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Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.
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Every obstacle making impossible possible , even when winning is illogical lossing still falls from optional . #ReshapeReality #Illy
Juventus? Monaco? Les plus nuls des 1/4 de finale! Que Barcelone tombe donc sur l'un deux! Le sang va couler
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Hoes cant hold a conversation !! Keep telling em !! I guess they scared !! Hahaha !! Uve watched death Note ?
These bitches !! Pfffff .. If I'm tripping it's a power trip ! I bet I crash ur logic too ... !!
They dont know what I go through, or don't know what I'm goin thru.. As long as I get thru..that's all I look forward to
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#Np ... Bastard !! Badest punchline !! I order planty u go bring me na pap !!! Loooooooooool .... That shit crazy !!
Some dudes are jst so dope in this industry Incredible Dont get involved Listen to what d crystal ball say That aint good game hommie sorry
@VRJMUSIC Souhait un Joyeux Anniversaire a @DaCprime | Chanteur et Auteur Compositeur de
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God bless the fools Bunch of Mediocre Minds Put in more Work Next time On dat note Thnxs for all d hbd msgs I C yal #Illy #AfRotrAp #aMUSIC
Fool me once , shame on you Fool me twice , cant put d blame on you Fool me 3x , fuck d peace sign , Load d chopper and let it rain on u
Cadillac et Dinosaur . !! Cest moustapha lacteur einn !! Could get U extinct .. Clown ass squad They still dont kno with whom they playing .
Fear Nothing but GOD !!!! #Word
Rather than talking to each other erbody playing the tough guy !! This is that speed up time Pussy ass try C/see Die for being Curious
Should really be stupid to think the time I post an info is equivalent to the time I learned that info . Crash ur logic .. Bang !! Shot down
Think it's cuz u say respect that I respect you .. Baby vulture ... I came to bring the pain ... Bang !! Bang !!! Shot u down !! #Illy
All these clown gods .... God will put yal down .... One after the other .... Day after Day .. The Time will come .. Don't bother
Don't confuse my personality with my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are.
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@DaCprime wooww if she mks u a priority in ha lyf..u gonna do same wif ha?..if itz a YES,den dtz cool
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That been said if u wanna kill me in d future cuz of a girl Hmm .. Then u aint shit .Hommies over hoes .. God will fight that unseen battle
Need a Ride or Die chick .. Not a regular dumb ass bitch who fall any smart talker .. If so Il treat her like one
No one knows But a sure fact is il move on Nb I dont remember d last time I cried over a girl The world full of girls Ehh Bitches I mean lol
Can't make a girl a priority in my life if I am an option in her's .. If she's dumb enough to leave then that's her choice Might even cry
Love is evil U can take whatever u want from, even the girls but I tell the girls If u dont fight for what u want, dont cry for what u loose
Being Man enough to tell a girl what u actually feel makes u You .. !! Judahs killed jessus . I keep telling em .. Shooters go after judahs
Remember I talked abt this fake/real world .. World where when u hate , u disguise and say dont like or dislike .. I kno ur hearts
People will kill for the love of a woman and and I'm no exception yet hope I'l ve the exception that confirms that rule
Satan was once an angel .. Reason why trusting these niggers is hard from my perspective .. They betrayed me daily So I gotta say this
My future .. Life is a choice .. They say a wise Man is someone who knows when to stay quiet Well God bless the fools & If I'm one I'm glad
It's raining on my city right Now Perfect time to talk abt this Since im susupposed to lead this New skul lemme say this so the world knows
On dat sad note , gudnite yal .. Lil s/o to that my monthly babe .. She knows herself Or better yet , we kno ourselves #NP J Cole .. Hello
Same lies Same lives Snake eyes If ma Hearts smiles den ma brain cries Free man but Hadda pay d Fame price Can only live where d pain dies
Difficult to trust Girls lately .. What's love for a nigger like me ? Bitches On a mission
"@Jbofia: @DaCprime #FactsOnly Bro Reality Life. This aint no game...its our lifes." They aint even know it !!
@DaCprime #FactsOnly Bro Reality Life. This aint no game...its our lifes.
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"@Jbofia: Never Put A Bitch Before My Bread" tell em !!
"@myugIymind: don't fall in love with the person who will ignite a fire within you and then ignore how badly it burns you." Ahahh that Girl
PLM is an acronym for any girl I dont wanna call bitch ie when I'm polite All this distant BS I aint with it Yal too worried bout d bitches
This online shit is funny .. Ive been single for as long as I can remember .. Loool .. On a very serious note .. #Word
Good day to the ones that are excelling in their thing. Alot of respect to you @JoviLeMonstre @DaCprime @PaolaAudrey @taphisonline Peace.
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