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Cyndi Shoeman
my circle lenses came in today but i worked until 3 and the post office closed at 2! So i won't be able to unveil my big, brown eyes until monday D: but i'm excited! monday hurry!!!
hey guys! i know i've posted this photo before but i wanted to ask for your opinions! i wanted to start posting photos with music (like this one) and i was wondering - yay or nay? also, watermark! yes or no? i'm being really indecisive right now but help me out! thanks :-)
#throwback to the summer!
hey all! quick update: its a pree shitty picture i know but! i shaved half of my head tonight and i wanted to share the new 'do! sorry 'bout the naked face tho D: I'm still working hard in school and i'm going to get back into my workout routine, and hopefully when i'm feeling more confident in not
hey all! sorry for being so busy. school's been crazy and i haven't had much time to even think! a lot has been going on with me and things will calm down after finals so I'll be more active. thanks for sticking with me and i hope you all have a good rest of your day! oh, and this is a picture of da
i'm not unfaithful, but i'll stray when i get a little scared.
actually tried today ✌️
Going to be doing a lot of DIY stuff over summer, so follow my pinterest and get ideas too! Following back everyone for the next few hours, because my pinterest is dead!!
Love how long my hair is getting 😍
the case is closed & i'm covered in your fingerprints.
i'm in trouble, i'm an addict - i'm addicted to this boy. ♡
i wanna come back as a blonde.
i don't know if it's because of my mood as of late or because i found out today i have mono or even a combination of the two, but this is the most i've eaten in days (all i managed to eat yesterday were three spoonfuls of a burrito bowl). yes, this is all i've eaten today. i would like to regain my
lately i've been seeing with brand new eyes.
things have changed for me, and that's okay.
Have my first therapy session on Monday! Hopefully I can start working towards getting better. Thanks for sticking with me! xx
Hey guys, sorry for being inactive. I've been going through a whole lot - and part of that may be because I might have depression (I've sought out therapy, I'm waiting for a followup appointment). I literally have not been myself in a while, I don't even know who I am as I type this. I just haven't
Might start selling this baked Queen Elsa design on tye dye shirts! follow @lavenderdiesel and comment if you'd want one :-)