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Just ran over a shoe on the freeway...I bet there's an interesting story about how that got there
MCPE NEWS: Cave Spiders like this use their venom to poison you; takes your hearts down quickly!
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MCPE NEWS: Potion Effects are being added to Minecraft Pocket Edition :) RT if you're excited!
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How are you guys liking the new #MCPE update? :)
@stanleyson1234 just attack some people :) it wont take long
Join my Clash of Clans new clan..."Art of Warfare" :D
@AccurateAsassin not much of either sadly :(
MCPE NEWS: The 0.10.4 version is now available on AppStore for iOS devices! Go download it now!
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Potion effects for MC:PE, (only the effects, no potions in the pipeline since they require the Nether)
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@SwagCraftBuilds @JakeVade not sure, i might never get back into it
Finally MCPE 0.10.4 is out on iOS, now with some crashes less!
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And we are still working on skins. How I currently look in MCPE 0.11.0: :)
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@Coglistro where exactly do you work?
@Coglistro lol, souds like fun :/
@stanleyson1234 no xD that just the kind of things the army does
@Coglistro what are you up to now?
@Coglistro are you in college or highschool?
@Coglistro Ive got 3 labs a week...all are 3 hours.
@Coglistro ive got a test or presenation due everyday this week...ive got weekly labs that are anywhere from 5-10 pages long
@mcpeupdates070 if you are jailbroken i nkow there is a way of doing it
@_mcpefan thats what im saying xD
@banuelos_ruben it is :) it also depends on the is known to be very hard
@patdaugherty44 might have to check that out :)
@SolarisYt im not a dev sorry :(
@patdaugherty44 ohhh is destiny any good?