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You may be happy with your current mode of operation today, ev... More for Gemini
Beginning a project is one thing but finishing it is something... More for Gemini
You have a spiritual message to share with others today, but i... More for Gemini
Your larger-than-life perceptions may lead you astray today, s... More for Gemini
Your original approach to your job demonstrates your clevernes... More for Gemini
Jumping to conclusions can land you in a heap of trouble today... More for Gemini
Sharing your feelings with a trusted friend seems like a good ... More for Gemini
Sinking into your emotions can seem scary at first, but once y... More for Gemini
Someone's larger-than-life drama could give you a colossal hea... More for Gemini
You're inspired to share a spiritual experience, weave your wo... More for Gemini
Expressing your feelings as they occur today is the simplest s... More for Gemini
I liked a @YouTube video KENT MYERS # 10 ATH SACHSE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2014
You might struggle to float through the tricky currents that c... More for Gemini
Although you might be known for your gift of gab, you can take... More for Gemini
You may not feel like revealing too many details today, even i... More for Gemini
Although you may still be harboring fantasies about new ways t... More for Gemini
You might have a precise plan to achieve today's objectives, b... More for Gemini
You might have your mind set on organizing things around the h... More for Gemini
You love the intellectual stimulation that cerebral Mercury br... More for Gemini
You might act as if you know what you're doing today, but unbe... More for Gemini
Subjectivity rules the day. You and a friend or loved one may ... More for Gemini
It's all too easy to waste time running around in circles just... More for Gemini
Too many chores on your to-do list prevent you from getting cl... More for Gemini
Sometimes you just gotta figure out what you love and go after it.
You may be searching for a deeper meaning to your work, but th... More for Gemini
Expressing your unconventional feelings is liberating, but you... More for Gemini
You might choose to pass on a last-minute invitation today, ev... More for Gemini
You may feel invisible today, as if people don't even know you... More for Gemini
Ingenious ideas are flying around fast and furious, but you ar... More for Gemini
You're ready to say yes to nearly anything today. Fortunately,... More for Gemini
You may feel like time is running out, accentuating your sense... More for Gemini
This was one of the greatest moments of my life. Getting to drop to one knee before the woman I whole heartedly commit too. To a woman of unbelievable measures. To be able to spend a life with a woman I'm proud to take care of. I count my blessings everyday, and I'm very thankful I can enjoy a happy
Your words are muddled by the influence of nebulous Neptune to... More for Gemini
You're naturally talented at assimilating information and turn... More for Gemini
Even a strong dose of common sense may not be enough to keep y... More for Gemini
You can see farther into the distance today, but your percepti... More for Gemini
Your charm and cleverness are operating so efficiently today t... More for Gemini
It might seem prudent to exercise self-control today, but narr... More for Gemini
A friend or lover may tempt you to go for broke today, but you... More for Gemini
A shift in relationship dynamics might be cause for concern, b... More for Gemini
It's time to try a new communication tactic that involves rema... More for Gemini
Just when you thought clarity was yours for the asking, the so... More for Gemini
Reality comes into focus today, yet it could take a few more d... More for Gemini
You may regret bringing up a subject in a conversation today t... More for Gemini
Don't you know smoke follows Beauty baby.
You may experience a bit of an emotional letdown today as pass... More for Gemini
You're reluctant to reveal your fantasies today because you wo... More for Gemini
You aren't necessarily the most meticulous worker in the world... More for Gemini
You aren't interested in listening to the cool voice of reason... More for Gemini
Your inner turmoil could go unnoticed today because your curre... More for Gemini

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