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Want a page like this?
She was so good at country and now she's doing this stupid pop music :P
Taylor swift has officially gone over to the dark side
New Counter Strike GO video! :D
First Counter Strike GO video is out :D
Well i was going to record some terraria today but oben still has my updated world save file from when we streamed :/
I hate when it's the weekend and you can finally sleep in but you wake up at 7 😡
@nathanie_1 in my who to follow!
@ThePinkPanda64 why do you say that? :P
@craftdiamondpic it's like a archer/ranger :)
@mvilcis we'll go to you then ;)
Hopefully gonna record some Terraria episodes tomorrow :)
@DiamondArmyrock no it homes in on enemies
@DiamondArmyrock there are better weapons, got the vampire knives or the spectre staff?
@DiamondArmyrock I've got tips on how to beat him ;)
What I could do is stream without commentary or with very little commentary, pretty much just gameplay then, just a thought
@SilliestPanda cause I'm in college now and don't really have a couple hours of free time :(
So I think I'm gonna continue my Terraria series but in videos not Livestream :)