POLAND kirim ke: 7288 yg banyak @dahliapoland
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Jgn ngaku dahlialic kalau blom vote ka @dahliapoland di SCTV awards dengan cara ketik SA (spasi) Dahlia Poland kirim ke 7288 sebanyak2nya ya
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Amin makasih kakaa:* RT β€œ@ndyndud: Lancar operasinya ya kesayangan @dahliapoland smoga lancar tanpa kendala. Aaaamiinnnn :D”
You can make things better. THE GIVER tayang besok, 30 September 2014 di bioskop. Detail
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Dahlialic Voting Nominator #SCTVAwards2014 sudah dimulai.Ketik SA [spasi] DAHLIA POLAND kirim ke: 7288 yg banyak @dahliapoland
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hahahaha ciee ava baruu😝😝 RT@fandychristianan: Ntr twitter ditutup lhoπŸ˜‚οΏ½@dahliapolandla#ShamedByYouAgainSBYnSBY”
#ShamedByYouAgainSBY β€œ@liputan6dotcom: SBY Masih Ungkapkan Kekecewaannya Terhadap UU Pilkada”
Dahlialic Voting Nominator #SCTVAwards2014 sudah dimulai.Ketik SA [spasi] DAHLIA POLAND kirim ke: 7288 Kirim yg banyak ya,,cc @dahliapoland
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Tshirt from @bnb_branded !! Member of @sfspeacefam
#Pisces get taken advantage of, people mistake their kindness for weakness.
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Karpet ny Lembut banget, Nyaman dan Empuk, Thanks @bundatwinoshop Asli Keren abis, Bocoran Buat GGS lovers ktnya bisa Cicilan
Hey @fandych thanks for always being there for me, take care of me, show me love in everyway. I dont care if other peoples say 'lebay' or anything, you're the one that i need in my life. I LOVE YOU @fandych , always will...β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’™πŸ™
Bukan-_- tp di wikipedia di tulis hahaha RT β€œ@nova_beautifull: Bkn saudara kamu le ?? "@dahliapoland: Sebenernya Alam Poland itu siapa ya
Sebenernya Alam Poland itu siapa yaaa?? Hahahaha ada2 aja deh
Powercase from @chiwiter !! Powerbank dalam bentuk case!
Yeayyy mike and the alien case from @carliesroom
iMelt and Buzz Lightyear case from @yellowlinewood
New cloth from @seysycollection Member of @sfspeacefam
Kak @dahliapoland & @fandychristian psgan ini memberi kita pelajaran bahwa umur gk jadi masalah asalkan bahagia dan nyaman berada brsmnya.
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Umur gk jadi masalah asalkan klop 1 sm lain ,bs saling mengerti , perhatian dan menyayangi why not? Kyk kak @dahliapoland & @fandychristian
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Get the hell out off my way fake peoples and judgers!!
Costum case from @artcaseshops !!!
Dear, mau ngerekomendasiin olshop favorit dahlia untuk beli perlengkapan buat gadget kalian nih. FOLLOW @ootdlady yaaaa! ❀️ . Jual fisheye, lazypod, telephoto, lensa wide, tongsis buat tab, tongsis buat d-slr, tongsis bluetooth, tomsis, tripod, daaaaan masih banyaaaak lagi! Dijamin paling murah se-
Iya baby😘😘😘 R@fandychristianian: 😘😘😘😘 cpt semb@dahliapolandap@fandychristianristian miss ya!! *huuggg”
I hate this feeling...
What to doooo....😴😴
Yeaayyy new Nike Airmax from @shanty_shop !! Buruan cek @shanty_shop
New nike sneaker wedges from @ambaranisshop !! Bisa costum!!