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Gordon Vivace
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Fun interview with Dinah Bucholz author of The Harry Potter Cookbook. Having fun with the podcast. Looking forward to launch this weekend!
Cucina Vivace is 1 like away from 400 on FB and 8 followers away from 3000 on T. I think I'm gritting my teeth waiting. Podcast launch soon!
Delicious dark chocolate cake with alternating layers of raspberry and chocolate ganache, by Chris.
I like my coffee how I like my people... I don't like coffee.
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Sour cream and sage scrambled eggs, bagel and fresh fruit. Ginger tea too. I love weekend breakfasts.
I am truly grateful to have been born after ... this. "21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes" was a good title.…
RT @chicamasfina: It will be a Vivace weekend at Casa Subia startin with Zuppa di Pesci for lunch! If you need me, I'll be in the kitchen!!
Wha' better way tae celebrate ma birthday then tha 2014 Haggis Hurling Championship @RobertBurnsNTS
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Within the avian community, flightless birds are widely ostrichized.
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Time to spend those holiday Amazon gift certificates! Loading up on great new book titles for the New Year. #indieap
Someone just Tweeted Mario Batali asking if polenta was healthier than grits. He kindly refrained from calling her a flur dur hurple purdie.
Another senseless case of death by underwear. They really should be illegal.…
Indulging my inner geek: RT @BadAstronomer Get high-res Hubble pic. I counted <10 stars. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GALAXIES.…
I've been volunteering here for 7 years. They do amazing things in Ethiopia. Take a look, share/RT, give if you can.
Chicken orzo lentil tomato spinach ... eh whatever. It's kitchen sink soup. Stock was great and so now is the soup.
I had a carcass ... stock almost done. Soup in a couple hours. I love having a carcass around. #MaybeImaDexterChef
2 sides to every story, but I can think of no possible "other side" to shooting a 90 lb kid who's already been tased.…
LOL! RT @Mariobatali: Use spaghetti ! RT @DebBrehmer:I'm having trouble cooking angel hair. It clump together all the time. Help please.”
It's a balmy 8 degrees here in the US nation's capital. I don't know what everyone's complaining about. I feel fine.
Anyone where 202 is a local call: Hypothermia Shelter Hotline: (202) 399-7093. Call for any mammal you see freezing on the streets tonight.
Spiced roast chicken apple salad on 12 grain bread, smoked Havarti, homemade garlic dills. On my own, early and easy.
More gorgeous sardines from Gilles Epie! Oof, now I have to go buy sardines. RT @gillesepie: @cucinavivace enjoy
Pumpkin and butter nut squash breakfast bread pudding with ginger zing tisane in my favorite mug. Agh. Sunday.