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Charlamagne Tha God
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New #BrilliantIdiots up now on I Tunes. "Run The Jewels or Drop Em" w/ @KillerMikeGTO Subscribe and Rank!!…
RT @MeaganElyce: Listened to the #BrilliantIdiots podcast & @KillerMikeGTO speaks from a very informed & educated POV. Love him.Cc: @cthagod
RT @Billdatdude: The #BrilliantIdiots podcast was very educational and riveting .. @cthagod @KillerMikeGTO @andrewschulz ... Thank you 🙌
New #BrilliantIdiots on I Tunes. Subscribe and Rank. "Run The Jewels or Drop Em" w/ @KillerMikeGTO…
About to drop this hardcore R&B Gospel album on these fuck boys.....@rocawear
Twista on @breakfastclubam this morning.......
This is great. Points made on both sides. RT @marclamonthill: My debate with @larryelder from yesterday:…
RT @Jahbrizzy919: did this ninja just call her pussy a #VerticalSmile. I can't make this shyt up. @cthagod you is a wiillld boi!! lmaoooooo
RT @ideez____: "You can always have your cake and eat it too as long as you have more cake." - @cthagod 😂😂😂
Twista was on #TBT today on @breakfastclubam if you missed it here you go!!…
RT @bobbybonesshow: “Who doesn’t have girls twerking in their videos in 2014!?” - @cthagod #TaylorSwiftIsntRacist
Lmao at @cthagod words to describe the va jay jay, "tuna taco, panty hamster, fur burger, vertical smile, roast beef"
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This fool @cthagod said "beef curtains" & "panty hamster" on #DonkeyofTheDay! 😂😝😜
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@cthagod Lol #DOTD Well what did she think if she is Dating Naked that show is stupid and I wouldn't even entertain it #Breakfastclub lol
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Lmao. These different names for the pussy @cthagod coming up with.....
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RT @iHateJazzy: LMAO at @cthagod trying to rap like Twista .. I am screaming 😂😂😂
RT @KushKloud_Jones: "You see me in the streets & im walking " 😩😩😂@cthagodhagod i just laughed mad lonh on the bus l@breakfastclubamlubam