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At some point, *not* going to Burning Man will be perceived as more hardcore than going, and I'll be way ahead of the curve.
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Flanked by princesses. @elainewelteroth @swirlgirlarmy @andyallo
Anyone else totally into technology but equally tired of the techno-utopian nerdy arrogance wafting from the rich people in SV?
You Can Now Make Instant Deposits to Ripple From These US Banks…
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Kate Bush hasn't toured for 35 years. Fans are crossing continents to see her London concerts
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German’s Fidor bank will begin using Ripple for international wire transfers next week…
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The question for Amazon is whether the low profits drive the growth, or the growth drives the low profits. Very big difference
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First chapter for ya'll to check out from the new Sam Harris book, Waking Up:…
Someone needs to start a Soul Cycle of meditation!
Scary Smart Video Predicts Automation Will Make Human Work Obsolete
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License and registration please.
"A day without sunshine is like...night"
Part of bitcoin's potential is do away with the infamous ad-supported business model…
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Fresh off the trails w my homie Rob!
Catch ya at the soda fountain, playa!
Red Ferrari? Check! Passenger seat full of Tony Robbins dvd's? Check! This is either Tony Robbins' own car or his most successful disciple's.
Good deal on this audiophile sound system. I have a pair at home! Killer Spotify integration too! #beosoundessence