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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀IU Eunji 2 In 1
[140419] [IU at Kim Kwangsuk sings again Concert] - That tongue tho~ so cute!! 😋
Cute Eunji~ She has cake on her face lol ><~ 😻
Cute IU during Monday Afternoon promotions~ I really do miss her long hair *^*
Litto Eunji 😻 Barefaced but still pretty!!!
IU interview for Dungeon&Fighter ^^ So cute! Link in my bio if you want to see :>
Eunji at 130927 fansign ^^ Do you miss her old hairstyle?
- Rewatching IU's MV, "Friday" - Poor guy getting friendzoned 🙊 - Can't wait to hear IU's remake of the song ^^~
[140416] [Eunji for Full House Musical] - So talented!! Good at not only singing but also acting 💝 - Hwaiiting South Korea ✊ #prayforsouthkorea
IU will be holding a small scale concert named ‘One Step Closer… Just That Much’ ^^ 20140417 poster for the small scale concert Continue to #prayforsouthkorea !
Good night everyone! #prayforsouthkorea Such an unfortunate incident :(
IU's birthday is coming soon~ Any ideas for activities you'd like me to do? Here are some I thought of: - IU facts quiz (prizes: s/o, edit request) - IU cute/ sexy pic spam - IU funny video spam - idek please suggest/ vote? 💞💞 love you all ^^
Reposting my edit from a long time ago~ Rate it out of 10? ;)
How's your day? Hope Eunji's lovely smile cheered you up ^^ Happy birthday to Namjoo 💕💕
Woof woof!! Doesn't IU look like a cute puppy here? *^* God she's so perf, beautiful cute and sexy at the same time 💕💕 - I will be starting question of the week to promote activeness haha~ first person to correctly answer the question gets a 10 minutes shoutout :> - QOTW: When is IU's birthday?
Adorable muffin Eunji with Naeun ^^ At Ilsan fansign So cute 🙈🙊
Eunji's cute selca with Raina from Orange Caramel~ Their makeup is so perf *^* Cutiesss 💕💕
I miss IU's perfect long hair 💗 Should I post more with or without borders? I'd like to stick with only one, my profile is getting a little messy lately ^^~
OMG this picture is so hilarious what is even happening 😹😹
Am I the only one who thinks that after all her style change, IU returned to her cute concept? ><~ Btw is there any App that allows you to download youtube videos on the camera roll? I want to upload a part of the MV "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms" ^^ thank you~
Ah Apink members are so kind to their fans~ They give them food and bake cookies for them! So sweet haha~ 💖