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Cory Vaughn
im getting butterflies. #gameday #rolltide
You can tell because the cows moving back to their barns. RT @spann: Heavy shower moving into Auburn.
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Can someone give Jesse Palmer a Valium? #SECNetwork
Jesse Palmer is the Erin Andrews of the booth. #chatty #SECNetwork
the most fun ive had in Montgomery is picking at all the barn fans. #RollTide #SEC
Thank you @DianeSawyer. You'll be missed in that anchor chair. #abcworldnews #DianeSawyer
i ran over a squirrel this morning. i feel like a monster.
won't you take my hand like i know you will #magicman
i just want a nice juicy burger from mugshots. id be happy then. #starving #ineedfood
my childhood MT 32 Things Only Soccer Players Would Understand…
being a cement slug all day.
#SECNetworkLaunch do I need to tweet more?
Today's is like Christmas Eve for #SEC fans - @SECNetwork launches tomorrow! Stay tuned for more details...
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im beachsick right now.
With addition of Charter, @SECNetwork will be available in over 91mil homes at launch. @espn reaches 96mil as of July '14. #wow #12thMan
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We have to go back, Kate #vscocam #vsco #gulfcoast #emerald #beach #pcb #sunnyside #lost #reference #nerd
using some scissors today.
Catching critters in the gulf #vscocam #vsco #sanddollars #holla
yall: beach. im ready.
when you realize.
How Hilton's CEO Led the Company's Massive Turnaround
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Football is so close I can already taste the tailgating. #SEC
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it's just a fantasy taking over like a disease
Blue Cross controls about 90 percent of the private insurer market share in Alabama.
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After Sept. 12, Blue Cross customers will no longer receive coverage if they obtain services at RMC, the insurer says.
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WASHINGTON (AP) - CIA director apologizes to senators over CIA searches of Senate computers; launches inquiry.
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The 1st 10 minutes of #Sharknado2TheSecondOne may be the greatest opening to a movie ever. Well done SyFy.
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34 days until college football. #rolltide #rmft #sec
you know it's not your day when you move offices only to realize you have no door after you've organized everything.
It's Friday night and I'm watching #ABC2020 yelling at my TV. When did I become my grandmother?
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so dumb to glorify war over a sport.
I think I know what a heart attack feels like after that. #GERARG
so mama by holly williams is playing for the momma-daughter dance. #southernsaturdays
In 50 days, the @CollegeGameDay crew will be brightening your Saturday mornings.
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Of all the things I hold in high regard, rules are not one of them.
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