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shakti man
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Internet animal ranking: 1.Cats 2.Dogs 3.sloths 4.Panda 5. animals who can never be cute but are tasty. 6. Non tasty non cute animals.
what shall one do if the supervisors started asking for notes from urologists to go pee while in exams? #canthold #leaking #thepapersucks
pip pip pipippip pipipipPIPIPPIP!!!!
Capitalism: God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor -Ron Fucking Swanson
when an alcohol brand makes better ad with message than most of social networks #beerconnectspeople
#MyCoffeeUnderstands that it is overpriced and people are idiot buying from@CafeCoffeeDay via @9gagtv its about time we replace something for gangnam
Agree with Raj Babbar. You can have a meal in Mumbai just at Rs. 12. Provided you wash utensils in the hotel after your meal.
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Today's #mumbairains seems like a warm up match before the real World Cup (26th July).
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the new priyanka chopra single is so good, i watch the whole goddamn video like 4 time (i muted the video) @muteexotic
:) Last time that ' Rs 5 ' made news was when Aamir did the coke advt. Remember: Baap kitne hain tohre? Paanch!!…
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I'm not crazy, I'm just mentally hilarious.
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How much can you know about yourself if you've never been in a fight?
#FacebookTeachesUS a like has magical powers like water to Africans & 1000 tight slaps stuff!!
#FacebookTeachesUs that life is nothing but a series of photographs begging for likes.
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#AKFPLShorts i will what!! richa chadda is seriously cool
#MicromaxMyDadCAN i dont have a micromax dad, i have an ordinary dad who is fucking awesome
#MyTop10Bands Guns and roses Beatles nirvana foo fighters guns and roses agnee guns and roses guns and roses kailasa guns and roses
i dont get this father son trend thing Mukesh Ambani
seriously how much money does it take to buy trends on twitter looks like it should be cheap