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C.Y. Bossbot Wong
Dinner & heart to heart talks. #officelife #foodie #foodporn
Celebrating Dylan's birthday #foodie #Lunch
Q: How much does a hipster weigh? A: An insta-gram.
Crave for curry today! Rushed home from office & prepared my home made oink meat curry for dinner! When men cook, they really cook! #foodie #foodporn #mencooking #meninthekitchen
Chillin with mom at #dessert shop after a day's shopping. #foodie #foodporn #bidor
Woke up to this picture in the media! For anyone who has been on a plane knows, family with children…
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8 more coming home on the eve of #MerdekaDay. Let's bring all of them home, not one being left behind. #RIPMH17 #RememberingMH17
With the war going on in Ukraine, I hope they just kill & fuck each other up. Someone has to pay for the downing of #MH17 #RIPMH17
Enjoyed #WuTang killa #bees but not these fellas. Traced the source and found out that there was a hive on the tree top beside my apartment block....
#Lunch with colleagues @SouledOut, Nexus. Beef noodles kuey tiow #foodie #foodporn #office
Another latest addition to my #Transformers Generations line - #Jhiaxus. An obscure character from the #G1 series that was never released as a toy has been given 'life' by @Hasbro in 2014! Slightly different body compared to the comic version but his signature headsculpt do him justice nevertheless.
My childhood wish list from the original #G1 series. Never own the 80's one but this cool incarnation of Jetfire [Skyfire in original series] parked under #Transformers Generations line is definitely worth having. Standing 8 inch and whiter than your toothpaste is a must have!
#Dinobot voyager class Slog, latest entry in my #AgeofExtinction line. Bulky badass #transformers
Cooking for dinner. Did my own roast char siu pork with no coloring of course #foodie #foodporn
Caesar on the bike acting cute. #puppy #dog #pet #bidor
Org cina xde pom post "done bakar colok" Org india xde pom post "done sembahyang" Orang melayu je yang suke menunjuk2 #pray4gaza
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Going old school with my family #penang #roadtrip
Mom in deep prayers @ Arahant Upagutta shrine #penang #roadtrip
Close to culture. A homage of a proud peranakan. #babanyonya #penang #roadtrip
Savoring one of the best kuey teow in one of the best Penang hawker #foodie #foodporn #dinner #roadtrip
Where's the sunset? Going panoramic at Penang Hill #roadtrip #holiday #vacation
Mom paying her homage at Kek Lok Si temple #penang #roadtrip
Laksa for lunch at Ayer Itam #foodie #foodporn
The last trip was 1989. Twas long time ago Lol. #snaketemple #penang #roadtrip #vacation
Penang roadtrip #breakfast. First stop..#Ipoh old town having caramel pudding, noodles & satay #foodie #foodporn
Piri Piri Chicken for lunch. Different from Nandos and better. #foodie #foodporn
Small town late brunch Pan Mee #foodie #foodporn
Thanks to my talented colleague in baking who baked this special Rustic Bread for me as my early #birthday present. Kamsiah John Lim! #officelife
Hi @dnrpress, anyone of you MAN enough to admit the downing of #MH17 ? No you won't admit because your are all bunch of sissy faggots.
You fucking murderers @dnrpress . The day will come that you all rot in hell fucking DONETSK #ripMH17
Why are some news outlets saying 23 Americans dead in #MH17 ? Don't they mean 295 *people*? Why keep on dividing people further?
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Disgusting that anyone let alone people in the public eye are making jokes about a tragedy @JasonBiggs you should be ashamed.
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@JasonBiggs you can't go making jokes about something where people have lost loved ones. Especially on the same day. Think hard about it!
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PM Najib Razak at the Emergency Ops Centre; receiving updates over the past hour #MH17 - Admin
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Pres. Obama: US' first priority is to determine if US citizens were aboard downed Flight MH17 - @jonkarl
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@Luvvie ignorant. It wasn't the airlines fault dumb ass. Black people please do better!!!!
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The fact that @Luvvie tried to cover up her ignorant tweet with more ignorance only went to show black people gotta do better. Ugh.
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@Luvvie the planes didn't disappear or get shot down BECAUSE they're MA. No cause and effect. But thanks for alerting us to your idiocy.
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@Luvvie because it could happen to any airline you ignorant cunt
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@nock4six @Luvvie good point. The % of dying from a plane accident is way lesser than a car accident. Stop having yourself in the car then.
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The #MH17 pictures on Twitter are breaking my heart. Hundreds dead. And then there is this: #awful
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Insane, the news of #MH17. Having previously lived in KL, Malaysia, thoughts go out to the nation, the airline and the families affected
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