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Gordon Vivace
Peete's. Use only 30% more of our expensive dark roast beans for the same flavor as regular coffee. "When the bean isn't rich, but you are."
My 2 favourite ios 8 features are that my own pictures are now hidden from me and my messages don't work properly.
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If it wasn't for @neutrogena, it's unlikely I'd have any body products, but I love their stuff and apparently want to help feed their kids.
There wouldn't even need to be a typo for me to get that letter.
Before you ask what the red is, consider whether or not you really want to know how someone gets razor burn all over his body.
Migrating 8 email accounts, calendar and contacts to gmail: PITA. But, needing to be at your desk is very 90s and I should be hipper by now.
I just read that the 2014 MacArthur Genius grants are out. My phone must not be working.
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If the thing in your back is so painful you can't move your head or work a mouse, today's plans for the rowing machine are probably in vain.
The expression is "soup to nuts." Oddly, soup and nuts is what I've been eating for two days. I don't think that's what they meant.
“Relax. It’s not a competition.” “Right. That’s what I say.” “But I said it first.”
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Dear Apple: Want a privacy policy? Ok. Deleting my binary and requiring I start submission over because you upgraded software? FU very much.
You may not have liked what was said, but at a certain point there can be no denying it was true if you do nothing to fix it.
To all who say "One hour of sleep is worse than getting none at all," you are correct. This rule equally applies to thirty minutes.
Wow. If you don't talk to someone for two months, is blocking necessary? #GrownUpsInThisLinePlease #PassiveAggressivePrizeWon (again)
While I'm up, maybe someone can explain why Apple takes 2 weeks to get an app up while Google and Amazon can do it in 2 hours. #AppleStress
"You need more sleep." "I know." "What will you do about that?" "..Uh.. You know I'm actually in bed when this not sleeping happens, right?"
By my age, it's likely I will never cease to be amazed that about 95% of people only mean what they say while their lips are still moving.
What cosmic disturbance crept into my subconscious at 4:30 to wake me? The schedule says I'm not supposed to have insomnia til Sunday night.
Extracting development tools alone is boring. Compensating by posting random stuff on people's feeds and photos.
Huh. Only 30 minutes to extract the Android SDK. That seems like time well spent. *eyebrow*
So if tell someone with no compassion he has no compassion, what exactly do you expect of that? Sudden compassion? Not if you're right. Duh.
"Joan Rivers Rushed To Hospital After She Stops Breathing During Surgery." Does anyone.who gets paid to write actually know how anymore?
"How could they give a child a gun to someone so young?" This writer ... is as bad as yesterday's. The reporting is as sad as the story.
"Girl (9) accidentally shoots dead gun instructor in US." This writer uses confusion so you must read the article, or shouldn't be a writer.
News: awash with beheaded journalist and murdered deported children. Twitter: earthquakes and Ferguson. Facebook: Ice buckets and cat vids.
If body aches, a swollen neck, runny nose and bad sleep are any indication, I may be coming down with something. Maybe.
A lot of cynicism about this ice bucket thing. If you go to the ALSA site, this is not about donations, but awareness. So, goal achieved.
Incidentally, you get no credit for the ice bucket challenge if there is no ice in your bucket, video or no. RETAKE, PEOPLE! PLACES!
While my expectations of the human race are undoubtedly too high, perhaps the use of the word "friend" is also undoubtedly too arbitrary.
You know it's a weird day when you have to tell a therapist he has projection and control issues ... and he agrees with you.
In other news, Apple customer support remains unsupportive. In fact, it sucks.
That's a crooked little tree... We'll send him to Washington.
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Third course, roasted sirloin over cinnamon wilted spinach and potatoes. Happy Anniversary!
For the non-pork non gras crowd. First course, chicken turkey pate with duck fat and truffles. Tastes like real pate.
DC cheese lovers: Witness your next restaurant addiction. #dcfoodies @grilledcheeseDC
“My father warned me about men and booze but he never said anything about women and cocaine.” ― Tallulah Bankhead
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If you're chain smoking at 5:00 AM, you're a chef. Or insane. Tomayto tomahto.
We lost a legend this morning. Read some bio on her. She was a mess, and will be sorely missed as only a mess can be.…
Meanwhile in DC: Tue forecast 70, bright sunny skies. Thu forecast 35, wind chill 20, chance of snow. ALRIGHTY, THEN! Hello global warming.
And since we're on the whole "who cares what lactose does to me" thing for lunch: Ice cream for dessert. What the hell.
Lunch! New England Clam Chowder. I've been craving this for a week, and did not disappoint myself. Nom nom nom.
Oven chipotle and toasted onion BBQ chicken with balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts. Mmmmmm .....
Spicy tomatillo, black bean and white fish stew with a little veg and rice. Dinner on time for a change!