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Cyn Santana
This past year has been the most depressing, hardest, confusing, yet amazing and happiest year of my entire life. I have learned SO much. I continue to learn. I continue to strive for greatness. I am blessed and this I know. I am so thankful for my family, my friends and my fans. I love you ALL so v
Roses for his birthday queen❤️ MUA: @theeislandboi thank you so much babe. I feel amazing!
Huge thank you to @Geche.Escvar for creating this look in less than a day. It's almost my birthday ❤️
My actual birthday is tomorrow but thank you so much for the early birthday wishes 😘
It's my birthday weekend. I can do whatever I want 😛
Happy Sunday!!!! 😁
AZ I'm ready!!! Thank you @GTHAHAIRSTYLIST for my birthday curls! Love them. You're the best 😘
AZ I'm here! My birthday celebration starts tonight!!! Meet me @ Pink Rhino!
Had to text my mom this just to see what she would respond 😩😭😂
I was hoping @rah_ali would finish the lyrics 😩
Phoenix AZ join me tomorrow @ PINK RHINO as I celebrate my birthday! #libragang
My best friend and I are one, so it's OUR birthday weekend. Even though hers is in July😩
Damn you, Mercury retrograde!
This Monday 10/20 I'll be at Salsa Con Fuego hosted by @rah_ali and myself! Happy birthday to me! #LibraGang
Absolutely but arguing with a stranger whose opinion doesn't matter? Nah lol RT @MRJ_1989: @Cyn_Santana yea it's just annoying at times
If I have something to say, believe me I WILL. But I'm not about to sit here and argue with a stranger. For what?
Idk why y'all go back and forth with miserable trolls on social media. Just block, report as spam and delete
I wasn't readyyyyy but Hi😊
Early birthday gifts from my babies. Thank you so much 😍
What y'all ate for breakfast??
Amazing! Thank you for asking Xo RT @Vanny_Diva: @Cyn_Santana great!! How are you??
Goooooood morning. Some green tea to start my day 😊 how y'all feeling?
It's Wednesday right? Queen 😊
Drinks with my boo @chrissymonroe 😘
See you @ PERFECTIONS tonight!😘
PHX AZ!!! Help me celebrate my birthday this Saturday Oct 18 @ PINK RHINO! #Libragang
Tomorrow night join me as I start my birthday celebration! Meet me @ Perfections!!!
Happy birthday!!!! Team LIBRA❤️ RT @Kdizzle1015: @Cyn_Santana great cuz it's two days before my birthday 😁😁 ♎♎
How are y'all feelin today??? I hope GREAT 😊
I'm one of those overly happy annoying mothers.... @princesantana1 is so over me 😩
Just because❤️...... Gotta give the roses out while they can still smell them.
You think you're protecting yourself by not letting love in but in all reality.... you're not.
Get her roses just because 😍
A million heartbreaks couldn't change my outlook on love.
How could you not love, love??? The most amazing feeling.
I'm such a hopeless romantic😍
Richmond VA💋 thank you sooooo much!!! HAIR: @_Hairista_ & MUA: @_Sasha_Cruz ✨
Thank you Richmond for making my burrito with love!!!
RICHMOND IM HERE!!! Meet me at the RVA Theatre tonight!
Starting my birthday celebration a week early😏 #teamLIBRA
When you part your hair in the middle and it doesn't wanna stay on it's side😒
I can't put Lion King on. Prince gets WAYYYYY too emotional, I can't deal
Don't you just feel like crying sometimes so you throw a REALLY depressing movie on?? Lol
Prince and I ordered pizza now we're crying while watching these sad movies 😢😢😢😢😢 so much fun!