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Gordon Vivace
Now you need not worry about wanting to kill your ex. If you "broke" his heart, you may have killed him already.…
"I will pray for you. But you have not been helpful.” A livid monk takes on United Airlines
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Staring at texts is not as good as listening to a voice, even if the voice is not in a good mood. It's easy to miss a voice.
Nation Wondering Why Struggling Mental Health System Can’t Just Pull Itself Together #OurAnnualYear
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Watching 7 Psychopaths and Colin Farrell looks exactly the same as 10 years ago. My Voodoo Mambo is history tomorrow. I'm open to referrals.
My child-like recollection of plain Cheerios was apparently artificially inflated by them being on sale. Yuck.
I just typed "logic" into Google and got a software, a rapper, two Twitter accounts and a pile of videos. No definition, no Spock. *sLaP*
JUST IN @CNN: Congressional staffers walk out from jobs, protesting lack of indictments:
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Revamped Mulligan Tank ( now includes news from sometimes right outlets, including 6 of these:
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
I had to hear that cabinet close three times before I said "Wait a minute. I live alone."
This is my "No matter how little I eat and how much I exercise, nature demands hibernation insulation." season. Silly ol' bear.
Http:// Highly recommended for the holidays. Cinnamon plum black tea a favorite if you need stocking stuffer ideas.
In January I plan to release "Avoiding Incontinence: The Absolutely Zero Fiber Diet." With your help I'm sure we can out-fad crappier diets.
This is what we'd be saying about Eric Garner's death if it happened in another country:
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Microsoft: Must the entire operating system be replaced on EVERY update? 500 MB and 45 minutes every week seems excessive. What did you do?
"Mathematics allows for no hypocrisy and no vagueness." - Stendhal - Yay for the honesty of numbers. Boo on ... everything less.
If anyone sees you-know-who today, give him a true hug for me. I'm out of the loop well enough I'll just have to put it out to the universe.
Mulling my thankful list ... *eyebrow*
This email says I have only three hours left to buy cheese before Thanksgiving. I guess cheese is going all mail-order. You've been warned.
Sends funny insulting picture of Obama to conservative friends as gesture. Gets unfriended because posted picture of Obama. Can't win 2.0 :)
Waste an hour thinking the problem is my JavaScript. Find a \ is missing before an ' in the provided content. *sLaP*
If I knew @paulapoundstone was at The Birchmere 10 minutes away tonight, I would have mugged more people this week so I could afford to go.
<script language="JavaScript"> function () { element.getHumanoidById('asshole').innerTRUTH = 'Nope. Still asshole.'; } </script>
You're calling ME impatient? Sean Hannity and Dr. Laura have both come up in conversation in just two hours. Have I shot anyone? No.
the best part about bitcoins is that you get to watch libertarians slowly discover why financial regulations exist to begin with
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
He: "This is an incredibly bad idea." Me: "I accept."
Left a well lit parking garage and found blocks later I was driving with my lights off. Pulled over and called myself names. Fair is fair.
Indifference towards those in need is not acceptable for a Christian.
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Affection, a sense of community and a sense of concern for others are not some kind of luxury. They’re about the survival of humanity.
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Just once I would like to hear someone say "The inmates have taken over the asylum" and mean it literally. That could be fun.
"@repdonyoung is ambidexterous. He can put either foot in his mouth" -- Alaskan in DC is unsure how chips are gonna fall #Midterms2014
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
I'd like election day to be over so I stop getting 40 emails per hour. I already unplugged the phone yesterday.
I set my clock back to 1987 and waited a whole day before complaining. I still don't look 20 again. This time theory stuff is bullshit.
"Go ahead and call the cops. They can't unrape you" said a cop, on tape, after joking about raping a woman. Even assholes are bigger in TX.
I'm disillusioned by your delusions. *proofreads* Yes. Yes that's accurate.
Share your story with us and say what you couldn't in person. You may help yourself and others. We'd love to listen!
I don't know why everyone's suddenly so fascinated by Mandarin just because of Zuckerberg. They've always had good oranges.
Tomato, scallion and arugula spicy sour cream frittata with brie, figs, apples and crusty bread for in-law brunch.
Let's see if our collective attention spans are long enough to learn this lesson.…
“Why does shame and self-loathing become cruelty to the innocent ?” ― Anne Rice
“I never wonder to see men wicked, but I often wonder to see them not ashamed.” ― Jonathan Swift
“All cruelty springs from weakness.” ― Seneca
In a group chat about ambivalence. Him: "I guess that's ambivalence. I don't know. I don't really think about it." Me: LOL! Him: "What?"
Silence just means I'm still thinking. There'll be something to write soon, though I can't promise it won't piss anyone off given the week.
Retweeted by Gordon Vivace
Raccoon poop is arguably the most disgusting thing you can find on your patio in the morning. Although, it speaks to the importance of diet.