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You have an admirable-but-unrealistic desire to make everyone ... More for Gemini
You might believe there's no limit to what you can accomplish ... More for Gemini
Your perceptions may be slightly warped today making it wise t... More for Gemini
Upholding your reputation is tricky business today, even if yo... More for Gemini
It's rather unsettling when the facts aim you one way while yo... More for Gemini
Relationship concerns gobble up your bandwidth today, leaving ... More for Gemini
There are countless ways to express your creativity today and ... More for Gemini
You're not in a very practical mood today, so it's wise to enj... More for Gemini
Your desire to do things differently today can be a bit disori... More for Gemini
There are a lot of wheels spinning in your head, but it's prud... More for Gemini
It's as if you've been handed a "Get Out of Jail Free&quo... More for Gemini
You are indescribably happy if the pace slows down a notch tod... More for Gemini
Your closest associations become the grist for your mill as Sa... More for Gemini
You could be ambivalent about romance as logical Mercury turns... More for Gemini
Your home life may be a rich source of love and support as you... More for Gemini
The emotional web you are weaving may begin to unravel this mo... More for Gemini
Your most demanding responsibilities may be placed on the back... More for Gemini
You may experience unexpected stress on the home front today, ... More for Gemini
You think you're ahead of the game only to discover that you s... More for Gemini
You don't know how much longer you can hold out as you sit on ... More for Gemini
I just love my truck 😍n
Your life may resemble a three-ring circus these days but that... More for Gemini
Your insatiable curiosity may play a role in a complicated sce... More for Gemini
Everyone seems to be having a good time today and you long to ... More for Gemini
Although you might be tenaciously clinging to fears about your... More for Gemini
You want to spend time reliving the glory days but your past m... More for Gemini
You're confident you can communicate your ideas easily today, ... More for Gemini
You might momentarily believe that your latest and greatest id... More for Gemini
When Pro comp drives personally 2 hours to get you your missing order delivered! Now that's service! #liftgoingonthisweekend #7.5inches
Your responsibilities weigh heavily on your shoulders today, b... More for Gemini
It's a surprising relief when you realize you don't have to be... More for Gemini
You are like a busy bee buzzing around the hive, happy to be i... More for Gemini
You may find yourself swinging back and forth like a pendulum ... More for Gemini
Just watched Kanye West speak a powerful message. Just trying to fill all the missing holes of that message..
You may be motivated to volunteer your assistance for a commun... More for Gemini
Your current obsession with achieving recognition is reflected... More for Gemini
When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath, that's when you'll be successful. You can sleep when your dead. Happy Friday guys!
Your rash behavior surprises your friends and family, especial... More for Gemini
Mixed messages grow even more confusing today as the cosmic tr... More for Gemini
In order to make the most of this cosmically amazing day, you ... More for Gemini
It's wise to graciously accept the generous support of your cl... More for Gemini
People are laying on the charm today as they persuade you to p... More for Gemini
You may have your heart set on doing something fun with your f... More for Gemini
There are so many details to track that you must remain on you... More for Gemini
Although your current workload might seem overwhelming, nearly... More for Gemini
You might feel as if you're bogged down in quicksand today, an... More for Gemini
You can change your mind about your likes and dislikes faster ... More for Gemini
Although your agenda might clash with someone else's today, yo... More for Gemini
shout out to @DanielsOfficer check out his vines and instagram if you need a good laugh! #theonlycopidgladlypulloverfor

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