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Cory Vaughn
Just heard the House of Cards text ringtone in Panera and instinctively pushed a reporter in front of a train.
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I made dinner. Am I a keeper? #mexican #lasagna #salad #vscocam
St Lucia: take me back #stlucia #sand #caribbean #vscocam
sometimes i'm amazed by how quickly i forget what i am doing.
There are two types of chipotle employees: Ones that scoop deep and ones that are dead to me.
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Photo: Moment of silence at the start line for the Boston Marathon (@lauracrimaldi)
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Motion-activated paper towel dispensers in public restrooms are the most fickle inventions ever. Right up there with computer printers.
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happy easter, y'all.
st lucia is a female island. i saw rock shoes + the pitons are breasts.
welcome to miami.
moving trajectory: south.
Little late but I love my butter #nationalsiblingday #brothers #advice #positivity #aries #cancer #imessage
Chicken salad wrap with provolone #chickensalad #provolone #crutons #wrap #vscocam #food #yum
Facebook games requests are like the Jehovah's witnesses of the internet.
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New Twitter profile page layout is weeirrrrdd.
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Moving day. Time to complain about having too many things like a real privileged prick.
The worst thing ever is when you buy something online and the item is in a box inside of another box.
"You can't beat legit," (pause) ,"except with a good fake." #OdditiesAdvice
I've seen every episode 5 times but every time I watch it I want a mummified monkey 6000 times more. #Oddities
Y'all: I did not know #Oddities was on @netflix #binging
#Cancer are very private and on the exterior always appear to be calm and in control however their hearts would tell a different story.
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