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You can see the views by clicking on the picture if your on a pc, it'll take you to imgur which tracks views :)
Dang i posted a Terraria picture to reddit and its already got 17,000 views xD check out the post :3 -…
#MCPE 0.10.0 beta should be out for android In a few hours :3
I guess I should re word that xD would you rather a game FOCUS more on fun or realism?
Would you rather prefer Fun or Realism in a game if it could only have one of those?
@stanleyson1234 its on iOS :) I think it is
FIFA 14 iPhone/iPad - CueBunny vs. AFC Wimbledon: via @YouTube
On tv they make the court look big by how hard they hit it, but keeping the ball in at all is a challenge :P
Okay tennis is much harder than it looks 😂
@legendarycraftx tomorrow night work, what time and how long?
Normally you would be asking me but I've been out of the loop for a while 😂
So how's MCPE progress? :)
Wow 32,000 followers :O I know I'm super busy with college but you guys have hung in there with me :) thanks so much ❤️
Sand volleyball early Saturday morning has got to be one of my most favorite things to do :3
Happiness in one word? In-n-out....not actually sure if that's just one word 😂
@Yanik94700 yepp, I haven't even gotten a great fun yet
@7DUniverse electrical engineering :)
Been playing a little bit of DayZ standalone, progress is sure slow in that game but it's coming along really well
College is great! Except for the school bit...I could go without that
Dang school shattering my dreams
For fall break I have the 11th-14th off, however...the 11th and 12th is the weekend so we only get two days off
I'm gonna tweet more...for realz this time 😂
Lethal league is almost as good as smash bros 👌
If any of you guys are into TF2 trading or hats I made a group on steam where I giveaway and raffle off hats and items :3 add me - CueBunny_
@legendarycraftx sure lets talk about it :)
The beta group release is coming, but we're trying to squash the "respawning in the air in a random place" bug before that.
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