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Gordon Vivace
FYI, gifting the 2nd ed "No, that's not tiramisu" soft release with personal note at Fiverr.…
One of the nicest things about country life is opening windows on a day like today and having it be just as quiet as when they're closed.
Police: Reported "lifeless body" actually Papa Smurf balloon. See this and more crazy news at
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My Amazon 5 star "No, that's not Tiramisu" is now available with personal notes and inscriptions on Fiverr. Thanks!
We're giving away FREE Fiverr gigs! Find all kinds of crazy stuff starting at $5. OK to RT as a gift to your Tweeps.
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Supporting some causes close to my heart. Please take a look, ReTweet and support the arts!…
HA! - Men's and women's, five colors.
Supporting some causes close to my heart. Please take a look, ReTweet and support the arts!…
Live OUT LOUD! Please help us support the arts and spread the word!…
I'm not easily impressed. These guys came up with a relatively simple techno-gimmick that I bet will sell sell sell.
It's another beautiful day at the Red Pony bar and continual soiree.
Enjoy the day granted you, everyone!
I've never thought to let the dog try banana before. I haven't seen so much food excitement since he tried venison. Who knew?
Man driving around with stuffed tiger on roof surprisingly pulled over. Like it? RT & follow!
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GA teacher lets kids have sex in closet. Dad didn't know son packed in suitcase. Weird news.
There's been a complete renovation of The Mulligan Tank. Come see the new highlights here and like us on FB for more!
Looks like I'm going to a WV style ribs and beer Memorial Day BBQ next Saturday. I'll bring a quiche and Vitamin Water.
Just remembered the microwave is leaving Thursday. Time to start popping prefabricated corn bags.
Apple nixes fart apps, boiling an iPhone, pothole penis painting problems, plus real news and earthquake coverage at
Keep up with continuing earthquake info & the rest of today's news from a dozen top sources at…
Impossible to keep up with rising death toll from NEPAL EARTHQUAKE. Links to ongoing coverage:…
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After everything I heard, I now almost feel guilty for getting one hour into Interstellar and saying "Eh. I'll finish this another time."
Paula and I share Apple disdain. i feel vindicated.…
She: "What's the meaning of this?" Me: "A specific thing nearby."
If anyone is sick of me saying "Oh ya, I heard a thing about that on NPR a couple months ago" .... I am too.
Animated GIFs: The bane of my Twitter feed existence since 2012.
I wish I could be surprised, but ... RT @Metrorailinfo Dupont Circle ... power problem, all escalators and elevators are out of service ...
In Europe, if someone sees a person naked he says "So what?" In the US everyone freaks out. Screw it. I didn't like that restaurant anyway.
"Too often ... We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." JFK
Follow @SocialBlitzNet for new product launches and business opportunities. Please ReTweet!
Early to bed and early to rise does no quench ennui. Thankfully there's coffee for that.
Food people! A worthy 6 minutes if you are willing to have a sense of humor about yourself.…
News? Nude motorcyclist arrested. Burma arrests over Buddhist FB post. Starbucks mimics social conscience, fails.
♪ I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed ♪ Get along with the voices inside of my head ♪ You're trying to save me, stop ... ♪
Too much to recap in SciFi & Illness today. Let's start with flying cars and hospital robots.…
Italy slumped, but leads in tree apartments. Also, man breaks penis during sex (no really).
Quote of the day: RT @SocialNPR: "Nothing is as frustrating as arguing with someone who knows what he's talking about." - Sam Ewing
Tasty healthy dinner for one. Four cheese stuffed pan roasted chicken breast and mushrooms, kale/apple/raisin salad.
It's fun when the to-do list is so huge you just stare and scream "WTF DO I FIRST?" in your head. There is no prioritizing random chaos.
File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators violating The Logan Act by attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement.
It's not a bug. It's a feature. RT @htsi: Apple's Ive explains why you don't want longer battery life for iPhone:
Fleet feet penguins to the ark. Crazy Liberal Ts here only until 3/22! Please RT/share!…
Liberty knocked on its side. Crazy Liberal Ts here only until 3/22! Please RT/share!…
Bless your hearts southern GOP. Crazy Liberal Ts here only until 3/22! Please RT/share!…
Got one or want one? Crazy Liberal Ts here only until 3/22! Please RT/share!…

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