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Gordon Vivace
Third course, roasted sirloin over cinnamon wilted spinach and potatoes. Happy Anniversary!
For the non-pork non gras crowd. First course, chicken turkey pate with duck fat and truffles. Tastes like real pate.
DC cheese lovers: Witness your next restaurant addiction. #dcfoodies @grilledcheeseDC
“My father warned me about men and booze but he never said anything about women and cocaine.” ― Tallulah Bankhead
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If you're chain smoking at 5:00 AM, you're a chef. Or insane. Tomayto tomahto.
We lost a legend this morning. Read some bio on her. She was a mess, and will be sorely missed as only a mess can be.…
Meanwhile in DC: Tue forecast 70, bright sunny skies. Thu forecast 35, wind chill 20, chance of snow. ALRIGHTY, THEN! Hello global warming.
And since we're on the whole "who cares what lactose does to me" thing for lunch: Ice cream for dessert. What the hell.
Lunch! New England Clam Chowder. I've been craving this for a week, and did not disappoint myself. Nom nom nom.
Oven chipotle and toasted onion BBQ chicken with balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts. Mmmmmm .....
Spicy tomatillo, black bean and white fish stew with a little veg and rice. Dinner on time for a change!
Sur La Table, illy & Legal Sea Foods are now sponsors of Feed The Masses podcast. Thanks 900+ listeners this month!
Does Michele Bachmann just walk up to microphones at other people's press conferences? This is getting silly.
No seriously all 4200 of you go make a reservation right now and clog them up so they get rich fast. You won't be disappointed.
Ok Twitter eaters, @AlbaOsteriaDC for my anniversary dinner tonight. If you have not been here, get here. Amy B has no flavor fear. Awesome.
Ya, well ... we all wanted to say it. Old post remembered.…
RT @CavanaghWine: Stop in @PaulsWinesDC for a tasting of our South African wines Friday March 7th.Details: #dcfoodies
Chinese cinnamon/toasted onion crusted chicken thighs over Cajun spiced beets and Brussels sprouts. Oh smell heaven.
Saffron Jasmine rice, saag paneer, swai/chickpea/mixed veg curry. Definitely getting the hang of this Indian thing.
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The podcast just hit 100 new listeners on blogtalkradio ... in our first five days there. Now that's a good number.
Feed The Masses podcast episode BAD RESTAURANT! BAD! is up and ready for listens.
RT @AlbaOsteriaDC: Raviolini di Granchio 9/18 Crab, Stracchino, Green Onion, Watermelon Radish #dcfoodies *drool*
Free to good home: hyperactive cat that likes to eat furniture. Only slightly dead.
Dozens, hundreds actually, of fresh Blueberry Swirl cheesecakes! #sfcheesecake
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Felt like chocolate, so went to Rite Aid to ger 50% off after Valentine's stuff (just the good stuff). I might not sleep tonight. BZZZZZ!
New Asian supermarket in the area actually labels those peppery greens I love so much "arugura." I think that's awesome.