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[20140727 After KBS2 “I Am A Man” Recording] - Credits to Moon Light - IU share same of your snacksss 😂 - Btw High 4 has a new song called "Just Do"~ With Lim Kim 🌸 - IU must be happy for their success hehe~
[140730 news update] - Eunji only sleeps for around 2 hours everyday to shoot Trot Lovers - 郑恩地初次被该电视台选为女主角比谁都表现出了更大的热忱。一天仅睡两地小时左右也为表现出疲劳并充满朝气坚持到最后 - Even with this little hour of sleep she seems so cheerful in the drama - Hwaiiting Eunji 😭 don't get too tired! - 加油啊 🌸
[140727 New Qdsuh update] - Credits to daeng516 - IU is so pretty! - Her close up face is even more charming 😍 - Hwaiiting IU~ 🌸
[140412 APink Fanmeet] - Eunji cutie if it were not for you is quit watching Trot Lovers - Can someone cry with me over the plot? 😭 - The new update is asdf - This was supposed to be a comedy 😂 - 😂 Eunji's acting skills are daebak though! Hwaiiting 💕
[Press Photos 20140725 Turn the Volume - Special DJ IU] - Credits to Dispatch - IU is getting so frkn cute 🌸 - She's like a cute little sister lol~ - Go go DJ IU! 💕
[Trot Lovers] - This couple ;^; - So many feels 😭 - Which couple do you prefer more? 🌸
[20140727 KBS2 I Am A Man (Recording)] - Credits to dooooly - Wow IU is involved in so many activities recently~ - I'm glad there's so many perfect fanphotos of her 😍 - Her skin is perf omg 🌸
[140618 Trot Lovers News Press] - Back to June, this drama has really met my expectations! - It's everything I thought of and more 🌸 - Eunji did a very good job~ - Now I hope IU gets to join a good drama too! 💕 - Hwaiiting to both~
[20140726 Turn Up the Volume - Special DJ IU] - Credits to Bercali - DJ IU is so cute~ - I want that headband/ crown of hers keke 🌸 - She looks like cute Minnie Mouse 💕
[140725 Eunji Trot Lovers Update] - Eunji is so kind~ - She's always taking photos with the cast haha 🌸 - Hwaiiting Eunji! 😘
[20140719 Japan Beautiful Man Summer Festival] - Credits to 안쓰 - OMG IU looks so pretty! - Seriously IU is getting prettier and prettier 😍 - Love these fancams for catching such nice photos 🌸
[Eunji in Hanbok] - Do you call it Hanbok? - The Korean traditional dress is so pretty agh - Eunji looks so cute here 🌸
[140722 IU selca update] - [FANCAFE] 140723: - In the second half of the year… What shall I try to do? In the first half of the year, I promised to do my best to bring you guys new songs! I kept to my promise, didn’t I~? Keke There are even some people who think this is too excessive.. Ah ah how sha
[140722 Eunji Befriendmarket update] - Eunji is so cute! - Eunji went to the hospital this morning after Trot Lover filming to receive IV Injection as she was too tired.” - Eunji rest well 😩
[20140720 Japan Pretty Man Summer Festival - Love is Beautiful] - Credits to ㄴㄹ - Omo so pretty~ 🌸 - Long Hair- U 😂
[140720 APink update Eunji filming for Trot Lovers] - aww look at that baby, so chubby 🌸 - Eunji looks so elegant here keke~ ^^ - Love Eunji's black hair now! I used to like her old hairstyle better 👍
[TRANSLATION 140719 IU’s message on official Japan website] - Japanese uaena, thank you for all the pretty flowers! - Looking forward to seeing all of you at the event tomorrow too ♡ - Translated by squishy with love - 🌸
- The feels ❤️ - Fighting APink! - They are such cuties 😂
[20140718 IU at Haneda Airport] - Credits to BoraQoo - IU looks like she's asking for candy keke - Spam 3/3 done~ - No one in my family remembered my birthday 😩 - Thank you though for your beautiful wishes, IG friends! - My birthday became better because of you~ 🌸
[20140718 IU at Gimpo Airport Leaving for Japan] - Credits to Bercali - These pictures are so perf keke~ - Mini spam 2/3 🌸
[20140718 IU at Gimpo Airport Leaving for Japan] - Credits to Bercali - OOOOH~ Sexy lady~ - This set of fanphotos is so good! I'll post a mini spam ^^ - It's my birthday today!! Happy birthday to me 🌸😂
[140715 APink for Touch in Sol] - Eunji-ah you look so pretty 🌸 - Hwaiiting! Love the drama Trot Lovers 😘 - Can anyone suggest a really good k-drama? 👊❤️
[20140716 IU selca update] - Credits to Melon IU Artist Channel - "I’ll work like a cow in the second half of the year!" - LOL IU don't work like a cow! 😂 - She's such a cutie lol
[140717 Twitter Update] - Choon Hee and her sis! 🌸 - Choon-Hee's little sister is so funny HAHHA~ - Hwaiting Eunji! She must be tired with her schedule and drama shooting 👊
[20140716 IU for Mexicana Chicken] - Haha Cowboy-U 🌸 - Seriously IU is getting younger hahaha - IU is that beer you're holding? 😂
[Trot Lovers Episode 8 Preview] - This drama just gets better and better! - If you haven't watched it yet, do try! - Eunji and Ji Hyun Woo's acting a skills are so good 🌸 - Episode 8 is really tear jerking. - I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched it yet, but do watch it 😭
[Official Photos 20140714 SBS Healing Camp] - Credits to SBS - IU just gets younger and younger 🌸 - Red colour really suits IU keke~ - I hope IU enters a good drama soon! - I didn't really like Pretty Man lol ><
[Spoiler alert!] - Somebody kill me before I kill someone - holy crud this couple is so freaking perfect - That kiss though 😍 - Eunji can I be you? 🌸 - Episode 7 come quickly!!
[IU for QDSUH] - IU unnie is so pretty~ - I found a 巧迪尚惠 (Qdsuh) shop~ - I will go there again and buy a product keke ^^ - Uaena all the way! 🌸 - I don't know what to buy though hehe 😂