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David Dotson
The love and bond held by family is something so special to capture.
Don't let me tell you you're beautiful, let me see that deep down you know you are.
If you think letting go is hard, try holding on.
Texas Sunsets sometimes šŸ˜ #iphone5s
When I have too many thoughts in my head, I just need to shower and be happy to simply be alive. Because that simple stuff is all I need.
I don't "have" to go to work, I "get" to go to work, I must remember that! #grateful
When you're happy, be #grateful for that, and when you aren't happy, be grateful for what you should be happy about.
Thank you God for waking me up another day
Sometimes I sit and think about the past. I think about what I could have done different, and why I made some decisions that I did, but I remember that I must not dwell on it. Sometimes I sit and think, and forget that I am human, that I will make mistakes, and that I am not perfect. I can't say I d
Nothing like a son walking his mother down the aisle on her wedding day.
This is what happens when you have a day off and get bored lol. Plus I love vaping!
No lie, I made a Pinterest and found some cool poses I wanted to recreate, loved doing this one!
Congratulations to these newlyweds!!! Had a blast taking the photos
The sky last night captured on the iPhone 5S
I'm not really a huge car fan, but I thought this one was looking good enough to grab a shot of it!
Ever gotten so bored you took and edited a picture of a can opener? I have... lol.
Yeah Russian Tortoise you smile for that camera while you posing over there all happy on that playground!
I love it, the happiness and joy captured in a split second!