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Dig dig.... Is it hella bitches over there tho???
Drinkin n thinkin of ways to kill em.... #pilottalk3 #audioD
Noon Vegas time..... Since I'm chillin widdit in da 702
Just lessons in persistence not flexin on my niggas....
My 5th grade teacher wanted to keep me back because she didn't like my handwriting....Wrote that check that bought mom's Benz just fine tho.
Stoned millionaires.... And fuckers said we cld never......
more pretty drunk bitches piled in my impala @CurrenSy_Spitta - 16 switches
Retweeted by Spitta
In the midst of a playa conversation....
Tune said it's gravy just send it thru... That's my nigga right there #pilottalk3
I only listen to the good shit #cruiselifecc
Gettin wit em.... The funny shot is I picked my team based on which players sound like they cld also star in action movies... No sports stats were considered straight up potluck and I'm doin fine haha...
Damn man I really flew to Vegas randomly to get in and out wit vish and forgot to drop the tape...Finna add some bonus cuts.. We cool then?
I fuckin forgot man hahahahahaaaaaaa fuck man hahaaaaaa Vegas!!!!!
Plane boarded.... See u in Vegas
Denver was dope now that works done I'm gonna chill for a few days...Hopefully I run into some fun in Las Vegas...
In Denver Mashin to the airport flying to Las Vegas.... #audioD will drop once I've landed and rolled a gaseous scepter ..
Where can I go in Denver to record music and get torched before my flight to Vegas??
Bitch a whole fake boss out chere.... Need one of my girl cuzzinz to whoop her ass tho haha
Need these lil dudes to party n my backyard errrday
Hot wheels photo shoots while on stage homie.....
Vish never had In and Out before....Says he's goin to Vegas today..... Me too.... Gotta be the one who shows him that shit .. That's my boy
Had hella fun in Denver.... Thanks for tonight y'all...
Items we sent @sonofa_gangsta to the store to get at 4am..... Rookie's gotta make the runs till he's a big dog haha it's love tho...
I'm totally in Denver... Roll it
Finna fly to the Mile High....
Mushrooms steal time.