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Listening to "it neva rains" in the rain
Her: omg 😂😂😂😂 you are so funny, do I want to hang out sometime?
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The face you make when she keep sucking after you nut
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In school today he was like bruh aint you from George washington i was like you mean D.C nigga he was like yeah 😂😂😂😂😂dumb asf
When your girl tweet "the text I just got 😂😩" and you ain't send her nothing
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Bra strap stronger than a good Christian's faith in The Lord
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People probably gon hate me for saying this but tupac is gassed like he was a good rapper legit but his death heightened his music
Be glad when these shoes get here
Wonder whats the move for today
Im so fucking high i think my left ear just stopped working
I guess its send nate nudes day this went from good friday to really good friday 😂😂😂
Wonder what is like to know everything
When someone try talking to me today ima be like
I am so baked 😆😗💨🍃
Back in 2008 when i used to think i was fresh i would pose like this
Steve Harvey like "Hurry up and take the fuckin pic" Nigga not fuckin with AIDS at all
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Today when my teacher asked me if i was high
They wanna watch bizarre foods in class when im stoned i almost threw up
Im so high right now im trying not to make eye contact with the teacher 👀💨👴
When nasty girls try to argue with me i be like "but guess who suck dick... You do 😏�
My usual hookup in jail 😒