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@SelenneHayne: I sometimes question myself on why I was friends with you.. Lol”
Looks chaotic outside, like a war scene. #Toronto
Anybody lost their power?
@itsLeonn @VhursArian is gon bring me one from Portland so there no tax, hopefully they aren't sold out.
@itsLeonn i ain't got it yet my bro did but add SalarM97, and Flyz_Salar. Ima get mine 26th or 22nd if they in stock.
sad stori: she iz hawt yu opun profiel pic she iz'nt hawt rt ef u cri evrytiem
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fuk teechurs dat maek test mondae
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@SALIMI__ i was even waiting for you to reply. LOL
@SALIMI__ yeah im sayin idk why it was a subtweet because I put the @ and it didnt work. It wasnt meant to be a subtweet. I dont subtweet
@SALIMI__ LOOL is this the phase where you get mad? And subtweet for the next 3days. And naaa i didnt subtweet you, i @'d you idk whyitdidnt
@SALIMI__ daaa fuq hold up i swear i &'d you
Son: Dad, what does gay means? Me: It means to be happy. Son: Are you gay? Me: No, son. I have a wife.
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I ain't wan know, I'm just sayin if you gon tweet that then tweet the whole thing. You got mans fucked up
How you gon tweet this then not say what happened? Dafuq“@SALIMI__: I had the worst dream.. Never want to have it again”
bro got the PS4 add up; SalarM97.