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Daisy Flores
why does food have to be so cheap here like for $3 USD I can get a burger, fries, and a soda. i want ten.
i already know im gonna come home tan and fat
I've been here for not even a day and i've met 10 cousins i never knew i had
when everyone in the pueblo thinks you're a gringa... wassup bitch im mexican
what the hell was one of my tinder matches doing on my flight to mexico...
have fun at school tomorrow betches #Mexicobound
what's with these people shaming teens that go into planned parenthood? like at least they're being mature & responsible about sex excuse u
if your craftsmanship is terrible, your brand is terrible.
essay on the meaning of life due tonight? oh please.. ball is life
all these people i know are getting accepted into ivies and im here like hello WCC
500 Error. Karel Crashed.
the friendzone was just created by self-victimising boys to feel better about being undatable
getting my PSAT scores just ruined my day
Listening to batchata always get me feeling some type of way
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im so sick of these cookies but i still wanna eat them all
i lost my tiffany ring im so fucking sad right now
A Look at Race & Poverty: Minorities around the world often become stuck in a cycle of poverty
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Especial relación entre EE.UU. y el Reino Unido. Príncipe Guillermo y @BarackObama se reunieron en Oficina Oval.
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this school work got me up <<<< im falling asleep in that liturgy tomorrow #sorryjesus
Don't think i'll be sleeping tonight
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my photography skills are slackin
hoodies made *him* feel safe. like so many teens (and adults), he wore them as a protective shell, a security garment #trayvon
woops the zipper in my jeans broke :(
here's a picture of me being ugly...🙈💕
we all need to be in control of something
loosing sleep thanks to you
oop another racist
she's just so ignorant and racist
conspiracies are def a whiteboy culture thing bc women & poc dont have 2 imagine an elaborate scenario in which the government fucks us over
we've pretty much reached North Korea status with the lack of reportage on the eric garner case #ICantBreathe
they literally mentioned Ferguson once this #treelighting i guess ignorance is bliss here in america...
I'd just like to know what a cop WOULD have to do to get indicted - and what good are cop cameras since Eric Garner IS on tape?
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omg omg its the bae @PrinceRoyce he's so perfect. you jingle rock me anytime baby
mariah carey killing it once again at rockefeller tree lighting
yesterday my twitter notifications were blowin up #blessed
the shade @514_lillym gives to the dna lady in bio gives me life tbh
tonight's emotions: Drake, Frank Ocean, and Romeo Santos
can't believe i leave for mexico in 2 weeks
Black Friday Sale!!! my house. you and me. all clothes will be 100% off 😏
ugh the next model un conference im going to isn't until january 😩
boys where you at tho ?
who knew a chair could be so attractive
cuddle weather? nah fuck that. it’s hickey season - you can hide anything behind a large scarf tbh
let's merge #modelun
exhausted from this weekend. can't believe it's over :( #pmunc