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Charlamagne Tha God
music 862,839 followers
Live from the ATL this morning.....@streetz945atl
Call up and "Tell Us Why You Mad" 18005851051 @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!
The World's Most Dangerous Morning Show Is on @breakfastclubam click here to stream us live!!
Thank You God for Blessing Me with Another Day of Life!!!!!
Joseline is Robothot.......
We going to talk about this on @breakfastclubam tomorrow..........
And how Mona Scott Young get mad when I call her satan but that new show she got says in the city of Angels the devil has come to play?
Roger Goodell would suspend Jocelyn for life for all those women I saw her beating up on tonight.
I choose to talk behind the lil one from Duval's back. He should be happy I don't @ his ass.
I chose to talk behind your back. RT @lilduval: Hey @cthagod seem like you forgot where it was so let me help you
Duval be eating edible arrangements at his shows talking bout he got a fruit plate......
LMAO. RT @AbdiKassim: @cthagod had an apple yesterday for the first time all year
RT if you consider drinking "Bright & Early" everyday juicing.
When the last time you had a piece of fruit or some vegetables tho?
I should have never tweeted that. Music links galore......
FYI I'll listen to your music but you have to understand it's nothing I can do for you after I listen other than give an opinion.
What makes a person think that because they send me a link to their music 20x In a row that I'm a listen to it?
All this damn race talk on my timeline just remember it's the 1st of the month only color that really matters right now is green.
I'm smart enough to know that I don't know everything. It's the "know It all" who really knows nothing.
This sounds stupid RT @lilduval: Charlamagne too. that nigga really ain't smart he just reads a lot and it makes him sound like he educated.
If you don't know it's not meant for you RT @Prof_PhatPhat: @cthagod who is pastor young?
Yeah this Pastor Young "Enough" record is worth the price of admission......
Thank You God for Blessing Me with Another Day of Life!!!!!
What's the difference between leaks and discharge? Just trying to figure out why we don't say nude pics discharged and vaginal leaks.
You got the wrong guy those hashtags don't apply to me. RT @DanaLatrese: I want to marry @cthagod #Sexy #Smart #Sophisticated
All these regular chicks deleting their photos off I Cloud ain't nobody trying to hack you girl...unless you a pretty bartender.
No Shit. RT @Variety: Jennifer Lawrence's publicist calls nude photo leak a 'flagrant violation of privacy'
Kirk Franklin just made a joke about Blue Ivy's hair. RT @CuttyKnows: @cthagod Sunday Best! #PraiseHim
🙏🙏🙏🙏�@TAXSTONESTONE: Lord hack Bernice
It ain't shit on TV tonight but it's a lot of great shit on Netflix.
I just fed the trolls with that last tweet. Complete and utter mind fuck. Watch them eat it up.
Ask yourself what is the Illumanati trying to distract us from? All these celeb nudes at once. Think about it.....
Why y'all gotta gas everything up? RT @SugarRayKhalid: @cthagod Why u gotta make everything bad bruh
The moral of the story is Bartenders are still having the best year ever.......
Kate Upton got some nice titties but the rest of her body looks like a 4 segment geometric figure you would find in Tetris.
Everytime a Kate Upton nude pops on my timeline I immediately think "Square Space."
Kate Upton really shaped like the new escalade.......
YUCK. RT @SeantheMartian_: @cthagod bet you look at angela yee nudes if they get leaked
😂😂😂😂😂@DarnellAlston12st@cthagodthagod you eat ass, fuck your opinion
Bartenders IG's > all these celebrity nudes leaking.....
Truth. RT @Giving2Bits: @cthagod don't front like u wasn't hype about the Kate upton pic til u saw it lol
If you excited cause the celeb nudes actually look good cool. If you excited just cause it's a celeb nude you a groupie.
Every nude pic I got of a bartender in my phone looks better than all those celeb nude pics y'all tweeting me......
You can keep this one. RT @FrankHerrera5: @cthagod leaked pic of @AvrilLavigne sucking dick!
That Kate Upton pic can't be what y'all excited about. She not even showing nothing. I swear y'all don't get no pussy....
Hold up Kate Upton got nudes too? Now where the fuck is White Twitter when you need them? Send those!!!!
Going back to "Seen It All" those nudes weren't worth the interruption. Thank You anyway tho.......
Yeah these pics gotta be from when Jennifer Lawrence was trying to make it. She had to use a curling iron cause she couldn't afford a dildo.
All the nude Jennifer Lawrence pics y'all sending me trash. This must be from when she was on the comeup......
Don't just tweet me about Jennifer Lawrence nudes actually tweet me the pics. Please.