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@legendarycraftx sure lets talk about it :)
The beta group release is coming, but we're trying to squash the "respawning in the air in a random place" bug before that.
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@Tanner14May hmm, not sure if it's up anymore
We really want to release betas when we think there are no bugs, it has no use to us to get spammed with bugs we already know :P
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@DuStInMiChAeL18 it's always hot here though :P
Boats boats boats boats!! And yes they look like minecarts, but the important thing is to get the paddling right.
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Swamps just got a bit more swampy. The feature creeping continues
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Might it be that MCPE is becoming a *gulp* polished game? Smooth shading on water might say so
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It's actually kinda cold in Arizona today...what's happening 😱
#MCPE looks like it's coming along nicely :D @_tomcc doing a great job 👌
This week is the first week of tests - aka death to all college students
Silent sobbing cause tomorrow is Monday
Yik Yak is the new Twitter 😏
Sorry for the lack of tweets lately :/ college life is busy :P
Ahh sleep your so good to me 😍
That's literally what I think of everyone until I get to know them, then either my assumption was correct or they are actually kinda cool :P
Everyone is naturally evil until proven otherwise
I'm such a negative person...I don't really like it honestly
Parks and Recreation is such a good showwwww 😂
The good news I guess is that we could open the beta group for 0.10 as soon as this friday*! (*random delays might apply)
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Here's a sneak peek at something the websters, @jnkboy and I have been working on for a long time. It's gonna be rad!
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@cobalt57_ yikes :/ im in diff EQ
@SandroPixelDevs but it's not minecraft lol