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Daisy Flores
BREAKING: Turkey says it has launched its first airstrikes as part of US-led anti-IS campaign.
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when a potential bae has the same political views
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he's such a flirt oh god
omg Rebelde is on Netflix!! That was my mexican novela childhood right there..
i burnt el arroz and now my mom is probably gonna kill me
rohan told some italian girls he was kobe bryant's brother omg no @rohawk15
do u have any idea how hard it is to insta something without a phone omfg
i have this crazy urge to text you cause i miss you so much but then i remember you probably don’t miss me at all
pro tip: instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. everything will still be horrible but you will not care at all
wow i actually looked like shit at prom
i like how the ice cream truck always comes around at this hour because it knows the people on my block get the munchies
HOW TO “GLO UP” IN 3 EASY STEPS: 1. find yourself 2. love yourself 3. accept yourself & be yourself
he's like drake omg no
making me feel some type of way and you're not even doing anything
saying you handle transactions for a multi-billion dollar company is way better than saying you’re a cashier at McDonald’s #stepupthatBSgame
i love my mom but i feel nicki minaj is more accepting and encouraging of me n also she is less problematic so she is my true mother
No offense but when is someone gonna put as much effort into a friendship as me :)))))
fran fine is life goals
omg i found my ring i thought i lost yay
i just really want a go pro
money won't you come my wayyyy got some bills i need to payyyyyyy
white people will summon a Mexican demon into their homes but will tell me I need to leave their country #charliecharliechallenge
I got: The Sweet-Talker! What kind of MUN delegate are you? #literallymetho… via @play_buzz
my math grade makes me want to cry
my waitress at buffalo wild wings had the most perfect skin i've ever seen on anyone literally i was dying
false confidence is your friend boys and girls and everything in between
Noooooo!!! La India Maria passed away :( #RipIndiaMaria
i want people to know i’m struggling but i don’t want people to know i’m struggling do you see my problem
i honestly can't believe you just did that
al cien para siempre contigo
i can't believe @eldasa was in central park the same time that i was there but i didn't get to run into him 😭😭😭
my english grades are :) :) :) but my math grades are :( :( :(
"Daisy be sure to take someone age appropriate to prom. This isn't Father-Daughter"
Te gustaría ir a mi PROM💕 conmigo?@luiscoronel2811 😘😘😘
when coast guard men in uniform give you a free pen bc they "have a quota to fill'' but dont give any to your ugly friend @section_8o
sabado gigante is ending @alejandraa_xx3 just making sure ur mom is okay
y’all keep saying that 2012 being the end of the world was a hoax but has any year since then actually felt real???
crying is so relieving
why does eating healthy have to be so expensive???
i use the deep web to change my ip address when printing coupons bc apparently there's a limit on how many u can print #ExtremeCouponing
when rape is the girls fault = when she is the rapist when rape is the guys fault = when he is the rapist
Aaron Schock hires two more lawyers: | AP Photo
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young richard nixon was hot
just a friendly reminder that undocumented immigrants are allowed to donate organs but arent allowed to recieve transplants
my signed one direction up all night cd is probably worth more now that zayn is out of the band and his signature is the biggest on there
I don’t know if I love you or hate you but either way you make me feel something and that’s better than feeling nothing
Aaron Schock resigned today. Look back at some of his most absurd Instagram photos:
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