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Stretch coach, hype man, life inspirer... This man is the Homie right here. @adechike
I think it's that time of the month. #cramps
I don't think i've been physically more sore/hurt in my entire life. Yup, can't move. So I thought I can dance.
Guess where I am?!?!
Life would be so much easier if Chipotle delivered.
@d_TRIX dominators are the best aren't they
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YES! We did it!! 400k Subscribers on the 2nd Channel! You guys are FREEKIN AMAZING :) #feelingrateful
LOVE THIS. LOVE THE END PART 😍@d_TRIXX: Hopeless Romantic?! Here's 10 Tips to Have a SUCCESSFUL Relationship!!…W"
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They grow up sooo fast 😱 @charlizey1 @angelgibbs99 #questFLAVAHZ
Seen it yet?!?! #thedominicshow
Check it out @d_TRIX -10 Tips To Have A Successful Relationship! Believe me this are the best tips!…
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Hopeless Romantic?! Here's 10 Tips to Have a SUCCESSFUL Relationship!!…
People often comment, "D-trix, why do you keep doing the same Dance Moves?"... basically it's simple. I don't practice, Silly!
When an Event ask you to Dance last minute... And you haven't trained in forever...…
My BCW goes to this Hairy piece of butt.
. @d_TRIX's video, "How Dancers Do College," is featured in @YouTubeNation's newest episode! #DanceOnFam
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Ask and you shall receive, maybe....
2 of us are trying, 1 of them is me. #unfollow
The day after Panda Express is always a tough one.
Great Late Night talks with the homie @hokutokonishi #s3 #su #shi
Going down, basement.
Meeting up with the @TheQuestCrew boys today to plan some fun stuff!! YEE!
Queen B? More like Queen A-Z.
5 Seconds isn't enough, I need the entire 3 months.
5SOS = bae
5SOS is definitely gonna be bumpin' in the car.
Dear Fans, you guys are awesome for this :) #oneSTEPcloserTObecomingIRONMAN
Creepin' on my Strawberry Short Cake.
Special guest @d_TRIX will be at #DanceOnSpotlight on Friday, August 29th! RSVP today!…
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A BIG shout out to my Bro @PhillipChbeeb aka "Left-Side" for his amazing Choreo on the Vid, How Dancers Do College!
How Dancers Do College! Live now on TDS! #thedominicshow ft. some of your favorite Dancers!!
STOOPID!!! “@Ian_Eastwood: I'm in a @d_TRIX video for the first time?! This is what it feels like to be…
My fav @d_TRIX just uploaded, GO WATCH THE NEW VID! How Dancers Do College!!…"
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NEW VID! How Dancers Do College!!…
DMI Coming thro on the "I DARE YOU" Series with the @theRHPC HAHAHA SO MUCH FUN!… @TheRealRyanHiga
A little insight to "The Truth About Youtubers" by the Lovely @IISuperwomanII…
New Vid Coming Today! YEEEE
Original Couple Picture. #ggggeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy
RHPC/DMI Couples-Life! #geeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy
@Brandon747: Lmaooo my boy @d_TRIX goin off!! Lmaoooo @jmOcak in the back doing some crazy stuff. Tamm, T and…”hahah
Damnit, got caught sleepin.
The best Ice Bucket Challenge Period. Well done @TheRealRyanHiga…