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$AMZN $189 Kids Fire, 1yr free curated books, apps, movies, shows. If this does not sell will, kindle never will…
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The Big Interview with Dan Rather: Jack White: via @YouTube
I was so excited to find this yesterday at the used book store.
I wish this had been my dorm!…
One Of The Smartest VCs Of All Time Has An Ominous Warning For The Tech Industry… via @SAI
$1.43 of every $100 in America goes toward hospital administration:
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"We all have a role to play in setting the tone" - @dawallach on sexualised music videos
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Listening to radio commercials is like going 20 years back in time.
At Tim and Eric. So excited.
This is insane. Nike has designed an airplane interior for traveling athletes.…
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What up peoples?! If you want to take a couple of free @lyft rides I've got a code for ya. Just enter this in the app: DAFRIENDS
Traditional companies, be very worried. You are going to see lot more such charts pop up soon. Via @jmcduling
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Is it possible that the Apple watch is ugly?
Reinventional Wisdom
Awesome new song and vid: VULFPECK /// 1612: via @YouTube
This song was such a pleasant surprise. Really good! ♫ We Are Done – The Madden Brothers #NowPlaying
Duck Sex, Aesthetic Evolution, and the Origin of Beauty via @edge
More siiiiick footage of @MrTommyLand destroying on his coaster:…
When I first heard the idea of watching people play video games online, I was like "Huh?" And this is why you don't listen to other people.
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From the archives: 2004 interview of Elizabeth Warren tells a story about Hillary Clinton.
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This is awesome!!! So proud of the team at @DAQRI…
GREAT PIECE: What Makes People Poor?
When the promoter invites you out and you come by yourself 😂😂
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Mouth trumpet album coming in #2015 Don't sleep! #hotshit #neogeo
Practicing my trumpet.
So if you read only one thing today, make it this: Peter Thiel's contrarian strategy via @FortuneMagazine
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I am happy to say that it looks as if we have a real movement together to bring this grilled cheese battle to the powers that be!
I am prepared to go on a grilled cheese crusade. Who's with me?
Starbucks now offering an "old fashioned grilled cheese." ARGHH. A REAL grilled cheese is American on white bread. Not 3 cheeses, wheat, etc
It would be cool if someone built a swimming pool sharing service. What could be better than going in a stranger's pool?!
A little interview I did a few months ago with @NextShark…
Research results keep mounting that @garytaubes has been right all along:…
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Hard to think of a purer form of conspicuous consumption than building a temporary city. In the desert. And driving there. To burn things.
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At some point, *not* going to Burning Man will be perceived as more hardcore than going, and I'll be way ahead of the curve.
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Flanked by princesses. @elainewelteroth @swirlgirlarmy @andyallo
Anyone else totally into technology but equally tired of the techno-utopian nerdy arrogance wafting from the rich people in SV?
You Can Now Make Instant Deposits to Ripple From These US Banks…
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Kate Bush hasn't toured for 35 years. Fans are crossing continents to see her London concerts
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German’s Fidor bank will begin using Ripple for international wire transfers next week…
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The question for Amazon is whether the low profits drive the growth, or the growth drives the low profits. Very big difference
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First chapter for ya'll to check out from the new Sam Harris book, Waking Up:…