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Baby is doing good, size of a grape and developing perfectly. :-) Me on the other hand, yeah... morning sickness sucks!
Most #Gemini are not talkative around people we are not comfortable with, but those closest to us cannot get us to be quiet.
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Hate the feeling of not knowing whether to give up or keep trying.
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A weak man can't love a strong woman...
Another day and its not getting any easier. My heart still aches, my mind is plagued with memories, pain has become my best friend...
Sometimes the most dangerous place to be is alone with your thoughts.
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Another night of laying here crying... I thought it was supposed to get easier... if so then why do I feel like I'm slowly dying?
I just want you, no one else, because no one else matters...
Trying to find the rainbow through the rain, the sunshine through the clouds, and happiness through my pain...
I miss him... I cant help it.. I wish I didnt but I do and I always will...
Wish I could stop the tears from falling, stop my heart from hurting, stop the pain from coming, but I can't...
Hostess... the sweetest comeback in the history of.... EVER!
You can only bend so far until you break..
A #Gemini is someone who after crying themselves to sleep at night, still wakes up with a smile on their face.
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Hurting beyond belief tonight.. I just wish this pain would go away...
#Gemini will always care about you no matter how hard they pretend like they don't.
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Letting go is never easy...
Stop leaving and you will arrive. Stop searching and you will see. Stop running away and you will be found. #JustSaying
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Tears say words that the mouth cannot convey...
The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone.
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When #Gemini fights with you, They're really fighting for "us". Because if they didn't care, they wouldn't bother.
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One of these days I will be able to smile again...without it being fake.
Omg seriously... I don't believe some people..
Every day another part of me dies..
People who think they know everything piss me off...
If it still hurts, you still care.
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Missing him so much today..
No matter what may have happened, no matter how much pain I may be feeling because of it, I still love him and I always will.
No girlfriend wants another girl tweeting about her man, talking to him, texting him, thinking about him, looking at him. No one!
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Go ahead.. Judge me, but just remember to be perfect for the rest of your life.
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#Gemini hate getting flashbacks from things they don't want to remember.
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I'm so tired of: 1. Fake friends 2. Drama 3. Liars 4. Being ignored 5. Getting hurt
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If I'm going to give you my heart, I'm going to give you all of it.
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Up at 3am with a sick little girl.. poor thing..
All I'm saying is, real feelings don't just disappear.
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Anyone wanting to seduce a #Gemini needs to know they have to appeal to both sides of the Gemini personality the fun side and the serious.
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Tears and pain seem to be the norm around here lately...